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A sequel?! YES!!! And Jewel Gun needs to be mounted and framed after this adventure, cause it's just that awesome.

A Minuette sequel to right after finishing AKD?
Man, you sure know how to keep my attention :trollestia:

Thou needeth to clean this shit. So many missing words but I am not crazy enough to try to give examples on a phone.

"Don't look at me like that, motherfu- Oh wait, you're my son."

"Instead, I had to wake up two stallions, a bat pony and a zebra, and tell them to get the fuck out."

"That weird kid that puts potatoes in her ass,"

~Minuette Turner

"Fuck it, my mother is already wearing a lampshade,"

~Ruby Pinch

"It's like, about that 'like', huh?"

~Vinyl Scratch

"Aaargh, my balls!"

~Some Colt

(There are like, lots more, but I can't bother to write, like, all them here.)

Whoops... Need to check it.

Yeah, connecting Minuette's signature spell and crystal technology was only a matter of time... :pinkiehappy:

Dinky and potatoes is an allusion to the story Well, This is Awkward II: Revenge of the Interns. Yes, she did put a potato there...

Fuck, I completely forgot about you when you finished the first part :facehoof:
I'm gonna start this one right now, hoping that things like the rope climbing incident don't happen again...

Good as usual, these stories should have more reads. Not a lot f people would like to read these, but still, it needs more. Maybe some kind of self advertising on forums, I don't know...

And I hope to see Trixie soon. The group needs her

Yeah, though there's apparently over 40 people following it, so maybe they wait with rating till it's over – I usually do that with the multichapters I follow.

To think about it, it also took a while for the first story to take off. Like, it had about 20-30 likes until it suddenly got popular halfway through.

Eeyup. Not to mention that somehow all the ponies they meet more than once end up being plot-relevant...

I hope Trixie gets into some political trouble, she didn't get enough attention on the past chapters

Wow, things are just piling up in front of an incoming train wreck. This can only be good.

I don't have much time to keep up with ongoing fanfics these days, but this is one I definitely make an effort to. It just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Yeah. Most of details of this chapter end up being relevant sooner or later...

Brilliant stuff! Now I want to play a cross over between Far Cry 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstien and Team Fortress 2 after reading this. :pinkiehappy:

Woo! Its official, Minuette was the best spellcaster of her class! Shame about the father of the year award though...

Well, she only was a father till the morning. Then she was a mother. Also, I'm not sure if "drunk spellcasting" counts... :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, you were mostly right. Though you may be completely right in the future (see the future scene Minuette visits).

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