Spike takes care of Twilight the best he can. She's sick, but he knows she'll get better and everything will get back to normal. But first, he needs to feed her.

Thanks to my editors Cerulean Voice and Soundslikeponies for all their wonderful help!

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Pokonic #1 · Feb 24th, 2014 · · 3 ·

You glorious bastard.

H-holy shit. That was something else. :rainbowderp:

I did not expect you to come up with something like this, Bob. Nice job. :twilightsmile:

I'm scared Bob. Hold me.

A very dark, almost frightening take on what seems to be a post-apocalypse setting. This seems to be an exercise in both the Dark genre and plot-driving by way of a single character's dialogue, and I think you pull it off pretty well. I figured out the ending early on (but that's mostly the Tragedy tag's fault, not your writing), but it still creeped me the hell out. The one point of criticism I can make was that this might have worked better if it was, say, twice as long. Give it a bit more time to develop, maybe, and then the ending would have had a better impact.

Still, an enjoyable read.


Creepy times are here!

Loved it, man.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well this just jerked me dry.

You magnificent yellow sponge.

That was pretty okay right there.

Well, in a twisted way, you held true to the promise of the chapter title.

A most enjoyable tale of denial and desperation, though one in need of some editing. Still, thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I think I shit myself.:rainbowderp:

Well... That was something...

Comment posted by wille179 deleted Feb 24th, 2014

But as Spike descend deeper


A match and candle were all he needed to offer sight to himself once more.

Why does he need the match? Did he forget how to breathe fire?

Pinkie was the first one in that part of town to get sick.

I wonder how Pinkie made zombie cupcakes that turn you into an actual zombie. Also wondering what happened when Discord ate one. Chapter 2?

Damn, his own finger. They got expensive diets.

Woah, Spike's gone off the deep end :twilightoops:

Hoh shit. That's a thing that just happened. A dark, good, scary thing. Nice work, RainBob.

3993706 No... he's infected too, you see. :rainbowderp:

So Spike's gonna cut off his fingers so he doesn't get sick and then feed them to Twilight and Dash?


Damn. Just, damn.

This is one of those stories that could use a little more meat on its bones. The most obvious question to ask is what about the other alicorns?. I'd imagine they'd be a little more careful than Twilight, and the Crystal Empire's natural cold would prove a valuable defense. Nevertheless, I liked it, but it could have used a little more.

Oh, Spike. You should know by now that you want to crush the damaged appendage away, not cut it off. Use some pliers for Celestia's sake!

Really, you're going to bleed out if you keep that up.

He would make a fine Governor

How long has it been since this first uploaded? 2 hours? Now it's already in the popular stories box...

But it is bob so of course it's good

THIS. This right here is what I have been searching for for a while. I just wish it were longer:fluttercry:


THIS. This right here is what I have been searching for for a while. I just wish it were longer

That's what she said.

I hate you. I can't sleep now.

Cryo, you fucking win.

This should have been longer.

Spike... I'm real sorry... but I've gotta do something for you...
Don't worry... It'll be over quick.

Well... that was different. A good different though.

Aaaaand here comes the nightmares for tonight. :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, yes, a wonderful read just after midnight. I think I'll lie down with a few nightmares now, thanks.

There's so much beauty in the dirt it'll make you cry :raritydespair:

In the dark ... somepony farted.

3994962 you monster

3994790 maybe... say 8 minutes after midnight?

3994005 EVERYPONY IS INFECTED! except for me, of course. Because I washed my hands like a big boy.

Goddamnit Bob, how do you do this? How do you pull at the heartstrings like this? Are you a *bleep*ing magician?

It was a forgotten classic of our age.

Well okay then.

"Chapter 1: Everything Gets Better Eventually"


Well, that was disturbing. :pinkiehappy:

lets see what i was thinking while reading

at the start- waiting for the messed up zoms

introducing twi- ah there they are

describing twi- ...neato

mentioning RD- ...spike better not try and feed her to twi

describing RD - disturbing.

describing RD's wings- ah, there's the feels.

me to the end - I'd still love zom zom dashie. I'm faithful to the end!


Bob can we have a happy RD fic now?


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