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When she was young, Megan rode into Ponyland on the back of a flying pony.

Or not. She doesn't know anymore.

All she knows is that for the second time, a pegasus has crashed into her well.

(Mentions scenarios and characters from G1, but no real knowledge of that gen is required.)
Edit 1/14/2017: Added alternate universe tag due to events not matching up to gen1 canon. Added tragedy tag because I thought it fit/was needed.

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Oh wow. That was a lot darker than I was expecting.

Huh. Interesting.

For some reason fimfiction won't let me give the fic a thumbs up, so I just want to say that this is pretty cool and well written, and I'll have to check out your other stuff. I'll try to thumb again later.

ooo this is good and a bit of slice of life with dark there..

Since A mighty demonslayer grooms some ponies , I hadn't read any fic which would deal with Megan's psychological damage after her experiences as ponyland's hero, or why young children should not be send to fight villains, witches, monsters or demons.
Fuck you, Aslan.

I had this opened in one tab and forgot about the dark tag after a while.

I really did not expect that.

I didn't really like it. Make no mistake, I'm not flaming or anything and this was an extremely well written scenario.

Megan went home in a day at most, she would have the intelligence and common sense NOT to say anything about magical creatures or Ponyland.

Her siblings often went with her throughout the series and probably had alibis as to where they've been in terms of spending the night or traveling for several days.

She is caring enough to not let her drown. At most she would have gotten her outta the well and sent her on her way if she wouldn't or couldn't help.


Thank you for your input! Really, all of those complaints are very valid. You see, I honestly don't know much about G1, but I've had this idea bouncing around for quite a while. I figured I'd just go ahead and have fun writing this (plus if nothing else this is good writing practice). Really I should have watched more G1 to learn more about it before I wrote this... but I got impatient. If I ever write another G1 fic, I'll be sure to keep those sorts of things in mind. Again, thank you! :twilightsmile:

Dang... I mean, shiet jose... Really earned that dark tag:fluttercry:

Would you ever consider writing this into a full length fic? One where Megan accepts the call to action? IMHO the personal conflict you set up is too delicious to leave there. Cognitive dissonance for the win!

7701321 if you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out "The Well of Pirenne "


I do understand that it's a bit AU, and as I said it's really well done. I mean what is fanfiction but the authors playing with the worlds and characters of another? ;)

I just personally believe that unless it's a crackfic, a character acting OOC can...detract from that sometimes.

I do like your writing style alot and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Fuuuuuuck. You really earned the Dark tag on this.

I can't say I liked it, but it definitely got a strong reaction out of me - and the one intended I suspect.

It's like a darker version of Saddlesoap Opera's story. Nice work.

I want to hate it, but it was too well made.

Thank you. But also screw you.

Author Interviewer

Man, I was thinking you couldn't start an idea like this and justify giving it barely 2k words, but then you went Well of Pirene: Bad End. c.c Wow, that was great.


Thank you. But also screw you.

Thank you! This might be one of my favorite compliments/insults I've ever gotten :rainbowlaugh: And honestly this is the reaction I was going for, so I'm really glad you love/hate it!

Thank you so much for your nice review! (I meant to thank you earlier but I'm bad at remembering things :fluttershyouch:) It was really nice to see that you seemed to like it so much, and that you'd recommend it to more people.

Also side note, a lot of you tend to be making comparisons to Well of Pirene. Never read it, but maybe I should :twilightsmile:

The line was a post some one left on a, I think it was an Estee story? It was probably Estee. I thought it fit really well.

And I really did like it a lot, though I can't say I enjoyed it.

I had to look up the Well to know what it was. :twilightblush: Still, happy to be of service! The story was certainly one of the better sadfics I've read.

Short but chillingly effective. Brilliant work.

My first thought was "You can't leave a dead horse in a well -you'll poison it"
Wonder what the people who fished the body out thought. :rainbowhuh:

Feels like it needs a sequel.

Comment posted by AdamAperture deleted May 31st, 2019

This sums up my feelings all too well. Great story, I hate it.

Yeah, same. Holy damn.

Comment posted by TheAncientPolitzanian deleted Oct 2nd, 2021

that well is going to get pretty crowded if there's a sequel.

And that would be how it goes, wouldn't it. Exactly like this, no question. Take pills until you conform.

We all deserve to burn.

I want a sequel so bad, nice job with the story!

While beautifully written, it highlights the lengths we as a people go to suppress any outspokenness or nonconformity - give the subject pills to make them pliant, then TELL THEM what happened to them, and that their story is just make-believe.

Again, this story was well-crafted, and worth the read...

... But, I cannot justify a like for something that freshly brings to mind facets of society that thoroughly sicken me to my core.

So yes, great writing. Especially good tie to Gen1. But the subject matter makes me what to kick a hole in someone's skull with my steel-toe boots.

My favorite things to stumble across on this site are usually comedies of various flavors, but sometimes I find special little gems like this one. (Perhaps more of a Black Pearl.)

The story is short but I feel it's just long enough to give me what I need without driving me away. It's well written and explores this dark psychological scenario very well along with giving me just enough information to allow my imagination to fill in the darker corners all on my own.

Weeping Child out of 10

Rainbow Dash is literally the G4 Firefly. As in, she was going to be an updated Firefly, but the big thing was Hasbro has no trademark for that anymore so it was nonviable.

But you can see early drawings floating around from old early production of G4 in which she's still a G4 Firefly.

When Megan was little, she had been kidnapped. Or at least, that's what they told her.

Oh dear, you're going full-on Every Heart a Doorway.

Megan sat, her back to that apple tree, until the screaming and splashing turned to a cold, final silence.

:eeyup:, you went there.

I thought I had read this before. I have. Still good though.

This was an interesting story, and effectively written. However, even before reading your comment confirming it as such, the description of Meghan staying in the pony world as opposed to going home between episodes as depicted in the show felt like it was written out of ignorance rather than a deliberate deviation.

Cannot say, It is bad. I is good, really. But still... But still... But still, fuck you, man!

Ooh, this is delightfully morbid.

Woof that did not go how I expected. :rainbowderp:

But definitely a good dark story.

Question. what happens when someone else sees the body?

I know pretty much nothing about G1, but that felt really forced.

I have to note, that I find notion of a horse drowning rather ridiculous... even more so for a Pegasus. They naturally float.

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