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Vinyl Scratch. Nowadays, she's usually just called DJ PON-3 by most of Equestria. Vinyl hadn't always wanted to be a DJ though. In fact, a few years ago, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. It wasn't until she went to the Canterlot Academy for Artistic Ponies that she found her calling and her destiny. Follow the story of Vinyl and some of her classmates from an outsiders perspective as they complete their school days with very interesting yet happy results.

Some may call this stereotypical TaviScratch (the name I prefer for the couple) but I like to think I gave it a more believeable background than most of the others I have read.

Feel free to leave feedback, as long as it isn't intentionally hurtful. Keep in mind that I wrote this without a pre-reader or an editor due to circumstances. I may chose to do a revamped version of this story down the line, but for now, I'm happy with it.

Marked Teen for my description of kissing. Kids dont need to be reading that stuff.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 15 )

The chapters are too short. Otherwise, very nice and charming story.

Good story, overall I liked it, only problem was really that it's a little to short, but oh well, good story all th same:pinkiehappy: .

The plot thickens... Not in that way ya pervert!

I like this Vinyl. So far she's a lot calmer than others imagine her to be and a little shy too, which I think is adorable.


Well, that certainly escalated quickly :derpyderp2:. Generally, you're supposed to ask someone out on a date without dropping the L-bomb.

That being said, it's cute.

Pardon me for any spelling errors, I'm using a nook and it's next to imposible to type. I'v noted your apperant lack of pre reader(s) and I wish to of assistance. If I can help shoot me a messge.

Very good story, even though it was short, it was great.

This sounds very interesting. I can't wait to read more.

How did you know?!?! (HEY, you were all probably thinking it too!!!)

Fillies and Gentelcolts... it is time for Good Vibe's review of "Scratching a New Octave"
And at the beginning of this fic we're already off to a good start. A like how this story manages to incorporate a somewhat personal connection between the musical duo before they even officially meet. That personal connection being the way Vinyl got her cutie mark. That being said I feel like this idea could have been a bit more developed and explained a bit more thoroughly, but I like the concept. It too cute! Another great detail in this story is the relationship between Pinkie Pie and Vinyl. I absolutely ADORE :rainbowkiss: the idea of Vinyl and Pinkie being good friends and I generally like the way you portrayed their relationship!!! Alrighty... enough stalling...lets get to the good stuff. The relationship between Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. After I finished reading this fic I noticed a crucial detail in their relationship. This fanfic started off with their relationship going REALLY slow to REALLY fast! They weren't even very good friends before that train ride and all of a sudden we're getting love confessions and they're even sleeping in the same BED!!!! That being said I didn't HATE it so much that I would shame this entire fic. On the contrary, I enjoyed this story very much. I thought of it as a cute little story that did indeed do a good job of portraying certain aspects of the characters.

I give this fanfic a.....
Make of that what you wish. (But just so you know i really did enjoy this fic and I wish you the best of luck in the future!)
- Good Vibe

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