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"You think you know me..."

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Haven't read it yet but I swear to Azathoth if it's that German commercial...


What the actual fuck :rainbowlaugh:

hehahhahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

Song for everything nowadays

That was hilarious!

:facehoof: I swear our people can be idiots.

Good lord this floored me

:rainbowlaugh: Ok that there was darn funny. It does scare me that that song is currently going out into space. Who knows where it could end up. Plus it was funny that no pony bothered to make sure it was appropriate before they played it publicly.

Argh my god. :facehoof:

I was expecting a somewhat sequel to the Beatles transmission song, but no, I was wrong, horribly wrong.

I loved those Pony listen to Human music cause I often discover some good song, but this song no, definitively no.

I think I would appreciate better if it was I don't know this song.

This is why the only music I listen to is either gaming related or Heavy Metal with no lyrics.


But seriously, I laughed for about 10 minutes


Who wants to bet that the transmission was set by sunset shimmer when she was stillmad at celestia. She somehow found a way to transmit those words to equestria. I bet right now she would be very embarrased

Oh my god Dude, this cracked me up xD.

welp, i think a reached my quota of internet for today.

:rainbowhuh: Hey AJ? Is Twilight wearing her stupid hat again?
:ajbemused: Eyup.
:rainbowdetermined2: Catchy song though.
:ajbemused: Eyup.
:rainbowkiss: So AJ ...
:ajsleepy: Enope.

:rainbowlaugh: The sad thing is, if anything we send out to space ever is caught onto by aliens, it probably actually will be something like that. The internet is literally 90% porn and spam mails by volume. Imagine being the future alien archaeologist who has to wade through that.

beautiful so fucking beautiful i tried to resist this but i had to find out what song it was and.........you know what FUCK YOU IN THE ASS (just a joke if this is offensive be my guest to get rid of it and i am sorry if it is offensive sorry)

It remains a staple of underground music though. :raritywink:

This is the purest form of beauty.

Frankly, this story should have been longer with a better payoff at the ending. Just putting a link in there and just ramming an ending in there out of nowhere isn't a proper story in my opinion. This could have been a really interesting and funny story. It was a great idea. But the effort wasn't there and you could see the ending coming a mile away. I would have liked to have seen a LOT more effort put into this story, but it was very minimal.

I thought it was gonna rick roll me. This is better.

"Ponies React To Human Music"

Those are a thing?! People of the fandom! I summon thee to share where these story's are!



7525042 I hate to break this to you but.

It's sad but true. It feel like I can see something and say people can't do anything more stupid then turn a corner and proven wrong.


Heavy metal, you say?


wait the next song to send to Equestria

I hope they like it :raritywink:

I'm sure Gilda was like "this is the greatest thing ever!!"

Before I even got to the story, right after reading the summary this popped into my head.

I nearly died. I love how it relates here.

Yes. Sweet Nyarlathotep, yes.

I thought it was gonna be like that one twilight zone with the cookbook.

Just got a great idea: the twilight sparkle zone. Someone make it a thing

At least it wasn't the song "I wanna fuck a dog in the ass."

Would have gone with 'Dancing With Myself' personally.

Still, funny idea.

7525118 I only listen to high quality video game rips.

PPPPPFFTT HAHA! goddammit where do you people come up with this stuff

Hue Hue Hue

This sums my mind up good, i think....:pinkiecrazy:

no like or dislike. neutral.....

This is the problem I have with contemporary music. I've made this point so many times before, and this story encapsulates it perfectly.
So many time, there will be a song with an alright instrumental, or once in a blue moon even a good one. And blended in with it is a voice that, while melodious in sound, quickly reveals itself to be a conveyor of hollow words, spitting back the same lyrics about sex and drugs and love that have been rotting away culture for the past century. That's why I often times won't mind listening to a song in another language, since I can enjoy the euphonia without having to know what they could possibly be singing about. Of course, there's also the fact that I dislike how vocals are a distinct entity from the song and often won't match up well, and that because of that we praise the singer with little to no credit given to anyone else working on a song (in celebrity music, of course), but that's a rant for a different day.
Thank you.

And that's the reason no living beings from other planets ever bothered (or dared) to visit us.

For connisuers of songs about buttsex, may I recommend "God's Loophole" by Garfunkel and Oates, "Do You Take It" by The Wet Spots, and "Ring Around My Rosie" by... I don't remember who. You can find all of them on YT, I'd link them if I wasn't on my phone.

Comment posted by ShadeTail deleted Aug 31st, 2016

Cranky has a look of absolute horror on his face when he says, "Please don't let these aliens invade Equestria."
Matilda by his side blushes. "Um, I don't think I'd mind if they did." When her husband gives her look of half disgust, half indignation, she frowns and snaps, "Well, you certainly aren't giving me any lately, and the aliens seem more than eager to please!"

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