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Wingman... :facehoof:

Thumbs up, good show etc.

great story all the way and that last line just killed me!!:rainbowlaugh:

Way to ruin it Lero. Now she's going to be fuming ... course, she's still tied up, so a bit of massage might get that tension out of her.

Ok, first thought... what the fuck does "Contains *cough cough* achievement of personal satisfaction." mean?:rainbowhuh: No really I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.:twilightoops:

That said, marking this to read later... haven't gotten to the first two stories yet.:moustache:


At long last, the search is over: we have found the man without a dirty mind.

It's a highly euphemistic way to say "they have sex."

Contains sex scene.

All I can say is that the only way this could've been awesomer if this had been part of the original Xenophilia story.

Which it ought to be.

3056815 That's what the "Complete · Mature · Sex" is for! I thought that was some kind of warning about the motivation or mindset of the author while writing! It... honestly never occurred to me that it was related to the "Explicit Sex" rating of the story.:twilightblush:

the was pretty damn steamy :rainbowwild: and that ending had me rolling :rainbowlaugh: great stories you put up for the leroverse :D

Dat Ending!


Well, it was a continuation of several not-adult stories, as well as the first adult story he posted, so I think he wanted to make sure there was no confusion.

I think it has been awhile since Xenophilia had any clop.

how many months has it been since there was some new xenophilia clop? and lero Is a lucky bastard.


I'll read it later but I had to say it.
Fi-fucki-nally someone wrote actual cloppity-clap in Xeno universe. I was starting to forget about how much of such content is in original fic.


This was good, although I was hoping for more talking and bonding between Rainbow and Lyra.

ending had me chuckle

*snigger* Right in the middle of sexplay, and she fixates on the Wonderbolts? DAMN, but that mare is obsessed... :D

Ok, the only way it could have been more awkward is if she actually turned out to be a changeling

That was amazing!

Great role-playing and Lyra in uniform ooh yea.
Hoozah for Lero's acting skills I think I see another rising star.

Not a fan of the Rolling Stones then? "I can't get no... satisfaction."

Also, ending is hilarious

Lol the hairless, flightless ape gets into the Wonderbolts first:trollestia:

a 'third wing'

I know this is a bit late, but shouldn't that be "fifth leg"? Since that would be a catch-all term for any pony tribe, as well as fridge-brilliant when you remember that most single stallion herds only have three mares, therefore meaning the usual 1M herd has four all together, and a hanger's-on would be the fifth??

Pegasi are the only tribe that lives in a place that's physically inaccessible to the others (temporary use of cloudwalking spells aside). I imagine they'd have some distinct linguistic touches of their own that wouldn't carry through to the others.

3424847 Aye, I understand that, but it seems to me that you wouldn't use a term that's kinda tribally exclusive to describe somepony from a different tribe.

If she grew up in Cloudsdale (as it seems she did), I'd think Rainbow Dash would have gotten used to using the pegasus idiom rather than the more general one. Since that line's coming from her perspective, it uses her idiomatic style.

3425076 Mayhaps that be true, but she rarely uses idioms and the like that are pegasus-centered in the show, nor does she do so in Xenophilia, last I checked. So all I'm saying is that I don't know. Besides, the usage of fifth leg just seemed closer to third wheel, yet good for any tribe. Never said you had to make a change for my sake, after all. :duck:

Well done!:pinkiehappy: I was wondering when Lyra would get some more page time.

OMC buck that ending lol best ending ever:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::yay:

3425108 Ok, kind of late to the party on this one but it was after my first read so I'll take a shot anyway. I imagine ponies wouldn't use 'fifth leg' for the same reason we use 'third wheel' instead of 'third leg'.(giggity bigpenisjoke giggity)

5055849 While true, I will hazard the guess that you've never read the book House of Scorpions, by Nancy Farmer. They use a five-legged horse as an example of something that can't work properly due to a horse having achieved its most perfect form of locomotion with just four; the fifth is unneeded. That had been part of my inspiration for the line.

5057588 Nope. Never have. I always draw on the most common and widespread elements for my understanding of cultural phenomenon. I tend to read and watch unusual things leaving myself on the outside of popular culture looking in. In sort when growing up I eavesdropped on people and reflected on what I heard to approach the issue logically. People, collectively, will usually go for the guttery-est interpretation first. The vast majority will connect extra leg in relation to any male with big dick first and second. First being he has a big dick and second being he is a big dick.

5057676 Eh, then that's just more proof that I'm abnormal, lol

I like to make jokes. I work in an environment that's so rife with opportunity to make jokes (especially of the bad and pun varieties), so I make them on a daily basis. It's just that if I make a joke, then I make sure people can tell, because I talk in such a calm, measured tone these days, that it's sometimes hard to tell. I treat posting comments and the like on the internet in much the same way: If I'm telling a joke, I usually try to put emphasis on it or do something to make it obvious that I'm doing so.

Plus, I read a lot of things that are mainstream, and a lot of things that aren't. Maze of Stars is a pretty damn good Science Fiction novel I've read that only like one person I've talked to about Scifi stuff has read, and that was after I'd told him about it! At the same time, so many others have also read books such as Ender's Game and the like. For every five books I read, no matter the genre, only two are usually recognized by other people when I quote, reference, or outright mention them.

As for the reference to The House of the Scorpions, it comes from a section where the main character is caught while running away from his family by a shrimp-or-something-like-it factory, and he gets forced into working there, like a bunch of other orphaned boys. The people running the place are using this story to explain what the kids are to the rest of the world. "You're that fifth leg. You don't fit in with the rest of society, so you're cut off. That's why you're here." But the main character argues that you could just chip the horse, and turn it into a Safe Horse (which would die of thirst in the middle of a drinking pond if not told to drink), therefore taking less time, effort, and money to operate, as well as forcing it into complacency, letting it's master lead it without it being rowdy. He says it in such a flippant manner that it manages to make the guy both creeped out and angry. It was a good political debate simplified for even a young teen to understand about society. Do we cut out/segregate the unruly, unneeded mass, or take all freedom away from everyone just to lessen that one group's continued resistance?

Great story. Really captured the characters and their attitudes. Not many authors can keep me interested in a sex scene when I'm not looking to clop, but you did it very well.

Oh, that final punch line!

3381945 Necro as fuck, I know, but...
Humans are GREAT flyers, it's not hard to fly. It's the landing we suck at, never figured out the 'controlled' part, always go straight to the crash.

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