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MLP G5 Movie - A quick review · 7:53am Sep 25th, 2021


It has begun.

Ending an era fully now we move on to the next.

And ya know what? Is a good movie. Very pretty, good details, cute characters, got some good laughs out of me and had me intrigued. Only one song really stood out to me, but none of them were bad.

My only complaint is that it only works for me as a full on reboot. As the only attempts to make it a sequel is all just bait to keep the old fans invested, while it really doesn’t fit in with everything else.

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That’s good to hear.


No solid ideas have manifested just yet. Got one or two incomplete ideas told through the view of a guard during Sombra's reign, but still working on details and framing in my mind before I really feel secure enough to try and write it.

But glad you liked Onyx, was a bit of experiment for me to write back then ^^

I remember your story, Onyx, being quite good. Is there any chance you'll be writing more Sombra?

Sup. Just your average Hufflepuff who acts a bit Slitherpuff at times. FUN FACT: I do Karate! And I have a bit of a bad temper sometimes.

So, yeah! Slitherpuff!


I should apologies for taking this long to get around to read it. It might be an older work but still was adorably cute.

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