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All the Cow in Applejack's farm go missing, and while it starts there, soon, Cow's all over Equestria start going missing! Applejack asks her friends to help her discover why. Meanwhile, Big Mac seemed to have been bringing in a lot of bits in for the farm with that new "secret" job of his...

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Ahh... the fourth wall... it hurts! Do you know who has to keep on fixing that thing?

Anyways, I like this story. Is funny to me.

I think it might need a dark tag if it's what it looks like, but I guess I'll read to find out.

After reading, nope kind of meh though... Who do you think you are Pinkie Pie on Speed?

Your use of comedic Quasi-Meta is interesting. It's a style I could write pages about, though I'll refrain from doing so as I'm only really reading this to get a better feel for your methods.

Once again, an interesting concept that would be fun to see come to fruition. The afforementioned comedic Quasi-Meta is a good way to free yourself from criticisms aimed at characterization while your attempts at describing classic visual gags are similarly granted freedom of simplicity.

However, there are noticeable instances where the grammar pushes beyond even the leeway allowed it by your choice of writing theme. I'll get back to that later on as I continue to delve into your works in progress.

I like my beef, ham, and chicken raw

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