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Applejack and Rainbow are summoned by the Cutie Map to solve another friendship problem. But to their surprise, the problem lies on the other side of the portal to the human world.

Now, finding themselves as funny looking, two-legged, small-nosed, mostly hairless monkey people, the two are faced with some important questions:

Can they survive life in this brave new world? Will they discover what the friendship problem is? How long will they be stuck here? And just why do their human counterparts seem to not be getting along?

Written for the fifth Appledash contest, "Second Chances".

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This looks really good. I'm surprised I haven't read something along these lines before. Keep it up!

Interesting concept of a friendship problem IN the mirror world, though it DOES raise a question on why this hasn't been done in the show, or that fact there are very few stories with this concept.

Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing more!

This sounds like a great idea for an episode.

This is getting so very interesting! I totally can't wait for more. 😊😊😊💗💓💓💓💗

I've been hoping for a story like this.

Thank you! :twilightsmile: Though funnily enough, I've been kicking this idea around ever since EQG 1 came out. Only just now getting around to it :ajsleepy:

Well I guess the show writers just aren't as talented as me! :pinkiehappy:

...or more likely, EQG just isn't popular enough to justify it :fluttercry:

Still, thanks for the review!

Thank you!

seriously, Hasbro, if you need a new writer, just say the word, let's do this!

Thanks! Be sure to come back on Thursday for chapter two :raritywink:

I just hope it lives up to your expectations :twilightsmile:

I never thought I'd come across one of these types of fanfics again. Still this sounds and looks great so far! Really hyped to see how RD and AJ will cope in the human world, also if they find what the friendship problem is.
Keep up the awesome work:twilightsmile:

You have earned my attention good sir. Looking forward to the next chapter.

8337568 Maybe that's the twist! Maybe they never find out what the friendship problem is!

...is it too late for a re-write?

Ah well, thanks for the review!

Thank you! :twilightsmile: only two more days to gooooo

This is such a cool concept to explore and your writing is really good! I'm looking forward to read what's coming next! Good job on this one!

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it so far! :twilightsmile:
Only one more day until chapter two! :pinkiehappy:

Is "working on British time" good or bad?

Sorry, that wasn't very clear. What I meant was, I'm in a British time zone (so, GMT or BST depending on the time of year). I just wanted to clarify so people in other time zones wouldn't think I was uploading earlier or later than I had promised.

Time zones are confusing :pinkiecrazy:

We still have our Marks, right where they should be.

Oh, that's interesting. I wonder if anything will come of that information in an E-rated story.

Well... not to get your hopes up too much, but this will be a family friendly story all the way through. No "sex" tag here I'm afraid :fluttershysad:

Ahhh, I'm loving this!! I need more now! But I'll patiently wait :) Good job!!

Just remember. Good things come to those who...
...ah, you get the idea. Thanks for the review! :twilightsmile:

I've seen enough clone movies to know where this is going. However, to those who did not have to sit through them. (Rainbow x AJ) (Applejack x Dash)

....or maybe not :rainbowwild:

I have the story planned out start to finish and I don't intend to change things midway through, neither to change a twist someone guessed, nor to take an idea someone suggested.

If you guessed correctly, congratulations! :pinkiehappy:

If you guessed wrong, better luck next time :ajsmug:


Yeah, but I think in this case, something like this is going to end badly. Both sets of AJ and RD are pretty stubborn and I don't think that Apple and Rainbow pretending to be their counterparts to try and get their human selves back together is going to end in nothing but a lot of shouting and maybe some punches being thrown if they try.

They honestly need to get these two to sit down, even if they are stubborn, and hash this whole mess out. Get them to get down to the root of the problem that broke them up in the first place (which was Sunset when she was in bitch mode) and figure out how to come to some sort of resolution about it.

Either that or lock them in a closet and don't let em out until they've got it on at least once. Or get em drunk (In vino veritas or more commonly known, In wine, truth).

Man, this story is great! Well writen, good grammar.
Amazing story, can I ask for more?

Now I just have to wait patiently for the next chapter, thanks for writing this man.

It's an original idea, and it's great.

That's all very true. Very true indeed.
Too bad Rainbow's not the type to deal with problems by just talking through them :rainbowwild:

Thank you! I like to think I has got great grammar :twilightsmile:

And you certainly may ask for more! Keep an eye out for chapter five this Monday!

In that last scene you put s's where z's should be.

Civilisation - *Civilization*
Apologise - *Apologize*

That would be because I'm from Britain :) We use a lot of 'S's in the place of 'Z's, and you can expect a few 'U's to show up in places too, like 'colour' and 'humour'.

I'll try and refrain from any any British slang though. Would be weird to hear Rainbow calling Applejack a 'wanker' or something...

When I saw the scene where Applejack was writing a letter as A.J. to Dash, I was like, "Why is she trying to write a letter? Twilight could barely write anything during her first mirror trip. No way is this going to work."

Then I saw the letter scene and I started laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

Good job.

Bear in mind, Sunset was just able to read Twilight's writing in the movie. So I guess that means Applejack's writing is even worse!

Either that or Dash and Rainbow can't read so well...

Glad it got a laugh out of you though :twilightsmile:

Net that was Applejack, not Aj

Let the hijinks begin! :pinkiehappy:

Plottwist, Rainbow actually accidentally kissed Applejack instead of AJ.

Love the writing, can't wait for the next chapter, this might actually one of my favourite stories dude.

Nicely spotted! Glad to see people are paying attention :twilightsmile:

As for not waiting for the next chapter...

...Oh look! There’s a new one right now :ajsmug:

Well now. This should be....interesting to see, ESPECIALLY when Applejack and Rainbow figure out that neither one of them are their EQ counterpart.:applejackconfused::rainbowderp:

Or maybe they just won't care.:raritywink:

To those who say "patience is a virtue, get better at it", I've heard of a pretty good rebuttal: "it's a boring virtue!"
For example, chuggaaconroy said it in his Ōkami LP, when he was in Agata Forest, and my 16-year-old brother says something akin to it sometimes.

Anyway, I do like the idea of AppleDash; they do have the shared stubbornness and tomboy personalities (and with that, a preference for physical activities and a dislike for typically-feminine things, like fancy dresses) to make a relationship work, assuming something doesn't start making that stubbornness work against them.
Oh, and as for the 'two Rainbows/Applejacks meeting human parents' thing, how did Sunset and SciTwi explain the presence of "Twilight Sparkle: Dance Queen/Hero of the Bands" and talking-dog to Twi's parents, brother and sister-in-law/family friend? Why not do something similar here?

Rainbow trailed off as she suddenly hit an unexpected complication in her plan.

What do humans find attractive about each other??

...Ugh. At least Rainbow's predictable.

They're in too deep now! They gotta switch places permanently!

Several pebbles later, a light finally switched on and a familiar orange figure appeared at the window and opened it.

“Rainbow? Dash? Which one o’ you is that?”

“It’s Dash! A.J I need to talk to you!”

...That's the wrong one.
-A few paragraphs later-
F*ckin called it. XD

Or maybe they never figure it out! Maybe that's the big twist! :pinkiegasp:

I mean... it probably isn't...

But it could be! :rainbowderp:

A boring virtue is still a virtue :rainbowwild:

Funnily enough, I had considered doing more with the parents, particularly A.J's. I envisioned a scene where Applejack met them, but they mistook her for their real daughter, leaving her in a position where she had to pretend everything was normal while inside, she was on the verge of a breakdown. Sort of a more dramatic version of the identity stuff going on with her and Rainbow currently.

However, I was really torn, but I felt it was best to leave it out. This story is about Applejack and Rainbow at its core. I feel like focusing on the parents too much would take away from that.

Perhaps it would have been better to leave the parents out altogether, but I liked the idea of them being dead in one universe and not the other. This ended up being my compromise.

That's our Rainbow! :rainbowdetermined2:

To be fair to them though, their only source of information is Twilight's book. Even if they read it at all, I expect they would want to give the chapter gushing about Flash Sentry a miss...

When in doubt, kill the clone and take their place. It's the only solution that makes sense...

Congratulations! :rainbowkiss:

Bet you can't guess the next twist :rainbowdetermined2:


Well, that's the reason why I'm still reading this, now isn't it. To see how it's all going to go and how it's going to end.:moustache:

And what an ending it will be.:twilightsmile:

All in due time :ajsmug:

this is a intresting concept I can't wait to start reading it

I wonder what their reaction would be when/if they found out they went on a date with each other. And kissed hehe.

I can only imagine it being awkward.

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