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Zecora had never seen an aura as bright or as warm as Sunset Shimmer's. Thousands of miles from home, Zecora had found a kindred spirit who could ease her feelings of isolation. Their lights grew together, forming a brilliant radiance.

But the brightest lights cast the deepest shadows.

Both Zecora and Sunset have a secret, one that would put the other in mortal peril. In a single night, both secrets will surface, and Zecora will have to choose between following her heart, or her duty.

Because humans and monsters cannot coexist.

Pre-read by DrakeyC, JayMan155, and EbonQuill

An entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

Cover art made by JayMan155!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 43 )

Thanks a lot, and hoping you'll be placed!

I have a feeling this will be placed, just from the unique premise alone.

Interesting. Was expecting Sunset’s demon side.

My reaction was simple I see a new story from of my favourite writers when I'm just about to go to bed and i power through it instantly. And as usual I was not disappointed it covered a lot of my favourite story elements. Werewolves, monster hunters,teenagers with a secret double life, a good soul struggling with a monsterous curse, Sunset and Zecora (seriously the low amount of Zecora stories is criminal) instant fav good luck in the contest

Will have to read this later when im not in a lecture but this looks interesting.

Following to see if this is followed up on.

Sunset let out a nervous chuckle. “Right. About that…”


Hmmm... interesting. And incredibly different. Nice job, Albi.


This was a really cool story. Very unique, both in premise, and the rarepair

Huh, so Zecora is a student, rather than a teacher or other adult ... Interesting.

And I think demon-Sunset may be making a return :fluttershysad:

Sunset, her magical, pony, werewolf girlfriend from another dimension.

Zecora allowed herself a goofy smile.

Zecora seems to be taking things well. :pinkiehappy:

Well, the werewolf on the loose near Canterlot is going to be a problem (and just how many other people has he already infected?)
Keeping Sunset from going feral will be an ongoing problem.
When Zecora's family finds out will be a big problem (and they will, of course, find out).
Explaining things to the rest of the Rainbooms will also be a problem, because they do need to be brought into the loop.

A lot of problems on the horizon for Sunset and Zecora :fluttershysad:

But they will find a way! :raritystarry:

9162470 I've always thought that in Girlsverse Zecora would be something like the school nurse or curator or councelor or whatnot.

Also to author: I really like the premise you build and your text is otherwise a joy to read too. I'm happy I clicked on this link!

I'm gonna be disappointed if this isn't followed up. I mean, you do you, Albinocorn, but this is a great premise you've made.
You also put 'temporary' cover art. If I'm right, then I'm really looking forward to seeing Sunset as a werewolf.
There's needs to be more Wawindaji backstory too. They seem really interesting, if a bit assuming about the supernatural. Speaking of supernatural, I can't believe Zecora took Sunset as being a unicorn so easily, considering her standard beliefs. I need to see how that happened.

That all said, great story, glad I was following you.

sequel :pinkiehappy: sequel :pinkiehappy: sequel :pinkiehappy: sequel :pinkiehappy: sequel :pinkiehappy: sequel :pinkiehappy: and prequel :raritywink:

I really thought someone was going to die...:fluttercry:

In that order! :pinkiecrazy:


#2 MOAR!!!

#3 I bet if you make more you'll get on the Front Page again! That's how I found this one <3

#4 MOAR!!!!!!

#5 Sequels and Prequel please? <3

Having Zecora take to Sunset as a Unicorn was probably fine. I imagine that there are Supernatural in the world that are products of GOOD Juju. Besides, I have a feeling that Unicorns are products of GOOD Juju which would explain why Sunset gives off such great vibes normally. They are very HARMONIOUS, unlike the Werewolves which are UNHarmonious.

At least...that's my theory. Plus, it may help explain how Sunset was able to fend off her negative aspects of her transformation as well as she has.

Oooh, very intriguing. Great way of introducing Zecora as a character with how she is handling life in a new location even while alone. And the mystery building up over her duty and with whatever's happening with Sunset is well done, the dread always lingering at the nape of the neck. You've done well in setting up the emotional stakes as well as the familial and physical ones.

Every time I see the title of this my brain makes me think of Waluigi.

This needs a sequel. The entire story got me hooked.

Well this was an odd, but adorable one.

Fascinating concept. Also, nice work in incorporating journeys and changing seasons into the story. This was a gripping read from start to finish... though I can't help but think about what will happen when the truth finally gets out to bith Zecora's parents and Sunset's friends. And how the latter would react to Equestria's moon. Or all of the friendship rainbows she channels. Hetween the constant use of Harmony magic and access to Princess Luna, Sunset's condition may not be as incurable as she and Zecora think.

Also, a good attempt to sidestep the hardest part about writing Zecora. The rhythm of her rhymes proved shaky many times.

In all, a great read. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

I really need more if this. Like, a lot more.

Once every full moon Sunset transforms into a.....cute, adorable, little pony.
:yay: Wait. What?

Excellent job at mingling the emotional stakes with the physical danger. Zecora's perspective really gives a sympathetic view of why she would look away from the signs when it comes to Sunset, not wanting to accept the truth.

That was very heartwarming to see them be able to trust one another not only with their secrets but their emotional vulnerabilities as well. And interesting to see that the story implies Anon-y-mous did happen and as a result led to Sunset turning to a werewolf. I can see why she wouldn't want to tell her friends - not only out of being seen as a monster, but her friends might blame themselves for Sunset taking that fateful walk that changed her life because of the fight.

Fascinating story that really explores something new for Sunset and Zecora. This is a first good start for the two of them as they try to coexist and I would love to see this continued. To see more of how the two came to be together, how Zecora's family and Sunset's friends will react, how the Equestrian side of things will mingle, and of the other werewolf. This is a great supernatural romance as it shows them trying to manage the supernatural part of it rather then it simply being the enchanting part. Character comes first for the chemistry and the supernatural parts create new conflicts for all these characters. I hope we get to see more. :pinkiehappy:

This is a very nice story! Thanks for writing it, it was an enjoyable short story and a nice break from the 100,000+ word stories I usually read.

Is there going to be more of this?

I love this but I hate that its only 4 chapters. Perhaps we could get a sequel someday?

This was very good but it felt more like the start to a story than a full story itself.

This was a lot more engaging than I expected.

After Sunset’s warning, I thought that Zecora’s father had clued in somehow and would come confront them. But that would merit a longer scene than this chapter.

I hope you do a sequel or some such, the premise you have here is pretty good.

Author Interviewer

Well, that was unexpected! :D

I hate to be That Guy, but when writing binomial nomenclature, the species name should never be capitalized. <.<;

Author Interviewer

Well, that was cool. :D

You know I think this is the first time that Anon-a-Miss made Sunset turn into a werewolf. Is it weird that I think that it is weird that this is the first story to do so? :rainbowhuh:

What does wawindaji mean?

It's Swahili for 'hunters'.

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