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This was a good story/chapter. I liked it a lot.
Have all my stars!

What's with the romance tag?

Cute. Feels complete, but marked as Incomplete. Is there more to come?


That was awesome!

Wait... where do ponies keep their bits?:derpyderp2:

*looks at romance tag*
*looks at incomplete tag*

Hmmm, I'm not sure where this is going - but I do have a wild guess. Great story author, I'll keep a track of this in case this isn't "all she wrote." :rainbowkiss:

177199 The same place were Spike put's his quills and paper. Also his gems. It's stored in the same subspace that holds Optimus Primes' trailer when he trailer when he's in robot form... :rainbowhuh: What?

177227 What the hell I'm I saying?! :applejackconfused:

Oh man. This story.
Must read for the sake of reading this story because this story is this story and this story is an awesome story.


This is great! One thing: "dearth" means "lack," but you used it incorrectly as synonymous with "wealth," which is what you meant.

Easily 5 stars. By the way, I hope Twilight would never cheat and use magic in order to win the bet ... :twilightsheepish:



Heh. Veeeeeerrrryyy interesting.

fat ponies? why is this a thing? the socks I could sort of understand... I mean when you go around naked socks alone somehow make you look more naked...

I loved this, but it left me feeling kind of... depressed because of Dashie. Hopefully there's closure.
Aside from that, this was a lovely read!
Thank you, I'll be tracking. :ajsmug:

This might be a little odd, but I adore chubby ponies.
Yep, I said it. :rainbowwild:

I foresee TwiDash in the coming chapter(s)? That's always a nice thing to look forward to.:rainbowkiss:
(There's one or two words missing a letter or two but that's all I see in terms of grammar)

Hahaha that was great.:rainbowlaugh:

Incomplete, huh? Tracking..!:twilightsmile:

I forsee BranchDash in the future...

Do. It. now! :pinkiecrazy:

Chubby ponies? I honestly don't remember any stories dealing with that before... The premise alone makes this worth reading! :twilightsmile:

Save for a few typos this was a great read. I'm looking forward for more, I really want to know how Twilight lost that weight!

Totally tracking, I need to know how twilight lost all that weight magic?.....exercise?......BOTH?


The sock thing is borderline fetish. This is just a story of a fatflank pony. Fatflanks are canon, unless you forgot the little guy in Cheerilee's class with a fork and knife cutie mark on Family Appreciation Day. I call him Fatkins, on account of him being a fatflank.

Now Twilight is fatty, this is the story of her struggle to find her inner self somewhere amongst the fat! It's touching, chubby, and inspiring!

Actually, it's mostly just pretty damn funny.

oh so she perfected the batter spell I bet she's fatter than ever

what no details? did she come up with a treadmill? did she literally use magic to burn the fat?


She probably read the book Rarity had. Either that, or illusion spells. Doesn't sound like something Twi would do, though.

Great chapter! Looking forward to more.

I bet the rating is going to go up when we reach chapter two. Unless you're going to cut that part. :ajsmug:

A plump Twilight Sparkle...

I like this idea more then I should...

Thats what I thought too.



Yeah, thanks. Now he/she's legally obligated to leave that part in...


Most likely. I secretly hope for Rarity x Twilight (How do you call that paring?), but seeing how "Dash having fetishes" (or "fatish" in this case... I'm horrible...) is the norm, I think the chance is slim... Pun unintended...

178343 I'll give you a hint. It's not Rarity. There's a complete version of this story, but I won't spoil it.

Where's the Fluttershy? YOU'RE GOING TO INCLUDE ME!! :flutterrage:


We'll wait then :3

Edit: Now I'm thinking this story will build up to a horrible pun...

I think it is going to go somewhere like this from now on *Ahem*:
R.D takes A.J's insult very seriously, and goes back to her house depressed. The others haven't seen her in a while, and are getting worried. Meanwhile, R.D is extremely depressed for some reason. Fluttershy decides to go see R.D to see what's wrong, but finds the door locked so goes through the window. R.D (being already angry and depressed) ends up assaulting Fluttershy, but when she realises what she has done, she quickly leaves the incapacitated pony outside the Hospital. After finding out what happened to Fluttershy, the other 4 go to R.D's house, only to find she isn't there, or so they think. They shortly find her laying dead with a knife next to her
Everyone gets depressed and A.J commits suicide thinking that all this was her fault.....

Or they could all have a arm (Leg?) wrestling competition. Fluttershy ends up winning. Then A.J and R.D make out

Here is how it goes, rainbowdash and yoda are about to have sex when yoda goes

EXCELLENT! Easily worth 5 stars. MOAR!!!

...Why does chubby Twilight look more like an actual pony than normal Twilight?


Serious answer: I think it's the mane :3

"Her man was already sticking to her sweaty scalp"
This is the best typo I've read all day.
Also, I'm calling illusion magic. Or a quick-fix potion/spell with downsides...

178343 Twility? Sparklity?
Imma go with Twility, it sounds better.:derpytongue2:

Magic? I'll give it about a week before it backfires.

My god, you've gotten fat. :coolphoto:

Since the whole reason she had the problem in the first place was due to mixing magic and baking, maybe she whipped up some spell to give food negative calories or something. The more she eats, the more weight she loses.

I haven't read it yet but damn it, if the description is anything to goi by I had an idea like this but with Pinkie being the fat one.
Ah well, at least I didn't start writing it :rainbowwild:

Some crazy book regime.... I think. I hope it's not magic..

Ok, just so I'm original: I think it's another pony who painted itself in Twilight's colors for cash... :derpytongue2:

Prior to even reading this... that little chubby twilight picture is one of the cutest looking things I've ever seen. I'll say more after I get back from reading.


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