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Ellysia Banearrow

Just a lady who likes ponies


Currently taking a rest · 2:45pm Aug 9th, 2014

I want to continue my work on The Wonders of Salt, but I need to be inspired again as well as other things. First on my to-do list is finishing my cosplay for the Grand Brony Gala my family and I are going to. Secondly, I want to write non mature-rated fics, but I need to sort out which ones I can since I am also doing a radio play series soontm that may include any fics I publish here and I don;t want spoilers. Thirdly, I also have a life with 2 kids and a husband who all

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Hello Chaotic! Don't be scared of little old me, I don't bite.

Hey Ellysia. :pinkiehappy: *Hides in a bush scared.*

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