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After another dull day of practicing, Octavia feel like she need a well-deserved rest. When Lyra invites Octavia to check out a new club that opened in town, the mare politely refuses. But Octavia will soon find out that the body also has its own desires.

[Cover image by spazzykoneko]

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I enjoy these. I hope you will continue.

Sadly since this was a oneshot it didn't quite have the relationship development that I typically like to see in Vinyl and Octavia fics, but this was still very good. :twilightsmile:

are you from norway? or from enywhere of scandinavia?

oh, the songs name sounds like its from some where from here

Actually Jura the drink, unless it's real, was first mentioned in Coffee Gurnts Allgezza. And TCTAG just took it too, but lots of artists do.

If there were a way for me to express how much I love this fiction.....It still wouldnt be enough. ever.


The music additions you added truly did it for me, it brought me right there into the club with the events transpiring all around me.

Having been to a few raves as of late it felt familiar and fantastic all the while I was reading one hell of a good fic.


Definitely in my top ten favorites of all time at the moment.
Plus. you used my favorite background character, Berry Punch.


Jura is real. Isle Of Jura is one of the higher quality Scotch Whiskeys. My Dad swears by it. I've never tried it, but fully intend to next time I have the opportunity to lay my hands on it.

The love part killed it for me, I just don't see it happening that fast. Infatuated maybe, but not love. Though what the hell do I know so whatever. :derpyderp1:

Great story.

2470794 This is so old and badly written. I sincerely feel ashamed of this story. :applejackunsure:

umm...white noise? Is there something I'm not getting here???

This was probably written before the community decided she was called Vinyl Scratch

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