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It's the eve of the 992nd Annual Prom, and Crimson Brass is nervous about asking his very special somepony to the prom. He finally gathers enough courage to ask Twilight Sparkle out, and is excited that the mare agreed. But another unicorn seems adamant in ruining what Crimson thought was going to be the best night of his life.

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...and now I'm depressed.

At least write an epilogue where Twilight sees Crimson years later or something and reconcile.


Wow, that was just sad :raritycry:

Pretty please could you write an epilogue?

I feel bad for liking this story :twilightblush:

Actually, no I don't :pinkiehappy: It's very well written and it's explains alot :yay:

*Quibbling lip* That does it, Im not reading sad stories anymore!

5 stars, my man. That was brilliant.

I completely loved This story. Im nearly crying:fluttershysad:

Could you PLEASE write an epilouge? That would make us very happy!

That was so sad :fluttercry:

WOW, Twilight is a real asshole.

For the record, I don't really think Twilight would ever actually be like that, knowing her personality, but I loved the story none the less.

Gah... not another story that makes me want to hate Twilight! :fluttercry:

Loved it regardless, would love to see an epilogue even if its just "they never see each other again and every one is depressed" the cloture would be really appreciated. :twilightsmile:

That was... Very tragic. :fluttercry:

I'd like to think it was the poison joke that made Twilight act that way, but, I think that might've been partly the way she was before she knew how to make friends and moved to Ponyville. She used to be one of the shy, quiet ones who was bullied or ignored, and without a constant, strong enough support to help anchor her (which Crimson would have been if she gave him enough time and chances), all of that hidden pain lashed out and made her do unto others what had been done to her.

I feel especially bad for Crimson himself. I wonder what happened to him after this whole ordeal :twilightoops: I hope somewhere down the line he finally did find real love, or at least found some form of happiness.

This is extremely well-written! The dark atmosphere, painfully interrupted promises of hope and biting social culture reminded me of that classic film "Carrie". I love it! :twilightsmile:

It has been a little over 11 hours since I read this story and I have spent most of that time thinking about it. The last story that made me think about it this long was Ships That Pass in the Night and its sequel The Three Notes, both of whom were Romance Tragedies. As such I have spent a good deal of this time comparing them to Want It; Need It! , and I have come to a new opinion. I do NOT think there should be an epilogue!

Why the 180 in my opinion you ask? Well its simple, you can blame it on Ships That Pass in the Night and The Three Notes. You see Ships That Pass in the Night, like Want It; Need It!, had a vary sad ending while leaving you with a shred of hope. Its that hope that that you cling to, its the thing that allows you to stand tall and say "things may look bleak now, but as long as there is hope things can work out." So that's exactly what you do, allow that hope to fuel your imagination and you make your own ending. Sad endings just crush that hope and leave you depressed. Happy endings typically wrap things up to nicely so you cant make up your own ending anymore, this typically makes the stories easy to forget as well.

Btw if you like Romance Tragedies you should check out Ships That Pass in the Night and The Three Notes


I do NOT think there should be an epilogue!


326547 Haven't been a fan of epilogues for a while now. Every time I think about a story having an epilogue I just think back to Ships That Pass in the Night and The Three Notes. The Three Notes was basically the epilogue to Ships That Pass in the Night that took the sad path, and I ended up depressed after reading it. Its always funner to imagine your own ending. :twilightsmile:

Woah, another greatly written fic!
Loved it, but I'd like to see epilouge, just so the story wouldn't end so much on sad note...

329843, 318367, 316681, 316453, 316406:

"Every picture tells us a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it."


329995 OK, fine you win, no epilogue needed :twilightangry2:


His story. He decides if it needs an epilogue. Personally, I like it like this. :trollestia:


Nope.avi, it is not ending til it is truly a ending.

330692 Then write your own. I'm fine with this one.

:pinkiegasp:omg it wuz amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:


I almost cried.

380413 Damn right you are. :ajsmug:

Thank you~ You are the best as well :pinkiehappy:

380434 Aw, you flatterer, you. :twilightblush:


Ain't flattery if it's true :ajsmug:

I recognize this quote from somewhere. However, trying to Google it just brings me back here. :facehoof:

385690 American McGee's Alice's Cheshire Cat.

Do you mean me, purrrrhaps? :rainbowlaugh:

P.S. I'm gonna read your story later. Hope I won't regret it if it's as sad as comments indicate... :raritywink:

:pinkiecrazy: First game, or second? :pinkiesad2:

Tagged to read later, but it will probably be a while, I've read too much sad pony fic recently.

This is alittle to much to ask but can we get a chapter where crimson meets twilight in ponyville?:raritydespair:

I don't think an epilogue would do this story any good, it would be rushed. This kind of confict needs months or years to be solved, not a single night. This kind of stuff leaves a scar too deep to be healed in a single day of talking.
If I may ask, a good way to make people happy would be writing a full story, using this as the first chapter. Could you do it? I would be very happy to see it happening.



Except for the part about writing a complete story. I'd rather "stick with cannon" and leave Crimson Brass to rot.

But leave him to rot is kind of too much. He doesn't need to be with Twilight. What keeps him from getting laid whit anot-IDEA!

The episode left Crimison traumatized, so he decided never to fall in love again. But he breaks his own promisse years later, falling in love with [inset mane six/oc here].

There, now we only need someone to write that. (I cant; already behind the scheldule with my fics.)

385808 Well, feel free to write it whenever you want to. Not wanting to sound rude, but I'd really rather leave it as it is.

Great story. Awesomely depressing, nothing like a horrifying betrayal to sink your spirits. All too often I read fics that rely on death to pull heart strings. Nice to have a good change of pace.

Interesting concept. I don't know but I can't see Twilight being that mean, even as a kid. But still well done.

Just...:facehoof:. How could Twi be so stupid?

Brilliant story. Fav'ed

386129 I know what you mean- I still think that Twi is a bit OoC myself... but it had to be done in order to make the story flow.
(Does it count as Deus Ex Machina?)

Brilliant Story. I can understand why Twilight did that. She was DESPERATE for friendship, so she took it to the extreme. We saw her crack like this in Lesson Zero, before.

A few nitpicks:

There's no such thing as a "Stud Stamp". They're called Cutie Marks, regardless of the Pony's gender.

Luna doesn't possess any of the elements. They were kept in the old royal castle in the Everfree Forest.

386465 FYI: Don't care. Used the name anyway.

Quick question. What is a closed tomb? I'm sorry, I'm a...little bit of an airhead :derpyderp1:

386773 Wait- where in the story did you find that?
I guess it means like a mausoleum... :rainbowhuh:


Crimson's stud stamp, I was wondering. Sorry, should have said that first. Like I said, air head :twilightblush:

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