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I'm an irritating fangirl who also writes. A lot of my stuff is sad. I am sometimes overly sex-positive, so if you are sex-negative, I might have called you an elitist taint jockey. Sorry about that.


They call it the Starlight Rose. Roseluck sells them at her shop, although she only has one a day.

Everypony has at least heard the rumors about what happens to those who buy the rose and sleep alone. Could one simple blossom truly bring secret fantasies to life, if only for a night?

Only Roseluck knows for sure.

(A collaboration between myself and Einhander.)

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Just one mane six couple. Shush, it's hardly a crime. :raritywink:


(Looks in pony statute book)

Uh oh.


I don't really see how a main six pairing detracts from the fic in any way. I think if romance is used with appropriate subtlety, it can be highly effective. :twilightsmile:

The price should be exorbitant, and instead it is nothing at all.

Rumor has it, that if you can find the Starlight Rose—and if you can afford it

Don't these statement kind of contradict each other? Does it cost money or not?


Excellent. :moustache: Second chapter confirmed the freebie rose.

I like where this is going. I like how you didn't instantly pair up Aj and Dash at the end of the chapter; as I was reading, I realized I was nearing the end of the chapter, and I got worried that you were going to have Applejack run out the house yelling "I love you, Rainbow Dash!"

Instead, this looks set to be very interesting, looking at other ponies with perhaps wanton desires. Despite the lack of an actual AppleDash romance going on here, I do hope you revisit Applejack again in a future chapter, if only to delay a relationship further. It would be a shame for you to leave Applejack hanging like that. Even if it's a rejection, I would like to see what she does next.

I think I'll be keeping more than one eye on this. I've not been reading much lately, but I know anything from you, Cola, is always awesome.

And Einhander as co-writer? Dayum. This needs to be featured already! :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, nice plot twist with Roseluck at the end! Except, how do they work if Roseluck makes them...hmm...:trixieshiftright::


What a :twistnerd:! :raritywink:

Seriously, tho, spoilers. We've got a plan and we hope it'll be fun getting there. :twilightsmile:

The mind is a truly wondrous thing. All it takes is a little belief for the headmeats to start going nuts.

Fantastic thus far. I look forward to more.

Also, "Muffins Galore" sounds like the name of a pony who'd try to seduce Derpy Hooves if she were a secret agent.

Wish self-fulfillment? She thinks the rose will make her dream of Dash... so, in effect, she caused herself to do so.

This is clever, 4183435 . I eagerly await more - I assume that other ponies will be covered as well... But I agree with 4183502 . I'd love to see another visit to AJ later on... or perhaps something in the background. Maybe, in between scenes, she's found her courage to ask. Maybe Rainbow might come in later after that. I can't wait to see :pinkiesmile:

I always love stories about mysterious shops like this, so I've already faved it.


Oh, AJ is going to be hit upon again, trust us. We've got a plan. :pinkiehappy:

Well... that's interesting. Certainly raises a couple questions about Roseluck's origin. Is she really just a normal pony? Hmm... :unsuresweetie:

:derpytongue2: :rainbowkiss: :trollestia: Oooh! Apple Dash shipping? Now I've seen everything!


"Muffins Galore" sounds like the name of a pony who'd try to seduce Derpy Hooves if she were a secret agent.

(Who are you?) :derpyderp2:
(My name is Muffins Galore.)
(I must be dreaming...)

Derpy Hooves


Secret Agent Double-O-Nothing,



(Doo. Ditzy Doo.)
(And what can I do for you, Miss... Doo?)
(Just a drink. An appletini, shaken, not stirred. And a muffin.)

(cue Octavia Melody belting out the theme song)
Gollllld-featherrrrr (wa-waaaa-waa!)
He's the colt
The colt with the Midas touch...

Starring the delectable Fleur Dis Lee as Muffins Galore:

(Well, well, the new Miss Galore. Where do you hide your brass horseshoes in that outfit?)
(Oh, I never carry weapons after business hours.)
(...how about muffins?)

It's the kiss of death, from Mister
Gollllld-featherrrrr (wa-waaaa-waa!)
Pretty mare, beware this heart of gold...

...and Flash Sentry as the villainous Goldfeather:

(Choose your next witticism carefully, Miss Doo, it may be your last.)
(Do you expect me to talk?)
(No, Miss Doo, I expect you to die!)

Ditzy Doo



(Now this one I'm particularly keen about. You see the gear lever here? Now, if you take the top off, you will find a little red button. Whatever you–, don't touch it!) :twilightoops:
(Oops... my bad!) :derpyderp1:


(This is my bank. The gold depository at Fort Trots. In its vaults are 15 billion bits, the entire gold supply of Equestria's royal treasury!)


(Thou were supposed to observe Mr. Goldfeather, not borrow his marefriend! Instead, Goldfeather hath gone off to the Crystal Empire, and 'tis only by Our sister's intervention with the Zebrican embassy here in Canterlot that thou hath not been imprisoned, banished, and imprisoned in the place to which thou were banished!)
(I just don't know what went wrong!) :derpyderp1:


Coming this summer to a theater near you.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist an opening like that. :rainbowlaugh: )

Huh. This is interesting. Honestly, given the theme, I'm surprised this was done as a teen-rated story. Not disappointed, mind you, just surprised.

I'll be another pro-shipping vote in the crowd, though. :pinkiehappy: AppleDash isn't my OTP, but Dash can be shipped with just about anypony.

And then there's Roseluck. Hm. Not sure I like the bait-and-switch that happens in 4000 words between the freaking prologue and the first chapter, but hey, I'll play along. :trixieshiftleft: Let's see where this goes...


Maybe, in between scenes

Subtlety like that would be absolutely fantastic. :rainbowkiss:

4183805 Have you seen a ChrysaLuna Ship? What about a Dragon-Changeling hybrid?

Very cool. I love the fact that the rose, at least in A.J.'s case, caused her to have so much conflict about her desire. But in the end, it was still something she came to value. I look forward to more!

4183974 ER MA GERD. YER HORN LOOKS LIKE A CERTAIN KIND OF ICE CREAM!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


Almost like the writers are playing intentionally with the trope or something. :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

Thanks for the comment! :pinkiehappy:


Thank you :twilightblush: I'm glad you like it so much.

4184076 What's sad is that I HAVE seen both of those.

I'm thinking that the purpose of this rose isn't necessarily to give someone a way to have the most AMAZING wet dream ever, but instead, it's meant to give them a new perspective on who they desire the most and maybe even give them the drive, the desire, to finally work up the courage to pursue that desire.

Just because you really, really want something or someone, doesn't mean you have the courage or conviction to actually try and get it, after all. Which is really, really sad in Applejack's case. I really hope that we get some chapters showing her finally working past her 'practical' mindset and following her heart. She deserves it, with as hard as she works. :pinkiesad2:

Yep. Just another in a line of comments by non-author users trying to make an author feel bad because of one detail they don't agree with. Comments are for critiques and analysis of a story as a whole, not petty insults.

Now, as for the story itself, it's cute. It's got a nice quaint feel to it that's emphasized well by the prologue. Not a lot of users write prologues to their stories, using a portion of the first chapter for that purpose. But after reading this, I might have to reconsider not including any in mine. It sets the tone for the story nicely beforehand, rather than having to do it on the fly, which is much harder. The overall writing quality is great as well. While I can't say it's an original sort of story, most are not this well written, and this was well worth reading.

Why did I start hearing "I'm not that girl" in my head when I was reading Applejacks thoughts about Dash?

:ajsleepy: Don't wish... don't start. Wishing only wounds the heart.

Love it Cola and Ein... will be following with baited breath.

Not for petty insults!?

I disagree...you daft pleb!!:twilightangry2:
Hamster spawning giblet!

(Other equally petty insult!)

Second chapters indented, first is not...me spots a separation in authors!:rainbowhuh:


Hopefully what Ein and I have planned lives up to the intrigue. :twilightsmile:

It's alright. Not for me but it's okay. Can't pin what's bugging me.... I think the shipping mixed with the "mysterious longing fulfilled by magic plot device" But hey, it's me. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

(Note: you may need more than a single grain. Salt will not be provided.)


Totally understandable -- if it's not for you, it's not for you. I do have a question or two, though.

* What if I told you it all gets explained by the last chapter? (I'm asking this question literally, as in, "Do you think this story will appeal to people more if it can actually explain why the dreams occur?")

* What if I told you the focus isn't on any specific ship for the first half of the story?

Strange... blue paint & glitter? Seems like a contradiction if the flowers really work. If they aren't blue, why paint them?

"...By any other name..."

If you're going to throw in this "mystery rose" then you better have a good explanation for Roseluck's behavior! Looking forward to seeing it!

Well I'm a U-boat. (Against all shipping and German) So it doesn't bug me that it's a specific ship, just mane six shipping is a bit stale.

And it's not the why it happens that bugged me, I think explaining that would be a bad move, you'd loose mystery. I'm just not a fan of the whole deepest desires exposed and lived through magical maguffin number 27#

Its like if I denied a love for ham, and then suddenly, because of a...a uh...(Looks at story rating) A magical toilet brush sold to me by a passing gypsy, I suddenly give in to my love of ham.

Plainly put, it works, but I'm not your audience. And let me tell you this now. While you don't want to exclude people, catering to a specific audience is your best bet. Play your cards close and leave it ambiguous until you want to *Snaps* have a big reveal.

Just don't drag it out too long otherwise people tend to get cynical.

But again...I'm barely a writer. So...*Salt*:trixieshiftright:

Final note. If you're going to reveal it. Have it be believable, but not overly plain. Overly plain and people might feel a bit...how you say...blah. Overly *magical* for lack of a better word and you'll loose some people. But...considering we're in a land of magical ponies, better to go too crazy than too plain.


The explanation's kind of out there, but I think we can write the tightrope between plausible and extraordinary. :twilightsmile: I agree with you, though -- it has to be something interesting, or else it just deflates like a balloon.

As for audience -- the idea came first, the genre after. I'm not trying to pander with it, I'm simply trying different stuff, and this is what I'm trying now. There's going to be low bits, high bits, funny bits (hopefully) and meaningful bits. The first chapter shoots for the low-meaningful combo but it's hardly the only place we're looking to go. :twilightsmile:

Hey don't tell me, and don't tell your audience. You're setting expectations you can't meet!:pinkiecrazy:

No matter how deep you make something, if you say you're going to make it deep it loses impact!

Spring it on people and it hits all the harder!

That's a roundabout and drunk way of saying don't say you're going to do something, just do it.

I'll keep an eye on this for now...despite my aversion.

Who the heck complains about AppleDash?

Come on, man, it even has the Mane Six marked. And Romance. What were you thinking was going to happen?

I liked the ending of this chapter, and look forward to the rest of the story.

Well, well, well. You've piqued my interest.

You had my curiosoty, but now you have my attention :pinkiegasp:
Upvoted and favourited :derpytongue2:

4183383 Don't feel bad I don't like Mane 6 shipping either but if others do oh well.

Your mother was a hamster!


You put a lot of effort in to that comment. It was brilliant! Bravo!


As much as I have absolute hatred of shipping the Mane Six with the other Mane Six, you put together a great story. You have my favorite and like. :applejackunsure:

4183861 There should be a fic like this.

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