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I'm an irritating fangirl who also writes. A lot of my stuff is sad. I am sometimes overly sex-positive, so if you are sex-negative, I might have called you an elitist taint jockey. Sorry about that.


is it wrong to hate and fear humanity · 5:33am May 15th, 2021

my wife tells me I can bring joy to others

my wife says my words bring comfort

maybe I no longer believe the world is worth the risk of helping, because humans are fundamentally predatory.

so if the world fundamentally betrays you, what would make you want to share those things with them?

serious question. trolls and bullshit gets deleted and reported.

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A Few Lies Later · 10:31am May 13th, 2021

(this didn't feel like a chapter proper but might end up one eventually. just getting it out so I can actually try to sleep myself :applejackconfused: )

The memories always returned. AJ didn't figure that was ever gonna go away. How could you forget family?

And yet, how could you survive remembering they were gone?

Some nights, though, she could stop herself. "It's just bad luck," and she lets herself stop.

Not tonight.

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slice of life microfic in one of my settings · 3:54pm Jan 26th, 2021

Twilight sighed. "You do amazing work, Rarity. Even when you're just setting up beach chairs for the attempted relaxation."

"Well, darling, I can't take all the credit. The lovely little Supersprites handle so much for me, I can't help but owe them thanks."

Twilight shrugged. "Still, it's amazing. And to think they were a pest before."

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well, this should be interesting · 9:34am Jan 26th, 2021

issues? as if, this lass has a feckin' subscription.

story ideas are terrifying and frequent lately. very unnerving.

for me. :rainbowderp: :pinkiecrazy:

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clich├ęd as fuck · 5:22pm Jan 24th, 2021

Writer's block.

I hate those words because they're so damned meaningless when what truly blocks you is the world.

It's not even exactly the writer who feels like the problem. Can't write because of this person you know, or that one you knew. What if I express something some rando will gonna attack me over? Or send some fuckboy SWATter friends at me?

What if I'm gonna look like an absolute arsehole, or BE an asshole?

I hate indecision. Yet, I am indecisive to the point of hyperbole.

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"calm down" · 10:43pm Jan 14th, 2021

dear "let's all just calm down" types: why are you all making anger political?

this isn't about politics. it's about human rights violations. human rights violations aren't pistachios or something, they're just bad period.

be against genocide as a human who could easily have their comforts ripped away, for all individuals are; they simply ignore it as long as possible. so count yourself lucky if you're just now figuring out the shit hit the fan.

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A Crushing Weight, Soft Feels, Grief · 4:58am Jan 9th, 2021

I promise this is not a bad post in the end, but it goes bad places a bit. And it's about non pone areas of the internets, so be warned. (And political shit is mentioned. I'm not looking for a "debate", debate, or even a conversation about it. I'm not even looking for feedback about the Nazis, and please don't start. If you start, I'll understand what weight to give your word: None. You don't know how to follow directions or honor simple requests. You will tell me you're either a human wasting

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How My Brain Doesn't Work · 10:28am Jan 5th, 2021

I literally have a story on here that I can't remember the middle of unless I forget the beginning, and can't remember the end of until I forget the middle and beginning.

So, y'know, just another day in dis-association! Ha ha! Uncomfortably true.

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So Strange · 9:09am Jul 15th, 2018

...to visit a place I don't really come by any more.

It's like there was a whole other me here, and now it's less me?

I don't know how to describe it. :twilightsheepish:

Well -- I did see a few things that poked a few old memories. Maybe I'll end up writing something new; stranger things have happened.

Stranger things have happened.

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Ponysona · 12:01am Oct 30th, 2017

So, goofy time: This is a blogpost just about my ponysona, Cola Bubble Gum. I was thinking about her the other day and kind of fleshed out stuff that I 'knew' was true but hadn't really ever thought about, so I wanted to post it here. ^_^

(I know this is a weird update, but to hell with it, I'm a weirdo!)

Cola Bubble Gum has a big family, of a sort! Her mom Tutti Frutti Gum (a unicorn) had three colts before she married Cola's dad, so Cola grew up with three older (half) brothers:

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