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I wish!!


Itachi Uchiha finds himself, not in the after-life like he thought he'd be after stopping Kabuto; But rather instead, in a hospital room. As... A pony?

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In his ever so limited free time he receives after long hours of slaving away to clean Twilight's library, Spike plays video games.

The most recent and popular was sent to him by his surrogate mother Princess Celestia! What will he do though- when his life seems to turn into an actual video game?

Coverart does not belong to me!

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One dope smoking stoner was not expecting to suddenly be ejected from his world, and into another with a foreign form. Bad news? Friends are gone. The good news? Unlimited weed!

But what's the point of smoking without friends?

Jude went to sleep one night completely balls high after blowing a grand on dope from a, let's say 'semi' shady dealer, and his personal plug.

Out of literally nowhere, Jude is suddenly a pony, and in a whole nother world. This, is a story about a dope head trying to find his way home, stay high, some how keep his ability to spawn dope. One blunt at a time.

Amazing picture not mines, but the crappy edits on it are done by me.

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I was once a human. Now I'm a really strange pony. I think I'm a pony anyway. Ponies don't have weird eyes like mines though.

I don't know why this is happening. I miss my friends and family.

Above all, I think I miss my sanity. Will this nightmare ever end? Will I be set free?

Maybe it'll get better.

Suddenly struck by a car, tragedy ensues as 'Screwball' tries to find out what happened to him, and why was all of this is happening.

Rated "T" for language!

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Sasuke Uchiha, no longer an avenger after the end of the war has lost his purpose. There's nothing in this land left for he. All the Uchiha were dead, including his brother. With nothing left, after the fourth Shinobi war- He suddenly finds himself waking up in a strange new world with a strange new foreign body.

The winds of change was among the barren wasteland of no home known as the bad lands.

And perhaps Sasuke will find a new purpose in it.

Or perhaps he'll just kill stuff. Ninjas do that a lot.

Alternate Universe! Equestria was established, but not completely at peace yet... Already up for adoption, for anyone wanting to continue the story and has a good amount of writing skill.

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"Either I'm tripping balls, which is possible since I took quite a few hits... Or this is all real. And I'm a kid again. A pony one."

Max gets the unfortunate- Or fortunate experience of suddenly finding himself in Equestria as a colt after doing a lot of drugs. How will the teen turned child handle a second child hood? Will he make friends? Will he survive with his addiction to drugs?

Probably not.

(T for language, mentioning of drug usage, and sexual mentionings toward young ponies.)
Tags will be added as I go along.

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Discord has seen it all.

Discord has done it all.

Discord has made it all.

Or, so he thought.

Discord is a slave to the elements of harmony. For whatever he did, he could not directly harm the bearers. Princess Celestia made sure of that.

Discord has never been subtle. He decides not be predictable anymore. He decides the best way to harm the bearers were from the inside.

As a Pony.

A God is among them.

Takes place at the start of season 2!

This story is already up for adoption, someone to make it better than I ever could can take it!

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Jaded Destiny has long awaited for the return of the world's legendary and most powerful inhabitants. For they are the thing that will bring him the power he wants. But the true power, will come from the Elements of Harmony...


I am Jaded Destiny. You may be wondering, why am I doing what I do? (Or maybe not.)

It's simple. Why not? Equestria- This world is a magical land where so much chance for power is going unheeded because everyone- Not just Pony- Is skittish. No one wants to risk anything.

Content with the way the world is going, boring-- They desire nothing more.

...I will not stand for such a meager existence.

I've got nothing to lose.

Let the games begin.

(Coverart doesn't belong to me.)

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Naruto finds himself in the world of Equestria without memory of how he got there or even how long he's been there, he tries to find his way home. Unfortunately, he's trapped in a rather peculiar form...

The mini monstrous nine tailed chakra manifestation form.

With nothing else to do, he sets out on a journey to explore this place named 'The Badlands' to find his way home and get back his original shape. Maybe he'd make some friends.


Maybe not...

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Give gifts. Give Life.

A term only heard a few times in my short life time. Yet, applies here so nicely.

Killed before my time, I live a second time! Even stronger than before!

...Even if I am a tiny unicorn.

God, that is sad.

This is the tale of Toby, a boy brutally killed before his time due to an unfortunate accident. In this 'thrilling' tale Toby comes back to the living. Strangely in a new world, with even stranger inhabitants. To go with this, he has the ability to use unknown magic not even Discord knows the orgin of, a pair of ghostly crimson eyes of the Death reaper himself, and the body of a little filly known as Pumpkin cake.

AU world! I decided to do a different take with a new main character on my original story "Have we been Foal'd?" which I may or may not update soon!

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