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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".

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F-fuck... :D I hate you, Samey. God DAMMIT that was too funny. It was insane and random, but also made sense. Nice job!

One thing I noticed.

“Another happy patient,” Coldheart mutters. "I wonder if that one nurse we met during the conference last year still works in Manehattan. Cute hoor, but lacked a few marbles, if you asked me."

The bolded word. I'm not sure what that's supposed to be?

A little rough around the edges, but a solid story that earned laughs from start to finish.

Goddammit Samey! :rainbowlaugh:

Every single one of these is an infant fave and an absolute joy to read, with so much quoteable parts that I can't even choose. You absolute madman, the wait for it always manages to be worth it, in the end :yay:

I'd still love to have it more than yearly though :raritywink:

I don't know what I expected coming into this story, but you took it in a direction I was not ready for.

I finish my coffee quickly and trot to the ER. I’m pretty sure someone will eventually need me. The waiting room is full of ponies and Peachy Plume barely manages to keep order; she just kicked Cloud Kicker out again and is now explaining Diamond Tiara that if she needs condoms, she can just go to the store.

Did you know that in America it's actually considered a violation of the fourteenth amendment to refuse to sell a minor condoms?

cdn.everypony.ru/storage/01/61/61/2019/03/10/09797e36e8.png - Why so many puns, Samey? Why so many?

But thanks a lot in any case

10069561 And so it should be.

They should be provided free.

They are at the local clinic.

"May I get fifty condoms?"
"We only have thirty."
"Okay, but my evening is ruined."

Puns, the bane of every translator...

Any story involving the Kirin is a-okay with me. And the idea of a winged one is pretty cool.


Nursery furrows her eyebrows. How did I miss Sweetheart’s daughter getting pregnant? Also, who dared? I guess that guy is dead now.”


“Looks like someone broke the universe again,” Starlight says. “Could it be Discord? It must be Discord, or else it’d mean that someone managed to create a temporal paradox–” She pauses and looks at the older Starlight, smiling sheepishly. “Oh.”

How's that a paradox? Killing your older self is fine, it just means you're going to get to get killed by yourself in your personal future.

A bit long, and rather convoluted, but the ending was worth it. I'd suggest making it more concise, but that would probably ruin the casual slice of life feel. Hmmmm...

But then you know you're gonna get killed and prepare yourself accordingly. Unless Starlight managed to forget she once killed her older self (or after the reboot she assumes it was an impostor).


I'm sure significant levels of drinking or brain damage can probably arrange that.

These are always so funny.

They are at health clinics.

I love this series!

Probably not in a while.

and another lovely and amazingly hilarious entry to this series. how long are you planing to keep this going till you run out of ideas?

O shit IT'S BAAACK! Dis gon be gud

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