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Instant feature inevitable.

But of course! It's RainbowBob!

Oh boy! Lyra!
Now if only that Rainbow Bitch would stop blocking my perfect view of her, I could achieve maximum overfap

God....dammit, Bob. This is genius.

Best. Clop. EVER!

YES! About time!

~Skeeter The Lurker


I've been sent by Diarch to see what all this clop is about.

Commence reading...

Dat cover image

i need source page of that image.....

Plus, one of them always seemed to have a Trottingham accent.

That was the worst Simon Cowell reference I've ever seen. That was absolutely dreadful. :rainbowlaugh: this what art looks like

Apple pie...

I see what you did there.

“I know she has a nice oven and all, still, I rather get it there sooner than later, sis,” Big Mac replied, kicking at the ground.

Hahaha yes this clop fic is amazing

lyra is my favorite background pony, 3rd favorite out of all, and rainbow dash is my 2nd favorite pony. Its about time they have been shipped together

Looks like I'm going to taste the rainbow

:facehoof: that line is so good and so bad it fits so well and so wrong

2783208 I don't can you explain it to me

interesting fic but i liked the idea of lyra and rainbow finally being shipped together

Again, a fic that needs to lose the goddamn romance tag. This is a good story but it's just sex, there's no relationship at all going on here. Not that's a problem, it's just annoying to be expecting otherwise and then have a inching toward rape scene.

Rainbow x Lyra?

I support this fully.

Mac wants to put a baby in Rarity's oven. :trollestia:

Lyra is the new Cloud Kicker, it would seem.

dear god I got to say you sir are the best silly clop fic writer i have ever had the pleasure of reading :yay:

2782730 It appear you have some work to do Kaidan, and in every position possible
Great Fic, this will remain in my favorites.


I'm speechless. Like, literally. I finished reading this two minutes ago and apart from 'thinking' stuff and blabbering crap, I wasn't able to produce any intelligent sounds.

Recommended to me by the man himself, Kaidan, this was my first ever clopfic. I wasn't sure were to start; first impression of a new region is always important for me. He called this "the best clop ever, and I don't say that lightly". While I don't know how true that line is, considering for me this is with being the only clop yet both my best and worst clop at the same time as of now, I can definitely see where he's coming from.

Under normal circumstances I would comment on grammar and story context, and I do remember two or something spelling mistakes in the first half, but after the first big turnout I just turned my brain off and started holding my E-Reader with one instead of two hands. Commenting context in something like this is basically the most redundant thing possible.

So thanks for this... 'introduction' to clopfics for me. Definitely enjoyed it. Twice.

The white trail of his seed soon found its way to Dash, quickly coating her face, mane, and the front of her dress with cum.

I have noticed the positions of all involved don't quite match up. If Lyra's throat was securely wrapped around cock, Dash would not be in a position to get sprayed with cum like she did. She would literally have to dive in front of Lyra, just like all those action films where someone dives in front of a bullet. Now imagine that in your head, Dash diving in front of a jet of cum, only for it to hurt her, splattering everywhere.

We don’t want you getting pregnant now without a condom, so anal is the only way to go.

I always liked the term "filled cunt" or "stuffed pussy" over "stretched ass". But that is my personal preference I suppose.

“Sweet! I call top this time!”

In all these fics, Lyra is either naive about sex, or a complete and total deviant, there is just no middle ground for her.

Given the eccentric personality the fandom seems to give her, it's only fitting for her to be a top girl rather then a middle grounder.

Lyra is just so binary in this respect, there is no middle ground like the attitude the is given to Bon-bon.

You never cease to disappoint you magnificent bastard.:duck:

I came. I saw. I came.

Freaking A bro. faved:heart:

The changes in tense were a little off-putting. You're rapist Lyra was... interesting, though very fitting.

The only thing I can't believe is Rainbow Dash not screwing more often.
You can't possibly mean that there are ponies who are >not wanting to cum inside Rainbow Dash.

"Come on my little pony" IT SAID IT. THE TITLE!!! HA HA :pinkiecrazy:

GOD DAMN IT LYRA! Rapist kinky sex crazed musician. How DARE you do that to Rarity's dress!

When Rarity walked in, I was expecting Rainbow to at least say something like, "Lyra! How dare you ruin Rarity's dress!"

I honestly faved this just because of the cover image. After reading it finally, I must say I should have read it sooner.

This was a good story indeed, very detailed and sexy. I loved it. :-)

so when will we get to read bou lyra on top?

btw. this is faved

chapter with rarity please! :rainbowwild:

Author Interviewer

I don't even. See also: avatar.

This is one of those fics I come across when searching random words.

And while it was an interesting read, I won't add it to my faves.

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