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I sails the Seven Salty Seas on a ship made out o' rubbers! I writes porn and porn alone, but only when 'tis funny! Avast and ahoy, mateys, watch yer backsides, 'tis stormy waters ahead! ARRRRR!

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kits #2 · June 4th · · ·

[Scrubs flashbacks intensify]


Frizzy #4 · June 4th · · ·


Thank you! I've been trying to think of what the female equivalent of blue balls was for years, now.

This was lovely

It sounds more like the equivalent of cock blocking, but I get you.

Yarr, 'tis also useful fer "cockblock" and "sausage fest"!

Awwww... this was so sweet my teeth are aching!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

No shame Rainbow, you gave it a better try than most would in your position:pinkiesmile:

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I'm sure some of my co-workers were wondering why I was giggling like an idiot in the employee washroom.

"Oh, schnorgle me, Dashie!" Fluttershy all but screamed.

ALL THE :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow's favorite taste: Poonani

If anyone asks why I'm snickering like a fool... I REGRET NOTHING!

I went from giggling like a loon to cooing like I was watching my favorite romance. That has to be some kind of record turnaround.

An unreliable narrator? In myyour clopfic? :V

This fic is so well-written, so funny, so adorable, and so, SO relateable (from both perspectives). You totally captured what that "first time" is like, especially when both parties really aren't ready. Plus, it's nice to see M-rated fics which use their rating for good! This is an absolutely excellent read, and I know quite a few lesbians who've been around the block a few times and would LOVE to read this. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, we hardly deserve it!!

Yeah-ha-ha, I remember my first cunniligus.

Finally, a fic that doesn't describe the flavor of pussy as some kind of fruit or sugary bullshit lol. Its neutral at fucking best.

I'm gonna go on a wild guess that Spike was the first one out of the group that's no longer a virgin.

She was starving in the desert and the only cure was a yonic oasis.

Dash didn't even know what that meant.

Never change. :heart:

This fic gave me flasbacks, just with less crying...

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