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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".

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Manes #1 · Jul 9th, 2015 · · ·

"Trust and thrust."


That was brilliant. Derpy has best booty. Much mass. So explosive. Especially when she eats Rainbow's tacos.

Now let's see Twilight's reaction to the Doctor's published findings. :derpytongue2:

That was a brilliant tale, I must admit. I don't read much but I feel honoured to have read this. Thank you, Samey. :heart:

I’d like to get some initial observations of the mechanical interactions the rest of your body has with the physical properties of your butt.

That's one helluvah pickup line.

(pls let me do a collab with you)

:facehoof: Either Derpy's really good with improv, or she's smarter than she looks.

That was... beautiful... :pinkiesad2:

:twilightsmile: I must replicate the results!

This needs to happen :pinkiehappy:

Never underestimate the quiet ones :scootangel:

Now someone has to write "Derpy Eats Rainbow's Tacos" xD

One of the weirdest stories I've read for sometime.

I didn't know you write, my friend. :rainbowlaugh:

We should write about Derpy's butt more often.

6187002 You write clop now? Amazing! Do more!

Well, I wrote, like, two clopfics already: Berry Punch Takes Manehattan (probably the most complicated plot from my clopfics, but those were my first clop scenes ever) and Three Gems, which has Rarity and Sparkler.

Oh yeah :pinkiehappy: Though I guess it'd go weird...

Well, I pretty much covered every genre except anthro and crossover. Though my fics are rarely noticed.

Raunchy and riotous all at once. I love it.

6186735 Best line of the story.


Little notice? You're gonna surpass me before long. And I'm a top 500 fimfic author!:derpytongue2:

Maybe. Though there's always magnum opus dissonance...

I... uh... I'm not sure how to react XD I read it in their voices and I kept cracking up XD
Good lord, this, this was great man, this was great XD

Derpy has best butt, she's got dat boootay~ :D
Hehehe, nice job, keep it up.

Comment posted by Dustchu deleted Jul 10th, 2015

Anal is not my thing. But, a nice fic nonetheless.

6188238 so your fics being noticed is a *puts on sunglasses* rarity

6189957 Thanks man, I couldn't find the video

Thanks :twilightsmile:

I just googled CSI: Miami. Also, I like that Littlepip in your avatar.

6189994 Thanks, Fallout: Equstria is my second favorite story


I know. Everyone knows me for Hot Button Beach Day, which I wrote for the lulz.

Oh yeah, I remember that one. Though I prefer Racer and the Geek.

I love it too :twilightsmile: What's the first, then?

Property damage?

“I guess we just need something slippery for that...”
“I have kerosene, will it do?”

Oh good lord...

6190241 "My New Life in Equstria" trilogy By: Max_Bezzey
I know it's kind of cheating by choosing a trilogy , but they are all really fucking good

But Doctor, you need a control in order for the experiment to be accurate. I'm sure Twilight would want to help with the science :trollestia:

I got a sad boner.:fluttershbad:

This was actually fun to read. I chuckled more times then I thought I would and enjoyed reading every word. Nicely done on you and your collaborator.


I prefer Racer and the Geek.


Silliness for the sake of silliness. Well done.

So many puns. I love it. This was freakin brilliant

Sex in the name of science. I can't think of anything clever to say to that, but this was a funny read.

Wow ranchy anal sex filled with weirdly placed scientific phrases. . . I love it!
Also, funny how Doc seems to be just about clueless about everything sexual and Derpy leading him on like that. Well I guess he learned something new from exploring the "Black Hole of Entropy".

My physics... What have you done to my physics!?

*Le dives into the fic, not noticing the big red "M" in the corner*

*One fic reading later*
I have been changed. For better or for worse, I have yet to know.

Oh yeah. His paper would need a peer review...

Why so sad? :raritywink:

This would end in a trip to Redheart... :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks :twilightsmile: When it comes to clop, we had a few good teachers :raritywink:

Thanks :twilightsmile:

Science is always important :pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah :twilightsmile: Are you planning to finish it?

Well, it is about friction... :rainbowlaugh:

I had the same feeling when I first read a clopfic...

THIS.......... Was one of the most hilarious clopfics I have ever read!

Derpy facehoofed.

It takes a special type of stupid, to get her to do this.

6192428 Oh, no, this is not the first one I've read, unfortunately. When I was first on Fimfic, I kept mistaking "Mature" for "Gore."

“Umm...” The Doctor scratched his mane. “Well, I thought it’d be useful in unjamming rocket parts, since it’s called ‘Space Jam’, but apparently I was mistaken...”

'Space Jam'

I wasn't sure what to think when I was 'anal' as a tag in the description, but i have to say, this story was very well written. i don't write clopfics myself, but I will read them sometimes, and this is one of the best ones I've come across. It was funny too, from Doc's reactions and words. His cluelessness put a smile on my face despite how smart he's supposed to be.

I'm... Unsure of what I just read

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