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One month until Nightmare Night. That is the thought going through Nyx's head just before she hears a large crash. When she arrives on the scene with her mother, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane Six, she discovers something that will change the world forever.

She discovers Clockwork.

This is the story of how a sentient machine from a distant planet became friends with the former Mare in the Moon.

This takes place in the Reality Checks Nyxverse, some time after Nightmare Night and Nyx

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke, Author of Past Sins

Clockwork is an original character. It's best if you watch the documentary Alien Planet, though, as he was inspired in part by the main characters.
First FanFic here, so sorry if it sucks.

Credit for the title goes to UnKnownSalvation. Thanks a billion.

Credit editing goes to failedAccount. This guy is a brilliant editor.

Also, if someone would be willing to make an ACTUAL cover image instead of me having to borrow from the tv documentary Alien Planet, that would be much appreciated.

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Space. Long has ponykind marveled at it from the ground, and from the air. But never has anypony ever traveled there. However, on a night, unlike any other, a sequence of events will start that will lead to one of the most fundemental questions ponykind has ever asked being answered.

Are we alone? Does Equus hold the only life in the universe?

And the answer?

A resounding no.

A crossover between Kerbal Space Program (Or at least my take on that universe) and the Nyxverse, which was written by the fantastic author Reality Check.

Kerbal Space Program is the property of Squad.
My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.

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One week. One. Blasted. Week.

That's how long it's been since Celestia has seen her sister. Since the survivors of the last battle of the War of Sun and Moon were able to see the loved one's they lost that day, or sell things in the storefronts that they used to own. However, one day she sees a strange sight, and goes to investigate with four guards.

It's been four weeks since Nightmare Moon returned, and Princess Luna was redeemed. Four weeks of relatively normal life compared to the adventure that was Nightmare Moon's return.

Then, one day, Princess Celestia sends Twilight a letter asking her to go visit an old friend of hers. Curious as to who this friend is, Twilight and her friends set out to reach the location that this friend is at.

When they reach their destination, an odd blue box awaits them, along with a being unlike any other.

A Doctor Who/My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic crossover with a twist:
The Time Lord in Equestria isn't the Doctor, and wasn't born a Time Lord.

Inspired by Coming to terms by The Infinity Doctor.

Note: I really do need more than just numbers here people. If you like or dislike, favorite, or unfavorite, please leave a comment explaining why.

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