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The End.... But Not · 6:00am Sep 10th, 2019

That’s it my little bronies, gen 4 has reached its close. It’s sad to think that the show that brought us all together has come to an end. But just because it’s over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. The show is done but we aren’t, we have ideas, stories, and yet more to come. I for one will continue to write gen 4 stories, and I look forward to gen 5, and the fan fictions I will make from it. This is not the end of Brony culture, just a new chapter to it. And to ours Successors who find this

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oh.. ok, sorry :ajsleepy:

I told all of you to PM me the info, I can count on one hand how many of you listened

Thanks for the effort :twilightsmile:

Hopefully soon, I’m working on the chapter, but I don’t generally have time, school, work and responsibilities. But I will get it finished, I’m approaching the end of the chapter, so that’s good news.

Any idea when you breath taking story get the next update?

Your a amazing Author.

Hello there! Welcome to FIMFiction.:pinkiesmile:

If you need any help figuring out how the site works, don't be afraid to ask. I'm always happy to help, and we're all glad that you are here!:twilightsmile:

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