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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


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I've been sitting here for about ten minutes, trying to think of something to say as a general response to this fic, but I'm coming up empty. All I can say is, "Well, that happened, and it was awesome."

Also, potatoes.

Not only... :raritywink: One of the surgeons in my university did have a collection of items he found it people's rectums... as well as their stories about how it got there.

Potatoes are love. Potatoes are life.

Yeah... I've also heard that every New Year there's at least one woman in the local hospital, who put a champagne bottle in her pussy... bottom first.

To think about it, it's not that stupid – if it was neck-first, and the champagne went off, the cork would probably stop somewhere around lungs...

“It’s a foal, not a potato cannon!”


The Potato Mare gave that potato some Air! LOL!!

I demand a prequel with Sparkler getting a foalsitting job to take care of those two fillies that would be three chapters long, one for each pony POV: Sparkler, Dinky, and Ruby Pinch and end with a nice epilogue to tie up the whole mess that led to this but show what happens when they got back home.

Whelp. This whole time and I couldn't think of anything witty to say that wouldn't spoil a joke here and there, so all I have to say is just please write more of this Pinchy and her family. You must!

Also, that Blossomforth story ref. I would have been greatly disappointed not to see that in there. That Minuette cameo from that Way to GO Minuette story of yours? Awesome.

Dang, you have a whole universe here. And you even connected Rumble with Pinchy so they all know each other in some way. WRITE MORE NEW THINGS! xD

I can wait on updates. <3


I demand a prequel with Sparkler getting a foalsitting job to take care of those two fillies that would be three chapters long, one for each pony POV: Sparkler, Dinky, and Ruby Pinch and end with a nice epilogue to tie up the whole mess that led to this but show what happens when they got back home.

Idea noted :pinkiehappy: I guess Dinky's POV would be all sunshine and rainbows, while Pinchy's would be dark like a thirteen-year-old listening to Linkin Park...

A sequel, I can honestly say I've been waiting.

5545539 ONE person? There's at least a dozen videos out there.

The potato is a new one though. Humans stick the weirdest things in the strangest places. Why should ponies be any different.

I think lyra and bon bon need to have a hospital visit

During the flu season, the other nurses’ attitude towards me changes. It’s no longer “Nursery, the patient just threw up on the floor. Could you clean it for me, please?”, “Nursery, this kid needs a diaper change. Can you do that?”, or “Nursery, this patient just came back from Zebrica, he’s coughing, and Sweetheart is too fat to fit into a hazmat suit. Can you sit with him and see if he starts bleeding?” Now, it’s “Nursery Rhyme, here are your needles and syringes, go downstairs and vaccinate the ponies.” Yay! I so love giving injections!

Eeyup. I'm going to enjoy this.

You see, “we have a problem” is a sentence nopony in a hospital wants to hear. It can mean anything, from a particularly bad cold to a freaky accident involving a spoon, a straw, and a bunch of strange candies.


“No,” Rainbow Dash replies. “I ate a potato that tasted funny...”

I fell out of my God Damn chair!
This was hilarious, and I think I caught every reference to your other stories.
And of course, potatoes.

I take it's Rainbow Dash's turn now?

This story is so awesome. Even more like the prequel and that was hard to top. Loved it. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

I think it was mentioned in the previous part that Lyra and Bon Bon had a small problem with all those apples Bon Bon got from AJ...

Fun fact: Rainbow Dash's part was influenced by the fact we recently figured out on Skype: for some reason, "Rainbow Dash eats things that used to be in other ponies' orifices" trope occurs quite often in clopfics. For examples (if you really need them :raritywink:), see a story titled "Twilight Sparkle Rapes a Grapefruit" (guess what it is about... :trollestia:) or Bronystories' "Don't Move a Muscle".

Well, that happened.

I suppose the Rarity and Sparkler being sisters is a reference to three gems ?

I'll really need to read it now.
And that means Berry Punc is also their siser ?

Yeah... It kinda spoils the twist in Three Gems, to think about it... And Berry isn't Sparkler's sister – Sparkler just foalsits Ruby and Dinky (who's Derpy's daughter). Ruby also has a theory that Dinky is her stepsister, but it's a whole different story.

Damn. Bringing back flash backs from when I worked in hospital. Those nurses were foul mouthed

Oh dear god, all of this. :rainbowlaugh:

Marshmallow thermometers and funny potatoes. Man what a world they live in huh?

These stories are twisted, hilarious, and demented!

Please continue.


So then there is a story that has yet to be written

You should totally make this a series. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, you’ll soon speak only in acronyms...

Abbreviations. Acronyms are abbreviations that sound like words.

Abbreviation: FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Acronym: LASER, Light Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation

On a side note, this could easily have a teen rating.

Well, it involves potatoes in funny places and that poor jar of jelly, so I thought that it's better to be safe than sorry.

LOL, I swear that's always their excuse "I was getting out of the shower...and I fell on it..."

Yeah, because apparently everyone keeps vegetables in the shower :rainbowlaugh:

Well...I finished reading this and now I am currently on my way to passing out from lack of oxygen. Also, I now can't hear the words nursery rhyme without cackling like a hyena.

As a bitter, cynical healthcare professional, I find myself enjoying a little light bitter, cynical healthcare comedy.

Thanks for writing. I'd shake hands, but I feel the need to wash up after reading this...:pinkiesick:

5552811 I now need a clopfic on that guy fucking that jar of jelly. Do not question it, just write it. :rainbowlaugh:

By the way was that supposed to be the jelly guy from that CMC episode with Cherilee, Big Mac, and the love poison?

Yes, the same one :pinkiehappy: Also, I'm pretty sure someone wrote something like that...

5613873 If you make a clopfic with a jar of jelly you might just become the most famous man on fimfiction. xD

5614282 Almost indisputably tempting. :pinkiecrazy:

MOAR :flutterrage:

That is, um... i-if you don't mind.... :fluttershbad:

That ending line! xD

What a finish.

Do you think that this story would make it onto Equestria Daily?

More brilliant one-liners, great scenarios, the works. A worthy successor of the first :twilightsmile:

Gotta love medic humor! :rainbowlaugh:

Have a fave. :heart:

This is like the written form of that one "Nurse" show on HBO. And a lot like my old days working healthcare

I haven't seen that one... yet. Though I know a lot of people working in healthcare.

5545789 why is that a thing. Mocking linkin park. I mean there not terrible just mind numbingly mediocre

I lost it at the potato cannon statement.

...The one before this one... then this one... I must assault my being with the third story... Luna preserve me, for I now walk into the valley of death...

Interestingly, later I did write a fic in which Dinky is a superhero who shoots potatoes out of... you know :derpyderp2:

Don't worry, there's a nurse nearby.


I need an adult.

I am an adult :moustache:

Can confirm, not even the weirdest thing you'll see working at a hospital.
This is a beautifully organized story.

7101375 :rainbowlaugh: My god that profile picture makes that so much better

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dear god my sides. Nurse!:rainbowlaugh::yay::pinkiehappy:

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