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A My Little Pony one-shot. It was a normal day in Ponyville, and the citizens were going about their day, that was until Dragon Lord Ember crash-landed in Sweet Apple Acres with a message: "My dad... Torch... attacked us..." Whatever is causing this great dragon's rampage, the Mane 6 and some close friends steps up to this challenge!

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Plagued by insanity, the Ice King writes away his ever growing loneliness by creating the perfect crossover fanfiction. His original characters meeting canonical characters from another franchise? When has that ever been done before? So many new and original ideas at work thanks to the Ice King's creative genius.

Adventure Time timeline placement: Somehwere in Season Five before the episode Betty. (S5 EP48)

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic timeline: Season 2 Twilight before Canterlot Wedding

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After a disastrous adventure, Finn and Jake find themselves in Equestria, populated by colourful ponies, with Finn transformed into one too! After meeting the heroes known as the Mane 6, they get to know each other better, while something stirs in the Crystal Empire.

For Adventure Time: set after Come Along With Me. For My Little Pony: set after Season 7, but before My Little Pony: The Movie.

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Once upon a time, in the mystical and whimsical Land of Ooo, there lived two self-proclaimed sisters. The oldest, a Demon tied to the Setting Sun, and the other—younger by just a few years—a Vampire Queen.

Together they could do anything. And so, they embarked on an epic quest: To bring the sickest, gnarliest licks their guitars could produce to the unsuspecting people of Ooo.

And possibly save the world if they felt like it.

(Art by DustySculptures)

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The world saw the purple comet, and very few knew what it was. Twilight Sparkle was one of those who had no idea, so she decided she was going on a trip to get some answers. With her friends at her side, she sets her sights on the Candy Kingdom, believing she is prepared for anything.

But evil brews in the Candy Kingdom, and she is far from the only individual to have seen the comet. Ancient secrets are about to be unearthed and mysteries from very distant lands will rear their ugly heads. Meanwhile, a ragtag group of misfits is going to go on an adventure. Because what else do you do in a world like this?

Seven separate cartoon worlds have been fused together into one to create this story.

Theme song:
World Map:

Contains the following franchises: My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, Wander Over Yonder, Infinity Train, Gravity Falls.

Cover by Hoodwinked MCShelster

Has nothing to do with Songs of the Spheres.

-GM, master of Synthesis

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The Merchant Strikes again at an adventure time convention! A guy named Adam Max is dressed as the psychotic magic man and buys a handmade "magic" Magic man hat from the merchant and is sent to Equestria as magic man. Thing is, he has all the powers and is only sorta insane. Also, he soon learns he can also be Gunther, BMO, Prismo, and Peppermint Butler. Chaos ensues, and discord is only in a few chapters.

Don't ask me how I came up with this, it just came to me.

Magic man, Peppermint Butler, BMO, Prismo, and Gunther/Orgalorg owned by Cartoon network, Mlp owned by hasbro.

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Everything seems to be okay. A whole year has past since The End of the End, and Equestria has finally found peace.

In fact, the whole multiverse has entered a period of prosperity. Nothing could bring it down.

Unless of course, some cosmic being decides to take pieces of each reality and place them all together.

With the opportunity to save or destroy the universe, two sides are selected to battle it out. Who will come out on top? Will alliances stick? Can friendship keep these rascals together, or are we just doomed?

Slightly based on the marvel comic of the same name
Shows included
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
Star Vs the Forces of Evil
OK KO Lets Be Heroes
Teen Titans
Miraculous Ladybug
And more down the line

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Finn the human, one of the greatest heroes in the land of Ooo, is alone; in a new, unsuspecting world with none of the hardships and pain from his own. He must find a way to fight his past and prevent the arrival of a force; strong enough to wipe out species from the face of planets. And he will do that by any means necessary, even if it costs him himself.

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After a glorious battle, Finn and Jake have earned a long rest in their treehouse. Little do they know that Magic Man sent a portal into their doorway and sent them to Equestria! Obviously, hilarity ensues.

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The story follows Jinn Hubert, a kid who had a special gift within him, and the government wishes to abuse that gift "for the good of their country". Luckily, the parents of Jinn caught on to their plans and escaped to Canterlot City to start over with Jinn making some new friends. Eventually, he was pulled into a citywide Card Wars card game with two sides warring with each other for complete control over all; The Crusading Wondercolts and The Servants of the Tiara, they fought for a relic that could ensure that special control: The Goddess Card.

But when magic that has leaked out of the portal to Equestria enters the fray, everything changes; the creatures, spells, landscapes, everything in Card Wars becomes real, not only that, it also earns the attention of the government, the same one that was hunting Jinn. The fate of Canterlot City and maybe even the world rests solely on the shoulders of Jinn and his special gift. Let us see where Jinn's road to greatness takes him.

A crossover of Equestria Girls and Adventure Time's Card Wars card game and a parody of South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox 360.

The story and gameplay is based off of the Card Wars Kingdom phone app.

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