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This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

For two years of their time, they traveled the Realm, fighting off Venger, Tiamat, and other assorted demons. Now three friends meet up once again, in another fantastic realm. Eric, Bobby, and Presto think their adventuring days are behind them, but there may be one more surprise in store for them!

This is a crossover with the Dungeons and Dragons animated series from the 1980's, and is a Hasbroverse story, taking about two weeks or so after the events of United We Stand, in late 2012. I own nothing.

Chapters (2)

The Lone Wanderer has been known as the man who shouldered the nightmares of every man, woman and child in the wasteland, so that they may live. But when the Wanderer was once again abducted by aliens, he found himself falling, quite literally, into a whole new wonderous world, untouched by the horrors of nuclear devastation.

He has been facing other people's nightmares constantly for almost a decade, it was high time he was allowed to wake up.

Meanwhile, the ponies of Equestria are baffled by a strange object that fell from the sky.

Fallout/FIM crossover. HiE. T for violence and some language.

Now with a TVTropes page!

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This story is a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before

The One Small Trot, Equestria's first starship, prepares to leave Equus and break the warp barrier. The journey of a thousand light-years begins with this small step.

This is a crossover with Star Trek, and a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before. I have written it in celebration and honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo XI's touchdown in the Sea of Tranquility.

Chapters (1)

When the Gardens of Equestria were activated, many ponies believed the trying times were over and Equestria would become the paradise it had once been within a few short years.

As if the wasteland would give up that easily.

Monsters still roam the wasteland. Apex predators left unchanged from before the war. Mutant horrors born of balefire. Sadistic people whose hearts went black long ago... The Gardens did not kill. They did not reform. The Gardens did the one thing they were designed to do.

The Gardens cleaned up toxic waste everywhere their light could reach. No more, no less.

With radiation all but gone in most of the wasteland, taint entirely eliminated from Equestria's heartland, and much of the old farmland fertile once more, ponies everywhere banded together to take advantage of the world Pip healed... By forming large yet isolated settlements which over time joined one of two nations: The New Canterlot Republic, or the Herd.

These two ideologically opposed nations have clashed for over a decade. Border skirmishes are frequent. Black ops have been preformed by both sides. All out war has nearly broken out several times.

You can take the waste out of the wasteland. It's much harder to take it out of the wastelanders.

It is into this politically charged world that a newcomer arrives. A zebra from a remote northern kingdom, separated from Equestria for these many years by a megaspell induced winter that is at last dying down. A pity she arrives just as the other newcomers are enacting their bid for power.

This story is based on the story Fallout Equestria written by Kkat. It has been written with permission.

Featured on: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:18 AM UTC :yay:

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When Twilight first formed the Land Heart group to explore the deepest reaches of the land beneath the surface, she only planned to make discoveries of archaeological and possibly historic interest. She certainly didn't expect to unleash an ancient evil older than pony kind.
...she probably should have, though.
Now, her friends and her exploration group are Equestria's first line of defense against these ancient evils that have crawled out of the depths to claim the surface.

Crossover with Inhumanoids

Chapters (3)

The planet of Chikyu is pretty odd, from an outsider perspective. There are anthromorphic sapients of every stripe and sort, the world president is a dog, its greatest warriors are alien monkeys, the average IQ (outside genius scientists or children) is somewhere below 50, and magic orbs raise the dead. How much difference would adding a pony that barely talks really make?
...quite a lot, apparently. Just ask Mr. Popo...if you dare.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged crossover
Edit: Cover art by CaioCoia.
On DA: https://www.deviantart.com/caiocoia

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Where No Pony Has Gone Before

The Enterprise's mission to Equestria may be complete but perhaps it's not the whole story...

(This story and the preceding 'Where No Pony Has Gone Before have been bundled together on Space Battles Forum: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/where-no-pony-has-gone-before-star-trek-tos-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic.620290/)

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Raven of the Teen Titans has long been a closet pegasister. She was introduced to Friendship is Magic by Beast Boy and Starfire and - although she is loathe to admit it - she enjoyed it. She especially identified with the character of Twilight Sparkle. What with Twilight's enjoyment of reading, talent in magic, and unexpected but life changing friendships, it felt like Raven's own life mirrored and sugarcoated onto a world of pastel colored ponies. Even Twilight's friends reminded Raven of her own to a certain extent.
When she wakes up one morning in Twilight Sparkle's body with no idea how this happened or how to fix it, she begins to think she identified with her a little too well.
Now trapped in the plot of the series from the beginning, she has to find away to fix this, find out what happened to the real Twilight, and at the same time save all of Equestria. At least she has some friends to help, right?


Crossover idea inspired by the fact that these two characters share the same voice actor, Tara Strong. Originally, it was just an idea I played with for fun, but I have a serious - and frightening - plot for it. Dark for later chapters.

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Unrelated to Prior Works - New Story, New Setting

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”Arthur C. Clarke

If you send a message to the stars, you just might get a reply. If one person can hear you speak, so can others. Some who hear your cry will extend a hand in friendship. Some will hear and think only of what they can gain by force.

Rainbow and Pandora learned this when Pan’s nightly chats his interstellar pen pal lead a fleet of interstellar pirates and slavers to Equestria. Where they found Rainbow’s friends.

Neither of them are happy about it. Both will try set things right, or die trying. Even if that means being lost forever in the void between stars.

Featured on: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:46 am UTC

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Twilight's clone barely escaped her grisly end, and is seeking refuge in the large city of Manehattan. She's quite fine with going it alone, until she spots somepony just like her.

Inspired by the Cover Art by Badumsquish

Chapters (1)