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Just a reader. No, I'm not a brony, nor do I hate bronies. I'm just a guy who likes to read good stories.


Space. Long has ponykind marveled at it from the ground, and from the air. But never has anypony ever traveled there. However, on a night, unlike any other, a sequence of events will start that will lead to one of the most fundemental questions ponykind has ever asked being answered.

Are we alone? Does Equus hold the only life in the universe?

And the answer?

A resounding no.

A crossover between Kerbal Space Program (Or at least my take on that universe) and the Nyxverse, which was written by the fantastic author Reality Check.

Kerbal Space Program is the property of Squad.
My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro.

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Only complaint might be the lack of 'Kerman' as a surname for EVERYONE on the ship :trollestia: Using it's (contraction for it is) when its (possessive pronoun) should be used. And out of place commas.

Also- 3.75 meter parts? Are you a KW rocketry or Nova Punch fan, because if you are, I love you even more than I did already. Also: I think the Kerbals really ought to be a bit more comedic than this. Remember the look on on Jeb's face when you first booted up the game and shot him off (without a parachute. We all did that one.)? That screaming, wondrous, completely bewildered look?

Yeah... the Kerbin Space Program, it seems, is much more slapdash than this. But, hey, can't wish for everything, can you? You're doing a great job, and I look forward to future installments! :scootangel:

Of all crossovers possible, KSP seems to be that weird odd one that's uncommon, but within the category of uncommon, is quite notable. And of all KSP crossovers I've seen here (which I can count on one hand), this has probably taken the most unconventional approach. But the changes are, uhh... refreshing.

4.5km is stupidly long though.

Aaaanyways, I really wish I could play KSP right now. Good computer went on the fritz 30 seconds before I was landed on the Mun.

3972882 This is more the RSS, realistic space program type thing than the slapdash space program of most installs. If you don't like that, well, sorry. Besides, I don't like the portrayals of Jeb in the other crossovers on the site. They either make him slightly forgetful, or make him a Leeroy Jenkins-esque "do it first, plan it out later" type.

Also, I am more of the, less comedic, more sciency type when I play. I never shot Jeb off without a parachute. Unless you count spaceplanes.

And if you would point out where these errors are, it would be much appreciated.


If your curious, my approach is that of a RSS player. Both Equus and Kerbin are about the same size as Earth, with Equus being slightly smaller. I want this to be as realistic as possible for the space program side of it while still not being Earth. I don't like saying that they cram an unrealistic amount of stuff into the spacecraft, or use wormholes or other natural phenomena to get to Equus. I want it to be, at the MOST unrealistic, purely theoretical technology. Not to mention, that distance is so that they can keep the crew quarters and crewed payloads away from the reactors,which are at the front of the ship. This also increases the stability of it's puller design as any flexing has an immediate effect on the center of mass that's more noticeable, which causes it to correct itself faster. Also, the spacecraft has a crew of 120 kerbals, who are NOT crammed into a module with all of the modules at maximum capacity. The kerbals have enough modules to house, for short periods of time, up to 220 kerbals, and life support to supply 200 kerbals indefinetly, resulting in there being plenty of living space and spare power, O2, and food.

This is a good fanfic. I like the crossover. I can't wait for more! :yay:

Keep up the good work :)

Good job on the new chapter! More please.

Seriously, no one caught that Jeb's "Make it so" references Jean-Luc Picard's line that is almost identical?


When I manage to get fully back into the groove of writing this kind of story. Sorry, but allergies/cold/flu kind of threw me under the metaphorical bus, and I haven't had the muse needed for this story. Doctor Who crossover, sure. But KSP crossover? You have to have an actual desire to do it. Also, don't be surprised if I start taking some liberties on the physics of space flight. I've been unable to get the RSS mods to work in 0.23.5, and I've been playing a lot of other games lately.

I want to like, but all the references to real world stuff and mod packz in the way that you're trying to takes me out of it.

I see this has updated

I'm not awake enough to say much else

Been looking for a kerbal space program story for a bit looks promising do NOT let it die

Intresting idea i hope i didnt die

Hope you continue this storie

I'll continue when I get things sorted on my end.


Yes, I'm also not using Kerman as the surname of EVERY DARN KERBAL ON THE SHIP! It makes no sense!

Since when should alien cultures make sense?

Besides, it could be that it's not their literal surname, but refers to their planet of origin. Which could actually come down to a lesser advanced culture, as surnames as we know them hail from towns, for ease of differentiating bank accounts.

For example, Bob Kerman is from Kerbin, while Bob Dunman is from Duna.

Because they've not gotten to the level where that would be a cultural thing. They've only got small, medium length stay bases on other planets, most of which were built to operate the way nuclear missile silos do. They rotate crews every few months. They also are all equipped with self-destruct capability, due to something that will be revealed later.

It's what the Kerbals call the planet. You were expecting overly long number sequence following some random letters?

actually yes yes I was

They gave it the official designation Geos after the President of the Kerbal's government refused to keep using an alphanumeric designation code because he kept stumbling over it and getting it wrong in press releases. The Kerbal's space agency held a competition to name the new exoplanet, and Geos won out.

5859613 I can't believe I didn't expect that considering these are kerbils but when is this coming out of hiatus?

When I get Chapter 6 done. Should be fairly soon(tm).

Update! This story is undergoing a MASSIVE re-write. The updated chapter 1 should hit fairly soon!

Part of the reason I'm re-writing this story. That, and I want it to be more realistic, and better paced.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter! I was thinking of making a KSP crossover myself, but I didnt have a good enough storyline.

Doing some planning and background work. Rule #1 of storywriting, plan how it goes.

6411056 If that method works for you, I'm not complaining. I prefer writing whenever I have a good idea, and letting it bloom into a story. A bit like in a dream (I thank 'Inception' for that analogy).

One, don't yell at me. Two, I'll complete more when I have both enough free time and am not busy doing stuff with my family. And three, I take it you like the story?

So it’s not dead. If so, use the hiatus tag instead due to the demotivational properties of the cancelled tag.

Really, this story is probably dead. In practice, odds are Meep will likely either make a new story, or fold the stuff I thought up for this one into one of their stories. Either way, this story probably won't have any more chapters added to it.

Please I ask this not as some one who reads but as a brony and a kerbal rocket scientist please continue this it is an increadable story that makes me think up new ksp missions to Duna and Layth(#bestmoon) so please finish what you started.

Awww.... Just discovered but dead nonetheless by cancellation in 2018.

Well crud. Some parts seemed simplistic the base idea and story was sound.

It's a case of me feeling that I can't really deliver on a proper story. I may revisit this in the future, but it would be a definitively different story from this, if nothing else because it wouldn't be a KSP crossover, but in all honesty that would just turn into a ripoff of AdmiralTigerclaw's excellent story Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger, except with closer to RL tech and fewer challenges because they don't show up unprepared for alien life and without just sending a single person.

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