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Twilight Sparkle makes her maiden voyage to the human world! During her adventure, she meets a group of girls who inspire the same magic of friendship Twilight found long ago back home. In particular, she finds a familiar friend in one girl calling herself "Rainbow Dash."

But this Rainbow Dash has more than just friendship to offer the otherworldly princess. She also has her own outlook on life, and insights into her pony counterpart that Twilight would never have guessed... and will never forget.

Editing by nanashi_jones. Cover art by CViperfan.
A deluxe-sized, from-scratch re-exploration of a previous concept.

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Clicked this expecting maybe a single chapter or two.
Nope, Already Completed!

I'm going in, see you on the other side :twilightsmile:

You know what? I don't need to read this to fave it. Its like a work from Desendant, I know I am going to love it so why bother?

Happy Hearth's Warming Eve to you, Bookish! I've got to say, I wasn't expecting something like this to be that damn good but I've been wrong before. :heart:


Have fun!

And yah, it's easier for me to just submit completed stories. It's the easiest way to ensure that they'll actually get, uh, completed. :rainbowlaugh:

I hope this ends with a double team with either two Rainbow Dashes or two Twilight Sparkles. I'd prefer the latter. :moustache:

I try to prove doubters wrong. Too many in the world being proven right already.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you too!

Appreciate the vote of confidence, but do at least read it when you can. :twilightblush:

Okay, I haven't read to far into this yet, but can I just say. I love the fact all your stories have pre-credits sequences..

I'm a fan of cold openings. They just work for me. :twilightsmile:

Oh, my God, I'm already in love with your Rainbow Dash.

Plain and simple? This was a delight to read. It was very much the same as Otherworldly Advice (which only makes sense) but at the same time a different story.

I'll be adding this to my favourites now.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I kind of wish I'd written this first, but these things happen. At least I was able to get a different and more detailed spin this time around. :twilightsmile:

:heart: That's a relief.

i feel so sad for the other Rainbow....:pinkiesad2:

oh hey! can we get an epilogue where rainbow from the human world bumps into that worlds twilight? just like, have her be doing something they would both be interested in (maybe Daring Do book signing or something), and then have her bump into the human twilight! i would ask for a sequel detailing their relationship from that point on, but i'm not even sure if you'll do my epilogue idea, soo....yeah. i just feel really bad for human rainbow, and Hasbro has already confirmed that there is a human twilight, so i figured 'why not give human rainbow a happy ending too!'

5409944 I kinda imagine them having their own little Bookish Theatre opening Credits sequence.

This story fills me with all sorts of fuzzies.

And now, here's some music for the closing credits, as it describes the end of this story frighteningly well:


This was so good! It felt good, and just--gah. I can't even.

I just know that this was a joy to read, and I thank you for it! :twilightsmile:

Amazing. Just amazing. I never thought I would ever support the twidash ship but now I totally do.:twilightsmile:

Wow. Now I feel kind of bad for writing a story where the two Dashes do meet... and end up punching one another.

In any case, a most adorable story, along with some fascinating world-building for the human dimension. I have to wonder how many of the other cutie marks have greater significance in the world, how the Equestrian Megalopolis came about, who that previous best friend was...
Basically, I have more questions coming out of this than when I came in, but I still greatly enjoyed the process. Thank you for this, Bookish. Great update to an intriguing concept.

"One might say I won't settle for anything less than pure awesome."

HAAA!! LOL!:rainbowlaugh:


Ooh, that is a good choice. (How sad is it that I agree because I know that song's words by heart? ;_;)

Fun fact: before happening upon Rainbow Connection by sheer chance, this was going to be the ending credits song:

It's OK, Bookie. I found that song by accident on a Top 10 list and then binged it for five straight days.

But Cosmic Eternity? ... no, the mood doesn't feel quite right. But this? I, think I may have found a better choice, or at least an alternative (and sadder) one. But if Speak with Your Heart described the relationship between Twilight and Mane!Dash, this describes perhaps better the relationship between Twilight and EqG!Dash:

This was awesome. No, seriously. It's been a while since I read something I have enjoyed as much as this story. Have a bookshelf and a like!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:


who that previous best friend was...


In fact, might want to go ahead and check out the other EQG fics I've done this far again. Juuust saiyan. :raritywink:

Now I feel kind of bad for writing a story where the two Dashes do meet... and end up punching one another.

Oh, that's just your conscience. The burning sensation means it's working!

Not sure if this fits, but I saw someone suggest Dear My Friend from Sonic Unleashed, so I wanted to suggest an ending theme.

This is the Turnabout Sisters: Music Box Melody from Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

As I was reading this, I thought I had read this before and then remembered where I had read this. :twilightsmile: Looked back through your stories and realized it was yours. :rainbowlaugh:

Very nice!
Liked it a lot, even though I don't tend to ship the Mane 6.

And since you gave me something to like, I'll give a like right back! :rainbowdetermined2:

This story kick so much butt! I should have been in bed hours ago but I love a good Twidash story!!! Keep up the good work!!! :twilightsmile: :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Here's hoping you make an update detailing the human Rainbow finding out that there is a human Twilight.

Lyrics (or sometimes silly references) are prioritized when choosing songs.

When I considered Cosmic Eternity, I was thinking of Human Dash alone, which corresponds more with the very end of the story.

Either way,the point is moot. Kermit nukes all other choices here. :D

Something good is featured! The fun has been doubled! Yay!

Oh? Cutiemark's everywhere it seems...

really hoping for a sequal they go to each others worlds

"'Sides, what Rainbow wants, Rainbow, uh, usually gets," she added, with a sheepish blush and a smile.

Am I sensing a history between Aj and Dash here~? :rainbowwild::ajsmug:

The lovers~
The dreamers~
And meeee~

Booky why are you doing this to my heart. :heart:


5412007 Fancy meeting you here.

I'd like to see an epilogue with a bit more intrigue, on the EQG side... that whole Northstar thing with Human!Twi's cutie mark and such. Something's going on there, and Human!Dash will have words to say to Human!Twi once she arrives ;)

edit: and... kissed a girl in the soccer field a year ago? I wonder who that was~ :ajsmug:


I'm so sorry, Star. This is all I know how to do. :fluttershysad:


See 5411243.

Am I sensing a history between Aj and Dash here~? :rainbowwild:

Anything's possible if you believe, darling. :raritywink:

"Anywhere I want? It won't matter where the special people in my life go. I'll be able to follow them. And we'll never drift apart.

I love this line, so Dash.

An now, the appropiate song one could play at this moment

You didn't see this coming?" Rainbow laughed. "That makes two of us! Kinda wish this world did have it's own Twilight.

You do.

I'm not one for Twidash. I mean, I don't hate it, I just don't always read it, but...you make it work so nicely

Well, that was awesome. :rainbowkiss:

And the Sonic fan in me is squeeing at the multiple Sonic songs recommended in the comments. Let me add to that. I've always thought this song was rather melodramatic and cheesy, but the lyrics fit well:

Anyway, nice work! This was worth the wait.


Ok, how did I not know about that Sonic theme? I have beaten Sonic CD over fifty times (enough that I was able to make it cannon with SATAM, why yes...I have no life) and I have never heard that theme.

Anyway, now that I have read it, yep, loved it like I knew I would. Dashie was really well done, the relationships felt real, and the build up was excellent. Everything was awesome

Ahhh, I thought this story looked familiar. Squeeee! So glad you've expanded it, Bookish.

Alright, this was a very sweet story with a great concept and I liked it.


The actual contents of the letter at the end was a fantastic bit of character writing and you should be proud.

Well done :twilightsmile:

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