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Ever noticed how almost nopony knows how to properly discern between tracks and favorites?

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Holy shit this is meta.....so very meta....


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Holy shit this is meta.....so very meta....


You win. for all the weeping I have done, you win. :heart:

Of course, you know this means I'll have to track it.

My lord, this is win.

Totally tracking this.
Can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

...must... to... track...
Hell, I've laughed a lot. Good thing you've got here. Very good "story".
No, really. I liked it.



So deliciously meta.

I've favorite'd this ... so that when you update it, I'll get an email about it.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

thank you for this, i've been wondering how to fav for a while now
...i can't believe i never noticed that syar...:facehoof:

Any more fics like this and the one of yours that's currently featured on the way? They're bloody brilliant.

Completed, you say? Tracking :pinkiecrazy:

Nor have you noticed the "edit" button it seems :pinkiehappy:

I have a good excuse for "tracking" a story rather then "favoriting" it, the reason? my dumb phone doesn't show the damn star!

To be fair, the "Track" button serves essentially the same function; has a much bigger, more expansive page to allow browsing through works; and is far more obvious and notable than the Favorite star. It seems like mere decoration with no text to denote its function. Track, however, has a fairly obvious function and is even tagged with words to make that clearer. It's actually no surprise folk track more than they favorite. It's actually better, and demonstrably so.

Do I break some unspoken taboo if I don't track this? :unsuresweetie:

I think I love you? :rainbowhuh:

>inb4 tracked a million times

Well, I have seen people add extra chapters or epilogues or teasers to stories that have been marked 'Complete'. So tracking does serve a function there.

Unlike SOMEPONIES I know, I am able to favorite completed oneshots all properlike.

Also, lol 69 views!
/blatant immaturity

Wow... Okay, I've just realized where the fav button is... after 4 months or something like that... I feel stupid now...

I simply track everything I'm going to read later. Even if it's finished.
Yep, that's me.


I think people use tracking to form a 'read later' list.

Every part of that short story was amazing. This is worth tracking.

345872: Thats actually a very good idea.:moustache:

Wait -- that star is a control? I mean, I heard about people 'fave'ing stories, but I never knew what that meant since I never saw any 'favorite' control. I even asked what that meant and no one responded. :ajsleepy:

...and yeah, I often track things that are complete to read them later.

:facehoof: It's funny and sad at the same time due to how true it really is.

LOL! Your sense of humor is very unique, can't wait for more stories from ya! :pinkiehappy:

And it's true, we some of us just give our thumbs and then immediately track the story from force of habit, not even checking to see if the story is Complete or not... or more often than not... simply not caring. :applejackunsure:

(...sheepishly looks around to make sure no-one noticed my automatic track...):twilightblush:

Woot! I love this story! And to show you how much I like it... I shall track it after reading this completed story!

i'm tracking this...

I think we're missing a point here. No, not the, a!

Awww... now I feel bad for tracking stories that I don't have time to read :fluttercry:

I'll track and not favorite a one-shot sometimes if only because it all goes on the same list (according to the individual's choice list.)

You do realize the track function is often used for future reading... right?

Regardless, this is a brilliant... can this even be considered a fic? Well, whatever it is, it's brilliant.

It actually took me a month to find the favorite star, lol.

...tracked (and starred)

Ok shut up I got a mental disability!

Just kidding.
Or am I? :pinkiecrazy:

Good show, favorite

I laughed at the sheer realism this story presents in such a comedic fashion. I normally am not a huge fan of comedy, but this should be posted up as a guide to using the website.

346142 One thing I forgot to "put" in this fanfic is a feeling that both you and I share; the fact that almost nobody seem to give a good comment. Just "ME GUSTA" or "NO ME GUSTA".

346151 Me no gusta that. =(

345785 That pretty much sums it up. That little star went completely unnoticed by me for the longest time, just quietly blending into the background, whereas the "Track" button stood out perfectly, and served the exact same function.

But now that I'm aware of the "Favourite" button, I suppose it serves to separate the stories I liked from the stories I really liked.

Nice. I had no idea what favouriting was, but I can't seem to find a LOT of things on this site, even after reading the FAQ repeatedly. >_>

Hah! This is metafanfiction at its most trenchant.

Hmm... I read once that favourites were removed because they were basically the same as tracks (or at least, that is how people used them). I admit I hadn't noticed yet faves were back.

346248 knighty and Poultron are thinking about removing the favorites because of that fact. I used this to... "raise awareness", if you may.

I get that all the time. People track my finished story instead of favoriting it. It's kind of weird.

I often track completed one-shots becuase I find the idea interesting but I don't have time to read them at that moment, and I can just come back to it later. The point of favouriting is to show you really like a story, which I won't do if I haven't read it yet.

I created a profile just to track this

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