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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


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Omg. This is hillarious!

If I'm wearing stretchy enough pants I can bring my foot to my head. Not for very long mind you, but I can do it.

I can also touch my toes, which a lot of people seem to have problems with.

So many kinkys, wonderful work, mate.

Kill her, clone her, fuck her with the biggest strap-on I can find, and kill her again!

best line ever :rainbowlaugh:

This speaks to me on so many levels. Mainly because I come from a medical family and have worked in hospitals.

I can tell you either are a nurse yourself or did a lot of research. A nice story. I like the touch of almost all the Nurses (besides the punny Rhyme) being named "-Heart". Reminds me of Pokemon's Nurse Joy. I'm glad this didn't descend into clop, and that Blossomforth and her flexibility got to be featured. Thanks for writing this, and have a great day! :heart::pinkiehappy:

I was flexible enough when I was younger to do the male equivalent of what Blossomforth hurt herself doing here. The benefits of practicing a martial art that worked on flexibility. Then I quit and now I can't anymore.

That was indeed pretty funny, but after reading it I feel both slightly disgusted and mildly violated. I'm debating on whether or not to favourite this story, because A) it was funny, but B) really gross. Meh, I have worse on my favourites list.

And the rest of me may not be very flexible, but my scalp is almost freakishly mobile. It's been described as quite an odd sight.

4992640 4993262
Thanks :twilightsmile:


4994077 4994246
I studied biotechnology, so I spent 5 years in a medical school and met lots of nurses... (also, I've noticed that nurses, paramedics and oncologists have the darkest sense of humour...)
Nursery Rhyme is that filly nurse who appeared in Read It And Weep:
The rest of the nurses also are from the show, though when I use OC nurses I also follow that rule (in one story I had Pink Floyd-inspired Nurse Atom Heart).

Yeah, I was even more flexible when I was younger, though I've never tried that... :trollestia:

4995405 Nurse Atom Heart? You earn a follow just for that. :rainbowkiss:

Well, this was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:
And it's really realistic, 'cause you know what are you writing about. Medical humor is the best! =)

Comment posted by Mad deleted Sep 13th, 2014

Thanks :twilightsmile: And yeah, doctors tell best stories (I knew a surgeon who had a collection of items that stuck in his patients' asses...)

My brother can touch his right ear with his right arm bent around his head. Like a freaky scarf.

I checked – I can do that with the tip of my middle finger...


My father worked as a Nursing student, he had some pretty crazy stories too :rainbowlaugh:

4995878 he touches the top of his ear with all his fingers. Again, freaky fleshy scarf. It almost looks like he is holding his head under his arm.

4995914 but sibling sillyness aside, that was a pretty funny story! Thumbs up and liked!

This is hilarious :rainbowlaugh: nice job on the story!

Do these ponies have no shame?

Most attracted to mares, and the stallion...commented on the video.

Oh yeah... And it seems that Nurse Sweetheart is into incest...

Someone should take poor Nursery Rhyme away from them...

Why take her away?

To protect her innocence...

Though, on the other hand, she was/is a student. She may not be as spoiled as the rest, but she's definitely not innocent...

You had my fave at "ELFIS (Equestria’s Largest Idiot Syndrome)", then the rest of it just kept on getting chuckle after chuckle out of me. This is a great story, and the note about lab workers? Well, as a (former) thesis student with lab duties, that sounds pretty damn accurate. Try hauling 20 kilos worth of sample from one end of one of the most congested cities in your country to the other, only to be told that not only the experiment failed, the tests were too expensive to get done and the results weren't that important, either. I have to wonder what made Redheart say lab workers are so bad.

There are a few grammar issues, though, the most notable being 'how it looks like'. The phrase is 'what it looks like' or 'how it looks', and to get back on the topic of lab workers, I only mention this because nearly all of my professors make the same mistake... repeatedly... in a classroom full of people who don't have English as a native tongue and had to pass a test to even get admitted to class. Yeah, your story struck a nerve, even for someone who isn't a nurse. Good job, and poor Blossomforth. She just wanted to have some fun... :twilightsmile:

Hm... I liked the story, despite the numerous errors, but I'm not sure it belongs in PWI...

I also wanted a foursome, not a slice of life comedy... :trixieshiftright:


Well, as a (former) thesis student with lab duties, that sounds pretty damn accurate.

Same with me, actually. I still wonder why mice didn't learn to swear from us... Working with them is kinda frustrating, not to mention that my supervisor was insane...

Well, it kinda started with Blossomforth's intoxication...


That may be, but alcohol isn't a theme.

This is hilarious. It only adds to my theory that Knighty supplies a cocktail of absinthe, linseed oil, and liquidized strong pornography to the writers on this site....

I had the same reaction, and found a working compromise.

I toss it a like.

At least she was smart enough not to use the slang around the patients, I've seen nurses that were dumb enough to speak it around people who know the slang they were using.

I've never heard about it :pinkiehappy:

Yeah... not to mention that patients may google those acronyms and find out the truth...


I'm fairly certain that it can be taken either intravenously or as a suppository. :raritywink:


I've seen a few do that, though at the same time I don't exactly pity nurses who call patients "shit stains" behind their backs. So it's all good to me. :raritywink:

Good good, now write the actual scene.
Wait not that scene! I meant the whole Twister game, must've looked hilarious.

I guess playing Twister with Blossomforth is hard... :rainbowlaugh:

5001904 I've played Twister and managed to have my Left hand on red and blue at the same time.

4997177 I major in chemisrty, and anti animel use, and can safely say chemists only swear mildly in labs, mostly in organic ones, normaily it goes like this "Who the f:yay: left the (something that make rutten fruits\corpues\rutten eggs\poop\pee\anything else that stinks, that in 100% consentration) open? I'm gonna puke in here!" also it super fun when you start it and they tell you on all the things you will work with, "This will kill you slowly in great pains if you inhale it, This will got right pass you, don't spill it, this will make your limbs fall off, this is an expolsive, and this is just deadly, you don't want to know how, have fun! :scootangel:" also I heard it's commen to put music in full volume in labs, my teachers always talked on how placed the oddest music in thier labs, also we do swear when we make lab reports, it is so long, and boring, did is said long and boring already? cuase it is.

Oh yeah, weird smells in lab are quite common... I remember a student who passed out after smelling mercaptoethanol. Also, there was a situation on one of the last days of my studies, when one of the labs was filled with some weird smell. My two friends were standing there, trying to guess what was that (the smell wasn't unpleasant). I went to them, smelled it and said, "It's chloroform, idiots..." Good thing they didn't actually enter the room...

Also, we had chemistry during our first year. One of the groups had to be evacuated twice: first time because a guy broke a bottle of anilin, and second time because one girl almost blew up everything... We also worked with ethidium bromide a few times (first question: "Is someone pregnant here?").

Not to mention that we had biophysics. I think I'm still a bit radioactive after those classes...

Normally I don't read stories with the random tag, as too many writers just use it as an excuse for producing poor quality crack fics.

You didn't do this. The story is ridiculous, but it's ridiculous in a way that's hilarious, it's coherent, and it's not treated as an excuse to be stupid. Keep up the good work.

5001909 Long and lanky for the win. Left hand Red/ Blue. Right hand Blue/ Yellow. Left foot Green/ Blue. Right foot Red. Abdomen green. People say my spine's like a slinky. Also, my family doesn't play Twister like normal people. Try getting both ears on the same color.

4995878 I can touch my nose with my middle finger and my bicep under my chin. I suppose having the ability to dislocate your shoulder helps a little, but it's a difficult position to undo without my other arm.

5002095 reminds me of my high school chemistry teacher, who insisted on synthetising butyric acid once for every group.

Eww... Though maybe he/she liked the smell...

Am I walking into another minefield? Is this what's going on? I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm not sure I'm adequately prepared for what's in this story. I may just have to get my super safety kit.


Alright, I think I'm ready now. I've yet to be defeated with my super safety kit.

There's nothing to worry about. There's a doctor and five nurses on board...

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