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I sails the Seven Salty Seas on a ship made out o' rubbers! I writes porn and porn alone, but only when 'tis funny! Avast and ahoy, mateys, watch yer backsides, we've stormy waters ahead! ARRRRR!

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Sunset should go for the faceless look more often. It suits her.

Gotta say, the angst here felt a bit jarring compared to the silly tone of the first one, especially with how Sunset, like, confessed her bedicked-ness. She was alright blurting it out and Fluttershy finding out about it, but really apprehensive about telling Rarity and livid when Rainbow Dash saw it?

(The second part I totes get, tho, 'cause Rainbow was being kind of a scummy twat)

But, I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I think this works a bit better as just a 'Sunset has a dick and is banging Fluttershy with it' kinda thing than as a direct sequel to the first one. Lots of good moments, and I really liked the shippy bits toward the end, just sorta felt less like a sequel and more its own thing or something.

Given that description, that kiss shouldn't have been in the top trillion.

And with that last line… I'm having flashbacks to the Belgariad, so I'm entirely gratuitously glad she didn't suddenly get annihilated by an upset force of nature.

Hilariously my feed split up the near simul-post of this story's chapters with a blog from another user i'm following.

"Sunset has a dick fic but the writer tries to actually think how that would fuck up with a regular girl"

Go Flutters.

But still adorable.😁

Like shit man I came in thinking this was your usual "Sunset gets penis, Sunset proceeds to bang all her friends" fic but then that shit got real and left me like yooooooooo.

This was great. Loved it.

Wow rarity way to be a bitch she begged you not to tell anyone and you go and do it anyway.

Prologue to Chapter 4: Wow. This is more serious than I expected. Usually this kind of thing turns harem hentai, but...damn.

Chapter 5: :rainbowderp: Whoa...go Fluttershy.

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: Well. That was a nice way to bring everything to a close, and it even had some chuckles in there for good measure. :twilightsmile:

Epilogue: More adorableness to close out with! :yay: Yay!

That's what happens when ye just let sequels 'appen, matey! Welcome t'me midlife crisis!

Pleased t'hear it, matey! This ain't yer standard clopfic, no sir!

Eh...dull. More drama than clop. A porn set-up with a great premise and a completely dog shit, weepy execution.

This is like watching a porno where the plumber arrives and the girl sits down and proceeds to sob uncontrollably for 10 minutes, then suck dick.

I want my half hour back.

Kind of a neat analogue to or way of understanding the dysphoria of trans women, too.

the fic has a Drama tag and no Porn tag, I dunno what you expected

That thumbnail... haha... well I stole your face

Honestly, I loved it! Doesn't shy away from the sexual stuff (not raunchy, hit that tone just right and none of the genital scenes feel porno), but focuses on character interactions, deployment, and conflict. The flow of the conversations felt a little clunky? a little awkward, a little unpolished, but that just contributes to the Not A Porno tone, so not really a criticism either.

Now, that epilogue? That did feel a little porn-y. Not because of Flutters' last spoken line, but because The Magic of Equestria fucked around with Sunset's genitals and chest and made her a little more fetish-y. But it does make me glad to see that they're supporting each other.

Someone seemed to have stolen your Starlight avatar pic’s face too.

I couldn't but expect more comedy, even with the absence of the tag, due to the prequel, and less drama even with the tag... But I don't regret reading it. It was both cute and hot, with plausible ramifications.

I imagine though what kinds of kinkyness they got up to while she was still horsey. Likely discovered the pleasures of tight fucking, for one. And I bet Flutters was considering starting stretching enough to make said fucking possible, although that prospect might seem daunting to a teenager.

But I friggin' bet they'll get a horse cock dildo sooner or later. Sunny's bound to feel somewhat homesick eventually - specially now she can receive again, and oh boy Flutters next shopping trip is guaranteed to be for a Strap on -, and let's not delude ourselves on where do the :yay: stand on that matter.

Well, I came for porn, but I got something so much better.

It's thoughtful with sex writing.

Which, generally is my favorite kind of sex writing. It reminds me of a less ridiculous version of the late Mythrilmoth's "Rainbow Dash and the Monster Horse Cock". And yes, the original story is more silly-toned than this one. But they're both good.

Yay for sex things used not just for porn but as a tool for characterization.

I figured it was pony hormones and esterus hitting the girls in the presence of Male pony equipment. It would catch all but Sunset unaware like a rogue wave of alien puberty. As the girls are part pony, it would be their package deal. Sunset needs to explain the facts of life.

you can say that again

Assuming Sunset's foot-long horsedong is proportional to an actual horse's, then it should absolutely fit in a human lady. Up to about 5 inches in the front, or 8 in the back.

A normal man's clenched fist would be more difficult to fit in a woman's vagina than a horse's flare, and Sunset's wiener ought to have roughly five eighths of a normal horse's wiener diameter.

Everyone always forgets just how skinny a horsecock is compared to its length, and I, for one, am tired of it.:twilightangry2:

Fluttershy storming in was cool and all, but she came off as a lot more possessive than I'd like to see. Not to mention that she claimed that they'd been having sex, not that they were going out, dating, or in a relationship.

I'm really hoping that this has a happy ending, and not just Fluttershy claiming Sunset for herself.

Well, I know what didn't get into her.


Yeah, there are a crazy number of Clopfics on Fimfiction that are just a human protagonist, or Spike, or a random pony, or even Rudolph the fuckin' Reindeer just having a sex-roulette with with Mane Six.

And its always the same, too! Six chapters, one for each of them, and maybe a prologue or epilogue chapter, with the guy banging them once, each chapter focusing on a different kink, and somehow the protagonist goes through a slight amount of character growth just from the sex and nothing else.

Hell! I remember one fic where the human only managed to bang five of the mane six in six days, and Celestia nearly sent him back to Earth for his failure!

Shits crazy, yo.:derpytongue2:


Sunset should go for the faceless look more often. It suits her.

She's faceless to signify how she feels objectified by her friends, and how they're forgetting about her as a person when pursuing her junk.

That was way better than I expected it to be, based purely on the description.

So, I just saw your comment, and glad I did. I, didn't realize Mythril passed away. I'm, really sad to hear that. I'm glad I know know though.

This got surprisingly real.

Huh. I wonder what the non-con tag's for.

Plenty o' non-consensual touchin' and exhibition, matey!

Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate. The most pure.

“Hello. My name is Sunset Shimmer. You killed my libido; prepare to die.”

Arrrrr, this be a fine haul o’ horse-booty, me hearties!

Maybe it technically fit but it hurt too much? I mean technically you can fit an entire baby in there but that isn't remotely pleasant for most people.

This is painful.

I've read a lot of stories with human-on-pony action that were almost ruined, or even entirely ruined, by horsemeat-too-big.

Take the story "Man of War," where this human has a ten inch penis, yet gets made fun of in the Ponyville Spa for it, romances Princess Luna, and then you find out that he hadn't even broken her HYMEN until several lovemaking sessions in when she gives him magic viagra. Even if Luna was twice as big as a regular horse, that wouldn't make sense. I read over 300,000 words into that HiE story only to discover that the crazy well-hung protagonist was incapable of pleasing mares. Had to stop that story there.

There's nothing wrong with turning pony stallions into penis monsters and giving mares vaginas that extend into the ribcage to accommodate said monstrous penises, or making ponies the same size as horses to warrant them having regular-sized horse junk (as long as you mention that in the story), or even writing a scene where Discord uses reality warping to stick his dick in a mare's butt and have it come out her mouth. The sky's the limit with fictional pornography.

Just don't ruin human/pony romance with a lack of research.

There is a very specific image macro I'd like to use here, but I have three hundred and seventy pages of favorites on Derpibooru and I do NOT have the time to hunt it down.

Suffice to say, it is a screenshot from the episode where the girls go to Appleloosa the first or second time, the scene on the train where Applejack is reading a bedtime story to a tree. And in big, Impact font, text, it reads '...and then they fucked. The end.' I'm sure you can appreciate my thought process on the image's appropriateness here on the epilogue.

I have a lot of thoughts on this. More than the last few fics I've read. This was painful the whole way through, but in that good way that tells you this is well crafted and well thought out to be that specific sort of awkward and complicated. Or you just lucked your way into it like I do sometimes. But it was good.

I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Consider my timbers shivered.

That is the most beautiful kiss I've ever read.

Avatar/Equestria Girls crossover confirmed

Given some of the kisses I've had...Pretty sure it's at least in the top 5 million.

One thing I really like about this fic is that it's not the futa who's a ravenous fuckmonger for once; the others have been reading far too many doujins if they assume that being a girl with a giant ding-diddly-donger means they're horny on main and see everyone as a walking onahole. With my own characters I make, if they're hermaproditic, intersex, or whatever else you wanna call it, that's hardly all there is to them. Sunset already has a bunch of pre-established characterization, but it didn't all just get tossed aside for dick's sake, and that this was more or less the point is refreshing. The premise itself is more serious than the rest of your stuff, but that didn't deter you from still making the story funny where appropriate.

As some of the others have said, yes, the story gets pretty real, and if you ask me, that's a wonderful thing.

She had never actually put a lot of effort into finding out the specifics until they'd begun this liaison, but from what she'd discovered via cursory online searching, it wasn't exactly normal for humans to lust after the reproductive parts of other creatures.

So what you're saying is she never found Bad Dragon. :V

Sunset offered her a sexual escape she couldn't get otherwise, a nice, big equine phallus that would normally be too taboo to pursue.

Or, depending on the jurisdiction, just plain illegal. <.<

And they were both rightly concerned about pregnancy, for all that horse semen might very well have zero effect on Fluttershy's physiology.

Pulled out of the story a bit here, because this raises questions about why pregnancy is a concern since, possible size problems with condoms aside, various other options exist and would in general be available, absent other obstacles. Not in the sense that it's implausible, but that it informs the character or her living situation, relationship with family, resources, whatever.

Actually, now that I think about it if the not fitting thing weren't an issue it could have turned into a rapid-fire gag of magnums are too small, female condoms get collapsed (and then perhaps don't really fit over the penis if they try that way), cervical cap gets dislodged, diaphragm gets rotated and pulled out due to size and geometric differences.

Fortunately, once I manage to get back in, I'm hit with effective pathos.

Rarity prided herself on being a lady, and ladies... probably didn't ogle their friends' mysterious horsecocks.

Great line. XD

Rarity, get a hold of yourself. Sunset, learn from this and plan better for next time, whether that be preparing to shut all that down sooner or to say what you want and go for it. Or to say what you want and shut it down anyway.

Right. And while the best (especially without the other features of childbirth) one can... uh, manage... may be enough, it may take a fair amount of work to get there from where one starts. Just like one can run faster, jump higher, lift more, or stretch other muscles farther with practice.

Hmm... so much of this is so obvious--and yet slightly off--that I'm feeling like we're being set up (in that it's not Rarity who put Twilight up to it, but Fluttershy, and Rarity was only helping Twilight out without knowing the specifics. Also hint with the receipt being a mistake at the end.).

Oof. This one hurts in a way that the last one, for all its cringiness (thankfully not comedic!) didn't quite, lacking malice as it did.

All the same though--Sunset Shimmer Punches Everything. :V

... I'm not used to Pinkie being the responsible, respectful, thoughtful one. Also WTF, Rarity? Guess I got that call wrong!

Huh. Excellent tearing down the excuses from Sunset, then FS comes in starting strong but then immediately jumps the rails into abusive partner mode, fast enough that even Sunset (who admittedly wasn't in the best shape to pick up on things there at the start) misses it for a bit. That said, Rainbow continues to be at least close to the worst.

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