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The stresses of being Equestria's newest Princess are starting to catch up with poor Twilight Sparkle. Recently she's barely even gotten to spend time with her friends! It's just meeting after meeting with snobby nobles and arrogant diplomats.

She needs a vacation. A place to get away where nopony can bug her for a few days. And she knows just where to go, to visit her friends in the mirror world!

But how will she react when she arrives to meet... Twilight Sparkle? And she's kissing Rainbow Dash?! WHAT IN THE HAY IS GOING ON?!

My entry for the Twidash Group's Third Twidash Contest.

Picture for coverart by The-Butch-X

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Will there be more kind sir?:duck:


Sorry, that only works in real life- hey, where'd you go?

ssjgokillo when will more chapters come out for all of your another stories on your account come out and i love this story i will wait to see if more chapters for this story come out

Threesome anyone?

Well you do make a valid point. I do have some valid reasons though, and I think that if you just take them into consideration you'll... LOOK OVER THERE!

Er... you're still here?


I seeeee yyyyyoooooouuuuuu..... You're not goin ta get away THAT easy...

Oh this is going to be rough holiday for Twi.:facehoof:

Congrats on already getting featured? (in 5 hours or so?)

I would love some Princess Celestia,

Yeah, maybe move that comma before "Princess".:rainbowwild:

I admit that you have an interesting take on Flash Sentry, as much as I like him so much. :applejackunsure:

minus a couple punctuation problems, this was excellent! kinda wish the chapters were longer, but i'm hoping that shorter chapters means more frequent updates. also, i agree with your take on flash sentry.

I don't like the humanized ponies in this picture. They remind me of dolls, and not the good kind.

But I think this might be a pretty awesome story. Put this in my read later list, and gave it a like for the troubles.

I think it's fine just the way ti is :rainbowwild: Thanks for the catch, I'll fix that in a moment.

The following chapters will be longer. Though more frequent updates might not be in the cards, as the entire story is almost completely finished.

Flash won't be making much of an appearance in this fic, though his actions will be explained later on. Hopefully people enjoy what I do with his character, but as I said there will be no attempts at bashing or Flash-hate.

This got featured?! :derpyderp1:
Honestly I only released the first chapter because I wanted to make sure the story passed the mod approval before the contest deadline. Still though, that's pretty awesome! Thanks everyone!

Chapter 2 of Twilight's Journey has been a huge pain in the keister for me, I know where I want it to go, but I'm stuck getting it there. All of my stories are still alive, I just need to actually work on them.

Why yes, yes there will!

You and Rainbow Dash think alike. :rainbowwild:

3271340 What about Sunset Shimmer? I mean do you have plans for her?

She does make an appearance in the story, and both Twilight (Human version) and Rainbow will tell Twilight (Pony version) about what she's been up to. The majority of the story focuses on the two Twilights and Rainbow Dash.

I can understand that. Unfortunately I have no drawing ability of my own, so i typically have to find vectors or pictures that work with the story. Thanks for the like! I hope you do enjoy the story, whenever you take a break from all that running.


Congrats on already getting featured? (in 5 hours or so?)

Clearly I warmed up the crowd for him. :rainbowlaugh:

Go get 'em, guy!

Well this looks like it could become an interesting story.

There's just one problem. Thirty moons does not mean thirty days. It means thirty lunar months (which is nearly the same thing as thirty normal months). So by that definition the earliest this could take place is 2.5 years after Equestria Girls, which is probably a bit too far in the future for your ideas to work. So you might want to see if you can come up with some other way to justify Twilight's travel to the Human world.
Doing so would also have the bonus of justifying her friends' surprise at seeing her. If they knew she could show up every thirty days, they would probably be expecting, or at least hoping, she would do just that. But if they thought they couldn't see her for over two more years then you can't blame Dash for assuming any Twilight she sees is her Twilight.

Yup, I thought about that when I was planning the story. The only problem I saw, was that there isn't a definite time span for the show. For all we know seasons 1-3 could've happened within one year. Full moons are also a common appearance in Equestria (I can only think of a couple instances when we've seen a non-full moon), so I'm going with the thought that 30 moons is a different time span in Equestria than it is here.

Though you do bring up good points all around. There will be explanations behind it all, and why exactly Twilight's human friends would be surprised to see her.

Well I'm glad you know what you're doing at least. The thing is, your story makes it clear that you're using thirty moons as thirty days. If you want to go and assume that moons are a different length of time over there, I guess that's fine, but I don't think it should be a day. If it was, then why would anypony say "thirty moons" instead of "thirty days" or even "thirty nights"?
If you wanted, you could say a moon is about a week. Thirty weeks is just under seven months, so that would work with your timeline. Though you might want to explain why a moon is just a week then.

Actually, do you want to know what I would do?
I'd add in a little scene where Twilight is frustrated because she wants to go over to the human world but can't because of the thirty moon thing, probably thinking up and then dismissing all sorts of solutions. Then Luna shows up and says something like "Oh, you thought I meant thirty months? No, thirty moons is just thirty days. Get on in there." And so she does. It would justify the whole moon/month/day thing and it could be worth a laugh or two :twilightsmile:
That's what I would do, but it's your story so do whatever you want with it!

3271340 well, if the stories almost over, wouldn't that mean frequent updates? like, once a week or something?

Not sure what to think of this whole concept... never was much of a shipper, anyway. :unsuresweetie:

Hmm...I'm not exactly what you call a lover of TwiDash[More like I'm starting to warm up to it], but this is hilarious and I look forward to reading more chapters.

I thought for sure she was going to run into Flash Sentry first off right through the gate :twilightoops:

WARNING! WARNING!: Fourth Wall Breaking in the Author's Note!

That is all.:twilightsheepish:

3272331 You're in the right place ;)

Hmmm... I actually do like that. Originally I had wanted to pull the time out closer to six months out after Twilight's last visit. With your permission, I think I may edit the first chapter using your idea.

Heh, what I meant is that all the chapters should be out tomorrow. Maybe one or two on the morning of the 30th, depending on my homework situation. So the updates won't be frequent persay, just a bunch at once and then the story will be finished.

I can understand that. Hopefully the shipping doesn't turn you away, but if that's not the case, well thanks for giving it a try! :twilightblush:

I don't know what it was about the show, but at some point my brain just made the connection that Rainbow and Twilight would be a good match. Then I came here and found all the awesome Twidash around, and knew I would never escape it. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Heh, nope. Flash in the human world is actually very careful around Twilight now. For reasons that will be explained in one of the upcoming chapters.

I've been taking lessons from both Pinkie and Deadpool on the fine art of breaking reality. It's fun!:pinkiehappy:

3273740 EVEN BETTER! then i can read at my own pace!

By all means, go ahead. I'm just glad to help out a bit :twilightsmile:

Yeah... The 30 moons from the movie references 30 lunar cycles... 28 days each, for a total of 2.5 years between the portal opening.

It would be far better for Twi to be utterly ecstatic about seeing her human friends for the first time after their goodbyes. Trying to bend canon with weird interperetations simply doesn't work. It also diminishes the urgency of the events of the film.

3274163 Essentially this, the time frame described here is a 4.85 year gap between the events of EQG and the fic. It just feels odd to talk about it being so soon afterwards. Even the "haven't had free time in months" thing is rather short for how long you have described with your time-frame sentence.
But a promising start nonetheless, I await more. :twilightsmile:

The time span of 30 moons is indeed 2.5 years... here in the real world. In the real world, we also don't have magical goddess ponies who raise and lower celestial bodies. Or seasons whose change is dependent on the labor of other ponies.

As I said when talking with The Letter J, there is no definite time reference in the show, but you see full moons constantly. So, if 30 moons is actually the time span between one full moon to the next, then based on the whims of Luna it could (possibly) happen in a one month period.

For all we know, Moon is what they call the first day of the week in Equestria (Like Monday, Moonday, get it? I'm hilarious). So 30 moons may have been 30 weeks, a little over half a year.

That is of course assuming that Equestrian year are 365 days long... something else that is hard to tell. Does an Equestria day equal 24 hours? Is Equestria a geocentric or heliocentric planet?!

As far as diminishing the urgency of the movie goes, I'd have to say that getting back a magical artifact that is one of Equestria's best means of defense, keeping a mare-turned-human from mind controlling a bunch of people to use to take over Equestria, and doing all this before the portal closes (keeping her trapped for 30 moons, which even it if was a month would leave Equestria without both a Princess and an Element of Harmony for that time) is still pretty urgent.

But yeah, I understand where you guys are coming from. And after chatting with The Letter J, I am going to edit the first chapter with a bit more information on the whole "30 moons" thing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the story! :twilightsmile:

3276577 I suppose you have a point, we don't know what type of system we are talking about, or even if the days are Earth day length or different. So I agree with your course of action to clarify the time frame, but that's all you really need to do, the start is promising and should get into some funny times soon.

Also, isn't this more anthropomorphic than human? I don't really see many human elements to the EQG universe other than that they are bipedal. Although the lack of apparent extra appendages (wings/horns) does suggest a more human aspect, but they are multicoloured too, so it's sort of both?


From my understanding Anthro suggests that the characters have characteristics of both ponies and humans. In the Equestria Girls world, aside from the power-up from the Element of Magic, they only really have human characteristics. Hands and feet instead of hooves, no muzzle, no fur, etc. As far as the different color skin thing goes... well, they'd all fit in really well in and episode of Doug :rainbowlaugh:

This looks good, MOAR :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:Please

At the end of the chapter, I imagined Rainbow thinking "Awesome.. the fun has been doubled"

I see someone beat me to the 'sixty moons =/= sixty days' thing.

You're correct. Anthro would be something like how they were during the transformation (with the pony ears/wings) otherwise human is entirely correct for the Equestria Girls setting.

60 moons = 5 years

Other than that, nicely done.

Already been discussed (multiple times), check the comments linked below.

3276577 There's another 30 you gotta worry about, SSJ. September 30th.

Chop chop! ;)

Yeah, I've always imagined "moons" is the Equestrian term for days. I don't know why I thought that, it just makes sense to me.
In other news, I think HRD got herself into some trouble.:rainbowderp:

First of all, you are a detriment to me getting anything done tonight. But I really don't care too much.

Second, I just noticed this comment down there about Luna and the lunar cycles.
The other idea I had that I didn't suggest was for Twilight to have Luna rapidly cycle the moon through its phases a few dozen times until the portal unlocked.
I think it could work, but the thing is, there's no moon-controlling princess on the other side. So I imagine that if Twilight did do that, she'd end up trapped in Humanland until the thirty moons were really up. Which could make an interesting story, but I don't think it's the one you wanted to tell.

Third, time to actually read these new chapters, and then I'll probably have more to say. :pinkiehappy:

Perveterd Ponywear

This can't possibly be Twilight's dream, it would never include something so egregrious as a misspelt header ;)

Honestly I could see the story ending exactly on this chapter, but I'm looking forward to the epilogue anyway.

I can't even... what.... Ugh. I know I should have gone over this chapter one more time. I'm more surprised by the fact that my spell-check didn't catch that, but what can you do?

Thanks for the catch, should be fixed now!

YEAH!! Awesome story! Wished there was more... I love this story!

Confession: my favorite part of this story was seeing my name in the author's notes :twilightsheepish:

But to be serious, I did enjoy this story on the whole. Though there were a few small complaints I had.
First off, I would have liked to see a bit more interaction between the two Twilights. I think the few seconds of overlapping Twilights in "It's About Time" show us that the Twilights' first reaction should be to question each other, figure out what differences they have, that sort of thing. And while that's really not super relevant to what you were doing with this story, you could have at least had Princess Twilight talk to human Twilight about her relationship with Rainbow. Something like "So why do you love Rainbow?" "Because this and this and this." "Wait a second. That's what I think about my Rainbow too..."
Second, Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. They saw each other and waved, but didn't bother to talk to each other? Sure, they're not friends like Twi and the rest of the gang are, but even Princess Twilight says that she would have liked to talk to Sunset.
Third, it seemed like everything was building up to the beach trip, but then nothing really happened there.

But that's all just my opinion. And again, I did enjoy the story overall, and I think you did a great job with it. You win an unspecified prize of some sort!

not much in romance but it was still good.

But that last little bit "“Huh, she was right. You do like it when somepony else takes the lead.” was EPIC! I was rolling

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