A collection of mini-fics. Probably tastes vaguely of cinnamon. Void where prohibited by law. Batteries not included. Made in a facility that processes peanuts. A 15% gratuity will be automatically applied to parties with 6 people or more.

(aka, things that are too short to publish on their own.)

Most chapters were written with the Quills and Sofa Speedwriting Group, for assorted panics and other contests. Wanna know why so many of our stories keep being awesome? Come find out on our Discord, we're sane, I promise. Mostly.

Individual chapter content warnings (if needed) and brief summaries as follows:

  1. A Hobby For Roseluck: Contains Roseluck trying to learn a brand-new hobby amidst a crisis. Feels like watching the sun rise in a quiet home.
  2. A Different Sky: Contains Pharynx and a young Ocellus learning observation skills. Well, one of them is learning, at least. Also contains Completely True Shrimp Facts™.
  3. A Normal Poem about a Normal Pony: Contains a very bad ending, from a certain point of view.
  4. Things That Remain: Contains the aftermath of a terrible fire, Raritwi, and the little things worth saving.
  5. Her Latest Model: Contains Twilight's adventure as she searches for Rarity in the Carousel Boutique's basement, but finds something far worse. Also contains mentions of death, definitely animal and possibly pony.
  6. A Drink for Fluttershy: Contains a dire warning for giving a pegasus too much to drink. Also contains the implication that Twilight may or may not be having an affair with half the library.
  7. Unusual Wingspans: Contains Celestia comparing pegasi's wing shapes to birds.
  8. Everyday Chaos: Contains Rarity+Twilight+Octavia+Vinyl polyamorous fluff, and a distinct desire for leftover waffles.
  9. Somepony stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence - Contains a not-so-quiet moment with Vinyl, traffic, and late-night thoughts.

... the sheer amount of pre-readers and editors will be long and ridiculous. Probably includes The Legendary Bill Cipher, Zontan, Lofty, Red Parade, Moonshot, Stynger Skies, themoontonite, Regidar, Wishcometrue, Drider, Schattendrache, The Hat Man, Seer, Flashgen, ZeroMonkey, Skye Jr, Nailah, Krazy, and Dreamer Deceiver. Just putting the whole list out there... and even that's probably missing someone. If I missed you, I apologize! (Thank you, speedwrite server, for all that you do)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 21 )

Ooh! Whisper anthology…

Very Shel Silverstein this

Why make new friends when you can simply upholster your existing ones?

In a way, it's like recycling, right?

by the way, your comments give me life, thank you for existing you beautiful person

Huh. I am a bit conflicted with this one.

As a short little vignette, this one really did not do much for me. There is not really enough context or development to really grasp all that is going on. That being said, I certainly would love to see more of Sweetie-Bon and not-Rosemary's DEA exploits in something longer that can give the story's plot room to "breathe"

Now I'm hungry for bread...

Cute ending. This reminds me of when my school mates house burnt down and his friends/classmates made a fundraiser to help him.

Well this took a turn from the previous chapter of Rarilight

I'm glad you liked it! It won first in the panic contest it was in. ^^

This one was so good. Congrats on the win!

Thank you! I really liked your entry! It made me laugh.

Wow. Fluttershy is a mean drunk.

(Nickelback - Burn It to the Ground)

a few rare hummingbirds


I’m bracing myself for the day I meet a penguin!

I could imagine a rookery of penguin pegasi (pegawins?) living in ice-bound fishing villages in the northern Crystal Empire.

Now thats an interesting idea

A rather nice little SoL

Then, Vinyl would crank up the noise to drown out her rightness, and flip through stations until the words blended together into meaningless sound.

The unbearable lightness of being...

Hypnogaja comes to mind:

(Hypnogaja - Worship Me (I'm On TV))

Busy with your empty life
Still don't know just what to try

I can be all that you need
I can can answer all your dreams

I feed off of your despair
Follow me, I'll take you there

Worship me
I'm on TV
Tell me you love me

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