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Fluttershy gets invited to the biggest dance in all of Ponyville. Since she doesn't know many stallions in town, she invites Spike to go with her. However, the dance is known to be a very romantic event, leading everypony that finds out to mistakenly think she has feelings for Spike.

Soon, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Spike try to figure out why Fluttershy likes Spike, and it devolves into an argument on who should be "shipped" with which pony that makes sense, and soon it unravels a string of secret romances, weird secrets, and more in a parody of the world of shipping.

Minor characters will be added to the character list as new chapters go up.

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I can tell already this is gonna be good, but weird for Spike:moustache:

Hmm... I'm intrigued to this scenario. Can't wait to see the cloppy scenes and such, continue please!


Let's just say this is just a gateway into a lot of other things. It veers wildly into a bunch of different directions, not just about Fluttershy and Spike. I think I should say that because as soon as Chapter Two you'll see what I mean.

Even though he will always be my Spikey Wikey, I can't put him through that yet. And..."

Spike you still in buddy! maybe. But im cheering for you!

And AJ let your brother have a gf his a big guy he can take care of himslef and if he likes her then whats the problem.

Dude this story is to funny. A little heart breaking since im a big spike rarity fan. more when Spikes a tad older but yeah.

I like it. :pinkiehappy:


It's more "why are you hiding this from us? We're your family and you should be open with this" than anything.

DUN DUN DUN. :pinkiegasp:

842274 yeah i can see aj angry over that.

I have read a lot of funny fanfics, but this the first one that made me literally laugh out loud! :rainbowlaugh:


What parts? The only part I thought could be deemed hilarious was the line about Rainbow Dash never dressing in style. That wasn't even something I had in mind, it just came up.

I like the way you mock the shipping including ridiculous ones like Cherilee X Twilght I quite enjoyed the scene on the drawing board when they showed a bunch of the shippings.

This.....is going to be interesting. :twilightsmile:

Will their goes my hope of Spike and Rarity.:raritycry: but the story is still down right funny. :pinkiehappy:


Personally, it should still happen in the show. But something tells me SpikeXSweetie might actually happen along with FancyXRarity...after seeing those pictures at the end of A Canterlot Wedding...

Ah, who cares. Even if it does, that's not going to stop fanfictions pairing Spike and Rarity from being written.

861538 yeah i hear you. I hope they do pair them up in the show. I mean its a kid show but hey. All it takes is celestia forbid the last episode of MLP FIM to take place years in the future.

But if not we have down right funny and awesome fanfiction to read so im ok with it.

I really love how you resolved the whole Apple family discussion.

And Spike x Sweetie Belle?

This story is cute.Looking forward to the next chapters.

So.... Fluttershy asks out Spike who has a crush on rarity who is with fancy pants and has a sister Sweetie Bell who has a crush on Spike who's older-sister/mother/boss has a thing for Cherilee who is dating Big Mac who is oh no i've gone crosseyed:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy:

Great chapter! keep it up!

Aww he just diched fluttershy:fluttershysad:


Oh well. Sometimes being cross eyed is better. In :derpyderp1:'s case it's the reason why she's popular.

Anyways, I promise I won't drive so much crap down your throat in such a short time at once. Not that I thought it was a terrible chapter, but now that the first climax is over it'll be much more simpler.

And personally, I view Twilight as Spike's older sister.

This is a interesting love polygon


At least Fluttershy is still best pony. :pinkiehappy:

Ponies make great rockets but now what about Fluttershy is she going to be a rocket to whoever she admires.

...whoa, nuff said

Or you could just give Pinkie Pie a cupe of coffee. In fact, I'm probably going to make a oneshot about it after Shipping Wars is over.

And Fluttershy would never be a rocket, she would just hug you so tight you start a drinking game where you take a shot after every bone broken. It's a fun game to play when you want to forget.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH B-B-B-Busted Big Mac B-B-B-Busted!!!!!

It's pronounce Cheerliee.

Since when is Twi Princess Luna's love assistant?


I was wondering that as well:rainbowhuh:

I guess I have to go back and reread some chapters.

Minor issue with the ages, but Cherilee was never Rarity's teacher. It's implied that the two were actually classmates, as a filly that looks remarkably like Cherilee is in the play during Rarity's cutie mark story. Eeyup. :eeyup:


It's supposed to be a slipup. (FUTURE SPOILER ALERT)

It's later revealed taht Luna is in love with Twilight, that's why she wanted to make it really memorable, and the Guard knew it and called her Luna's love by accident.

...is it a major issue? I could change it if it's a major flaw, and I was thinking she was Rarity's teacher after that flashback--screw it, once I figure how to save and edit here I'm changing it.

Rarity you blabber-mouth, that's why she's my least favorite pony.

storm was nice idea for the story:moustache:

So many twists, sir you are great!

875094 Oh, it's not very hard. Just go into the chapter, hit the edit button, make your changes, then you can either click the little save button up top (where all the font buttons are and such) or just press ctrl+s like you would on microsoft word. :pinkiehappy:

But other than that problem, did you like that last chapter?

877065 But of course. It is definitely a decent parody of the shipping wars and the crazy shipping trees that fandoms come up with.

Good, with one teensy error....

The teachers' name is Cherilee, not Cheerlie.


After Chapter 6 is up, I'll be fixing that error soon enough.

"He's as small as a filly, as he's just as mature as one"

He's more mature than the main six mares half the time and more mature than RD and Pinkie 90% of the time.
He's carry more responsibility than than he should be and he's under appreciated by the main 6.....

I stopped reading real fast after the whole apple family thing...

AJ shook her head. "No, you can meet up with anypony you really like. But you have to tell us next time."

This is when big mac should've said "Why the hell I need to tell you MY BUSINESS."

Because frankly that's not their business and its not his duty to inform him who he's with.

Great, but I found one error:

Don't worry, I won't throw you unprepared, like I know you fear."

Perhaps it would be: I know you like fear or like I know your fear

Otherwise it was very good, I hope to see more, and to see the cliffhanger resolved :pinkiehappy:

My understanding was fancy pants was already married, and im sorry but I dont see sweetie bell and rarity that much as a thing really. Spike has every trait rarity wants and I personally think they need each other.

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