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This is just too perfect. This one was actually less intense, actually. Compared with their usual a horn flu case is downright mundane.

Still want more though. Always more!!! :pinkiehappy:

I aimed at the exploration of the characters with this one (also, after the last one ended with Redheart in the nuthouse, I wanted to get the girl out).

Loved it. Perfectly captured the spirit of New Year's.

It's great gift for New Year! And we just almost translated Awkward II... :rainbowderp:

It's just like a real hospital!

//Worked in a real hospital

Glad to hear that :pinkiehappy:

You know what? They are all insane. Why else would they willingly work at Ponyville's hospital

I dunno how you keep doing this (or why) but I am glad that you do :rainbowlaugh:

I’m still waiting for a literal case of cranial rectosis. :rainbowlaugh: You already covered the bottle return and chocolate hostages after all. Maybe Polybabydaddia or a darker slow code with a hilarious reasoning and story why.

Because the insanity is a massive adrenaline rush and is all kinds of fun. Never know if you’ll be drinking coffee at your desk and then having a bus dropping off a screaming guy with a traumatic amputation or something.

Although we did have a guy that literally screwed a fluorescent bulb (glass side first) up his ass. That had to go into surgery to get out. :rainbowlaugh:

Some days I miss that job, then I remember all the shit that went with it. Even as admin, I had TB+ patients coughing on me, blood everywhere, one lady had her water break all over my shoes, another dude projectile vomited probably ~10 feet and hilariously nailed my coworker’s computer, etc.


Although we did have a guy that literally screwed a fluorescent bulb (glass side first) up his ass. That had to go into surgery to get out.:rainbowlaugh:

Is it wrong that I started to wonder if it lit up?

Also, as an epidemiologist, I have quite a few TB and/or STD-related stories myself (for some reason, STDs often come in pairs).

Have I mentioned that I love this series. It is freaking hysterical. great job

A couple of the nurses were dying to ask him how ‘he thought it was a bright idea.’ As much as I hate puns, I’d love to see the look on his face for that one. :rainbowlaugh:

Almost as good as them asking a guy that (accidentally) ran his hand up a table saw, if it hurt.:rainbowhuh: Missed the metas, shredded carpals and ended between radius and ulna. Still no idea how he wasn’t spraying everywhere with that much trauma.

For the record, ow. Also dude was deep in shock but weird. Perfectly capable of answering all my intake, but completely unconcerned about his hand. Kinda wtf but neat.

Huh, similar infection paths and locally compromised immune response? Just makes me happy my worst traumatic injury only needed irrigation and stitches. I’m a neuro, endo, and hemo wet dream though. I’m their Hasselhoff because it’s so damn weird. :facehoof:

The story is just brilliant so funny

Ten out of ten. Nearly died laughing!

She’s physically unable to speak quietly.


I expected Redheart to do something about the three-part patient :)

Putting him back together would probably take a while...

A sequel?!


Your review is done, mate. You can find it here. Also, feel free to leave a comment since it is in its own comment thread due to changes to our review system.

Cloud Kicker ending, perfection.

How do you come up with these XD

Do I need to read the other fics in this series?

Not necessarily (though I guess I accidentally ended up with some consistent lore for those stories).

Alright, cool.

These are all hilarious.

“So, laughing at short ponies is fine but laughing at fat ponies is okay?”

Seem to be missing a "not" in here somewhere.

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