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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".

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I don't know whether to contemplate life or to continually laugh.


I know it's a collaborated story, but beyond that.... I don't even know....

Luna dammit im confused xDD
Great story!

Er... What collection...?

Oh, and second: What the fuck did I just read? :derpyderp1:

I guess Molestia is bestia.:trollestia:

... what the fuck did I just read?


That's kinda similar to our reaction when we finished it... :twilightsheepish:

Celestia's collection of potential princesses :trollestia:

5636155 Ah I see.... also. *Plays festive Mexican music*

So... Luna has the Ass of the Covenant :ajbemused:

Daring Do would have to check that... :rainbowdetermined2:

5636727 Aww but I don't want her to melt. I volunteer Rainbow :raritywink:

..... well that was just dumb.

Well that was, er, something. Yeah, let's go with that.

I'm terrified to think of what would happen if you guys wrote a clopfic

only finally getting to read this and already I made the mistake of taking a sip of my ginger ale as I was just finishing up that first paragraph and read the way they monitor EVERYTHING. I had to slow my breath and hold in a laugh that had to be carefully breathed out my nose before the soda I was sipping get blown through my nose. xD

I'm going back to the story now. But before I do I'm going to finish this can real quick in case I end up having a moment I can't stop the flow of laughter from jettison the contents through my nose. And yes, have Matt's sequel right after the end of this. You should totally link to it on your story if it's an actual sequel btw.

That escalated SO quickly. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if that pit has any survivors and if they've got a small civilization of ponies living down below who worship a loving yet fickle goddess. Who feast on the many rotted corpses of the- yeah, let's just assume there are no survivors.

Luna. That libido. Cadance and that aligasm. All I can say is you wrote probably one of the most fucked up Equestrias I've read in some time...


I will say this, many times throughout this all I could think of is how Chocolate would fit in just fine in Motherverse. She has such a messed up background. lol And damn, that "Village kids never make it to college anyways" was adorably messed up. xD

From what it sounds like, that filly was lucky to be axecidentally killed by Celestia. Best Final Filly-stination chain of effect death, just 10/10 would remake in 3D.

Her husband sighed as he turned around. “I’ll go get the gag and paddle.”

Is it wrong that I wanted to see that?

I laughed like a crazed person all way through and once I reached the end I really thought reprieve would come... Nope! I just had to read the comments didn't I!

this is just to funny...also while luna and those scissors is the best thing ever someone needs to take those from her before there are no more ponies..

Yeah... Though it may fix the problem of overpopulation.

Wait, more then one person wrote this story? Who was the other guy?

There were three of us – the other two authors are Mattricole (who also wrote a sequel) and Bootsy Slickmane.

Loved it it was so messed up but hilarious too you need to write more of these although the axe being tied to a chimney was a bit disturbing

I'd hate to repeat myself but this is amazing as usual. All of the characters perfectly fulfill their fanon stereotypes and I could envision every scene flawlessly. Thank you. :heart:

“An hour after my dry spell ended! Now let’s have sex again!” Luna demanded as she threw Cadance onto Twilight’s bed, making a quiet “pomf” sound.
“Luna, wh-what are we going to do on the bed?”

:rainbowlaugh:... I'm done, I'm so done...:twilightsmile: You've created an amazing work here. Fantastic job.

Ok WTF did i just read?

This story has that effect on people :pinkiehappy:

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