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This is gloriously terrible. :heart:

"So if Magical Imaginary Dickmare gets you hard and the fact that she has a dick is part of what’s getting you hard, then even though it’s not technically a real dick, it’s basically the same thing."


" [...] So four different mares versus one… thing tonight. That’s eighty percent straight. Clear majority. And for me I’ll round up to six, so that’s… that’s more than eighty percent. We’re talking Bs, B-pluses here.”

“You’re saying I have a B-plus in being straight?”

“Well, a low B. That’s still passing, though. And I mean, think about it comparatively. I’m a squad leader on the weather team, and I got a C in Meteorology. I’m literally better at being straight than I am at my fuckin’ job."

I still don't understand why this thing never saw the light of day for the past two years or whatever.

Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. Aqua, it's a crime that you've not put this out sooner.

Didn't South Park do this?

“Well, then you’re a fuckin’ nerd, and nerds can’t be gay. They’re too busy not having sex with girls.”

*slow claps till thunderous applause*

This is too good.

Drunken sexual philosophizing needs no further narrative context. At least, this doesn't. And thank you for giving me an opportunity to type a sentence that may never have been seen before in English.

Ah, in media res. You never let me down.

...Yeah, that's about how it goes sometimes.

it's downright criminal of you to have kept this from us for a year

shame on you



:moustache: Twi? I'm a little confused
:twilightsheepish: What is it Spike
:moustache: I gave Rarity a horn job
:duck: I :heart: claws

Rated Mature for language and subject matter, not for explicit content.

Awww... but hornjobs are awesome. I was really looking forward to that.:pinkiesad2:

Yes, this is pretty much how I would expect it to go. XD

It has been far too long since the last time I got straight-up shmammered and just wrote whatever came to mind.

Oh, this brings back memories.

I like it well enough. Interesting concept, some nice comedy, even just a little sweet at the end there. But I'm a little sour on the format of it. Dialogue-only fics like these are hard to write. Take it from someone who's attempted this style of fic before, and seen many other examples, there's a few keys to making it work, and the most important is that the reader must always be able to work out who's talking from context. I kind of didn't get that a few times here. The ellipses of silence really tripped me up a few times, and it doesn't help that Caramel and Thunderlane don't have very distinct voices. I was able to follow it, but it was harder than it should've been. Maybe next time try making a more obvious difference in speaking manner?

Good effort overall, though.

I am so okay with this.

Like who has not had that talk with there drinking buddy?

This is beautiful, it's you through and through and I hope you never change.


There buddy I put it for you

I failed straight class. I never did my homework.

Have a like and fav

I wrote a review of this story!

It can be found here.

That was both hilarious and touching at the same time. Well played, good sir, well played.

Wonderful story, I would like to think that it had rested and matured this two years, like a good wine.

Is it gay to give a unicorn mare a hornjob?
My friend who doesn't watch the show seems to think not. :applejackunsure:

Fucking genius man.

“Night, faggot.”

“Night, queer.”


Very hard to not keep chuckling through reading this. Also, the dialogue-only format helps you hide a little bit of your reveal, so there's that; you are intentionally keeping something about the scene from the reader until later on, so it has a purpose other than "I didn't want to annotate anything". I think it works in the story's favour.

“Night, faggot.”

“Night, queer.”

I died. :rainbowlaugh:

“Dude, perfect example. Princess Twilight and her friends do that kind’a shit all the time, and nopony ever thinks any’a them are together like th

I'm pretty sure there's no way you could have known that short of watching Twilight and her friends sleeping.

This is fucking adorable.

The last time I was high and ended up talking about something like this, I think we resolved that platonic homosexuality qualified as having a Greek Warrior Bond.

And then we spent half an hour having a staring competition with all the eyes the wall suddenly had had all along.

“Dude, you’re with a mare. You can’t be gay and be havin’ sex with a mare at the same time. ‘S like a paradox, or somethin’.

Because if you think about it, if you think about… y’know, what you’re actually doing during a hornjob, it’s kind of… it’s weird. It’s a little weird, right?”

someone give these guys ponies another round of drinks please... on me.

This kind of 'drunk-talk' is what makes drinking truly enjoyable and the hangover that comes after totally worth it :moustache:

*raises beer*

This started out funny. Then it stopped being funny when I realized you were actually going somewhere with it. Then it became funny again when you got there. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

This is the best thing ever.

WHY DID YOU LEAVE OUT SO MUCH IN THE READING I bet you guys were too drunk :B

You mean terribly glorious. :V

If anything's left out in the recording, that's the recording's fault. We definitely read the whole thing.

Author Interviewer

I'll blame Vic until I have reason to do otherwise. :B

This is the best story I've ever read in my entire life. Congrats

Not if its in a three way.


Story was funny. Good job.

I laughed like an idiot throughout the entire story! Though it is true that very few people are 100% straight (and very few people are 100% gay), so Caramel and Thunderlane here are probably some sort of bisexual.

That was gloriously hilarious lolol

I read this two Times in a row. Loved it. Have a fav!

I mean, a good… good bit of that involved dicks.”

Missing a beginning quote.

Nice story m8

Hay, you know would be hilarious? If it turned out they blew each other after the prom, and were just too thick to notice.

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