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I think fluttershy has gone mad :fluttershbad::pinkiecrazy:
Also Is celestia and Luna dead?
Good story also :moustache:

Hang on...Fluttershy's gone round the bend, I get that, obviously. But there are two...slightly bothersome questions.

One...is she hallucinating the day/night cycle? Because if she isn't, at least one of the Princesses must still be around.

Two...how did Twilight get from the library to the bridge?

This… this is actually rather scary.

This story gave me chills... Good story none the less :rainbowkiss: A little creepy... but good! One thing I have to ask though: Is the whole Equestria dead that includes Celestia and Luna? Did Fluttershy ever try to check other towns to see if there we're survivors? It would be nice if you explained that in later chapters... And I do hope this Fluttershy finds at least one survivor and doesn't stay as a crazy person alone :fluttercry: Also, where's Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity? So many questions

Plunge the world in fire. What remains will be Fluttershy's PARADIIIIIISE!

Oh man, I knew Pinkie was off her rocker, but Fluttershy? Creepy.

I demand more. :rainbowkiss:

Whoa, chilling story! Also I love your cover picture, had to do a double take there, really creepy stuff :P

This is rather creepy, in a disturbing way. But still good, I would like to have more, if you don't mind me demanding.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2:

Wow talk about a Grim cover picture, not too mention the story. Yup she crazy :pinkiecrazy: still feel sorry for our little Fluttershy though :/


This will appear in my nightmares. The sign of a job well done.

And, for no particular reason, I'm reminder of the world's shortest horror story, suitably adjusted...

"The last pony on Equestria sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door."

....is it wrong I really like this?

I am so tracking this...

Somebody HAS to be alive... I mean, Rainbow Dash?! Rarity?! People in Canterlot, Las Pegasus, Manehattan!? THE PRINCESSES FOR DARNS SAKE?! This story better not end with Fluttershy dying alone, telling Angel "it's going to be alright" . :applecry:

Oh dear god, that last bit... :twilightoops: the feeling it leaves...

seriously, the prelude and first chapter could even work as a standalone story.

Kinda got an "End of Ponies" vibe from the description, kinda get an "End of Ponies" vibe from the writing, but damn it all, this is glorious.

For me, this is pretty scary. And I think it's because I could actually see Fluttershy doing this if everypony died.

That was fucked up. You are fucked up

Well she is quite, quite mad. Not sure where your going with this, but it this is one messed up story.

Alright, I'm making three guesses as to what's going to happen: 1) Fluttershy realizes that everypony is dead, and kills herself. 2) It was all a bad dream. Or 3) she's actually insane and has imagined literally the whole thing.

I'm hoping for number three— has just the right amount of happy and depressing— but my money's on number one.

I hope I never read anything like this ever again. You are a fucked up person to wright this.:ajbemused::pinkiesick:

This nearly made me cry I just wanted to help her. you are very good at pulling at heart strings and I am somewhatt cold and uncareing at storys like these but this one got to be goood job.

Jeez this is fucking twisted... but I'm still reading it... mouth tastes all sour but I want to know what's going to happen to Fluttershy... At least she's getting stronger physically :applejackunsure: Well if your intention was to write a messed up but interesting fic you've succeed. Waiting for more.

This is by far one of my favourite stories.

amazing, that is all i can say about this story.:eeyup:

i nearly cried at the end, CRIED, thats ome damn good writing. damn good. :moustache::raritycry::heart:

This story.....In germany we would probably say "Alter......"
Don't get me wrong, it is really good, but really sad as well and rather psycho. I'm really curious what happens in the end, so keep on writing.

Really, really twisted story but I can't stop reading, there's something morbidly fascinating about seeing Fluttershy build this dream world and slip in an out of it as the cracks show and have to be patched up, wonder how long before it all comes tumbling down?

I don't… I don't even know what to say… although I'm guessing Othershy is the sane part of her that knows what's going on, although I suppose it's a bit obvious, innit?

I see no way for this end well. Maybe Angel took the right road out.

I enjoyed it very much, and the fact that it didn't have a happy ending made it more solid, depressing, but very interesting.

Fluttershy did a sonic rain boom?! :yay::pinkiehappy:

Don't worry everypony! Everything will be fine! Later Fluttershy will find a way to go back in time and save Equestria! After all, nothing ever goes wrong in Equestria... :pinkiecrazy:

884187 Redundancy is bliss. :moustache:

If it doesn't interfere with your plans, you should add a chapter that shows the rest of the mane 6 in pony-heaven (or whatever you'd call it) and how they react as they see Fluttershy.

No of course not, silly! Dashie did the rainboom!
Of course...she needs to work on her landing. Good thing Fluttershy was there to fix her up or she could've di-NO! She wouldn't die! She'd be sent to a special...hospital in Cloudsdale where she'd live the rest of her days!
It would be sad that she left, but everyone would cheer up very soon! :pinkiecrazy:

The plot thickens... how long until Fluttershy realizes what's been going on?

The sun has been setting and rising right...?

943913 That's the thing. She does. She's just willingly casting herself deeper and deeper into a hallucination borne of denial, that Othershy is trying to break.

Oh, frick. This is beyond messed up.

...Loving it! :pinkiecrazy:

She is in so deep, in her own mind. I wonder if she will ever get out. Probably one of the darkest fics I have read. Very tastefully done though. Kinda has a Twilight zone vibe.

Someone explain the problem with Spike? Did she never find his body or what? Other than that, this is becoming horrifyingly horrific in every chapter. Great job!


Discord got vamped in the hellish onslaught of the meteor too?

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