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I sails the Seven Salty Seas on a ship made out o' rubbers! I writes porn and porn alone, but only when 'tis funny! Avast and ahoy, mateys, watch yer backsides, 'tis stormy waters ahead! ARRRRR!

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Falls out of my chair laughing so hard after having read the story, i laugh myself silly for a good 20 minutes before calming down.

OH man........Oh man now that was a FUNNY Story, though question why didn't Pinkie take her cell phone and take photo's of the Dazzling with them topless so she could show off the Siren tiddies later to her friends.

If she wants to see some fish tiddies she could just hop on Derpibooru. Plenty of edits there.

guess it really is better down where it's wetter

That story was the tits. The breast one I've read today. We are now bosom friends.

I'll show myself out.

Because that would be rude. She didn't pay for pictures. She paid for a private peek.

Them some good fish tiddies

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This is a masterpiece in retardation.

"Have it your way," Adagio said at last. She sucked in a breath through clenched teeth and began removing her puffy-shouldered... pink... shoulder... thing.

"Whatisthat, even?" Pinkie said under her breath.

It's called a bolero lol. They're like mini jackets.

goddamnit...now I'm hungry. Thanks, PP!

This is still a thing?

Add a comedy tag, this one is worthy. :rainbowlaugh:

"What's this about a proposition, then?" asked the first.

"It's simple!" said Pinkie, and pulled her wallet out of her pocket. "I'll give each of ya twenty bucks if you show me your tiddies!"

The blue girl spit her drink all over Pinkie and clapped her hands over her mouth. The yellow girl fixed her with a disbelieving, slightly disgusted stare. Pinkie, for her part, didn't mind being covered in pear juice, even if it wasn't Thursday.

The two mammoth chesticles brushed against Pinkie's cheeks. She nestled into the cleavage, and it smooshed her ever so invitingly. Do it, they said. We don't know what she's so upset about.

And Pinkie went


I want to just keep quoting this story so badly, but I shan't- My LAST comment on this;
I needed this laugh, so badly.. So very, very badly.

I laughed really hard like, once, and smiled the rest of the way. Dam fish tiddies.

*Cries laughing*
*Starts to choke*
Oh god! This was the funniest thing ever! Please say you can do some form of squeal, PLEASE!

9000 bits says they have sex with a dragon.....each.

We need a sequel where Pinkie asks herself "Do I like Fishsticks?"

Thanks to me good messmates Majin an' F5 fer some feedback!

I shoulda known Syeekoh had somethin' to do with this.

Thanks to me good messmates Majin an' F5 fer some feedback!

Of course Majin was involved.

What the what? :rainbowlaugh:

Don't mean it's a good fashion decision, matey! (Arr, ye learn somethin' new every day, though!)

Would ye believe I was unsure people would laugh? I'll do it!

Maybe a spiritual sequel...

Okay, I've put in the time to actually read this, and I'm glad I did. Even though I'm a member of The Flat Adagio Society, I can totes get behind any story where Pinkie Pie motorboats some huge ass fish tiddies. I legit giggled.


This feels a lot like something I would write, so while I'm fucking proud of you, I must also ask - kindly but firmly - to get your foot off my schtick!

I'm not gay... but dem tiddies tho

Also which pone is that?

Pretty sure that's supposed to be Rarity

It is your fault and you know it. Somehow, somewhen, you were responsible for the creation of... this. Goddammit Syeekoh!! :pinkiecrazy:

This is awesome, kudos for it :rainbowlaugh:

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This is actually not my fault this time, strangely enough.

This is all the work of a rouge pirate.


But he's only wearing a red coat, he's not actually red.

I thought it was pinkie at first then i saw the horn

This is I don't... I can't... this is terrible and you should feel terrible.

...favorites it

You know, this might be the first story I read where, Adagio was the prude of the group, most stories have her as the most sexual one.
I approve. :P

*Looks at title* Do you like Fishsticks?

I'll kindly ask ye to keep yer shtick t'yerself, matey! Mayhaps then ye'll not 'ave so many troddin' on it, ha-harr!

how about a squeal to this where someone wants to see the sirens' bear lower bodies? if you do that please let the one want to see fish pussy be applejack

A+ for the title and basic concept, B- for the execution. It just didn't work for me, honestly. I think mostly because you did "retard Sonata" and that's an almost guaranteed downvote from me. (I didn't downvote this. I just also didn't upvote it.)

I really like how you handled just about everything in this story. Pinkie's character, her obsession with breasts without being too lewd about it, the sirens' home, Aria and Adagio having more prominence than Sonata despite it being a Pinkie story, and the happy ending after the dread that had been building when Adagio was reluctant and left until last.

By which I mean that the story worked great at the level it was advertised (and perhaps intended to?), but held up surprisingly well underneath that too.

The whole tiddy.

I broke at massive chesticles.

I guess Pinkie needed about three tiddy.

Fucking Zatch Bell. That shit was crazy.

Don't make me write a sequel titled Fish Tacos...



Applejack in the back peepin'. 100% sure that's Rarity.

Hella silly stuff, but very fun. :pinkiehappy:

Better you'n me, matey!

Thanks for making it about this and not actual fish tiddies.

Honestly, I love saucy comedy but I actually didn't have a lot of hope for this story when I saw it in the featured box, nor when I saw the... underwhelming title and inspiration. But, reading it, it seemed at least a little funny, not bad after all, and I could see where it was going at first... but then it surprised me by having the Dazzlings still being enemies so Pinkie actually had to go track them down, then when she got there Aria agrees without a fight, and Adagio ends up being the reluctant one... and the Dazzlings are all of substantial size (Aria's being realistic but noticeable rather than just flat like Rainbow), and finally Pinkie actually gets so overwhelmed she fizzing asks to motorboat them!! and Adagio agrees!!! SOOOOO MUCH :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::heart::heart:

I'm actually glad I was being just a judgemental idiot at first, another example of how I shouldn't underestimate!:twilightsmile:

Adagio is always as funny as she is sexy!

Why a fish got a titty?

Man, if you get that joke, I'm laughing my ass off. That's obscure even by my standards.

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