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The Infinity Doctor

Remember, the future starts, with YOU!


Space. Infinite in its entirety, so far there's only been the Master and The Doctor; all of that is about to change.

Side-story to The Weeping Angel.

Chapters (20)
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Sense the main character is named matthew, u might want to make a prequal or something.:ajbemused:
for all i know, I could be this matthew(seense my name is Matthew:derpytongue2:)


(You told me to leave a comment anyway, so...butts.)

4034454 Didn't even read it. Just wondered what I should do if I did read it, and didn't enjoy it, so you said leave a comment anyway, and I thought that commenting about butts would be a fantastic idea.

4034458 Could you please read it anyway?

4034464 Fien.


It was...meh. Good enough for an upvote, but not a fav.

So his name is 'ZerO',eh?:trixieshiftright::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Nice.......I will be willing to edit for you again if you want me to.....:pinkiehappy:

4086996 Not that you're not a good editor, you are, but I'm on the fence:twilightblush: sorry...

4087690 It's completely fine, and I do understand.:pinkiesmile:
U have so many good DW crossovers and I am really thankful that you let me edit and preread them:pinkiehappy:
If you want any preread or editing, just PM me and I will be on the spot to get to it:twilightsmile:
So take your time to decide if you need me....:scootangel:

sense your working with The Planyx,and the new chapters' titles are similar(... Is Not Always Evil & ... Is Not Always Good),I declare in this one that there is foreshadowing going on here between these two peices:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::derpytongue2:

Quote the Colonel: I love it when a plan comes together.:trixieshiftright:

Well don't just stand there, go fetch her a mirror.
Oh! Also try not to be so serious.

ok then:pinkiesmile:
keep it up:twilightsmile:
and have a moustache for incouragement:moustache:

4124433 Thank you, glad you all are enjoying the story :pinkiehappy:

I read this-My mood- Amazingly Awesome
It ends- My Mood- Extremely Bored/Sad-ish >_<
Must

"Science" I responded.

Best Answer EVER!!!!:rainbowwild:
I say that to everything,so I Loled:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Short chapter is short:applejackunsure::derpytongue2::rainbowwild:

at first I read The Weeping Angel's new chapter first so I already knew what was going to happen on the outside of the TARDIS,but not the inside:pinkiesad2:
Until now!!!!:pinkiehappy::scootangel:

4175670 Could you care to explain why Twilight is so happy with my comment:duck:
Cause I dont know if its just me, but your reply seems a little vague:rainbowderp:

Well, then. Zero got a new enemy!

...or a girlfriend. That tends to happen in stories: doesn't it? :pinkiecrazy

Well that escalated quickly

4250197 Yes, yes it did- I suppose you can imagine what will happen next. :trixieshiftright:

The cliffhanger, wow. You had better update soon after that.

Merry Christmas! I guess? Anyways great update time. Antro, didn't see that coming. Wonder if you'll ever add the daleks, or some form of them?

4253702 yes I would thank you "iron side" :)

NO! Another cliffhanger. This is a recurring thing isn't it? Who could the little filly be? And why is the tardis green, still can't picture that.

its not much of a cliff hanger if there is the next chapter already uploaded:facehoof::twilightsheepish:

Human turns into a Time Lord, turns into a human-pony thing. Huh.

Wacky adventures and awkward situations aside, I find myself working very hard to like this. It's very readable, but personally I can't relate to the characters. I mean, this is the Peter Parker story. This could be Dr Manhattan. With a well-worn setup like this, you have to work very hard to make it interesting.

It might be a personal thing, but I feel like Zero is way too withdrawn. You're inside his head, but he feels more like a Teselecta. There's a lack of immediacy in the narrative. When he encounters the Anubius, for example, he's making idle observations while he's face-to-face with a big creature with sharp teeth. You're implying the kind of uneasiness that's associated with an angry chihuahua. That's just one place where the emotional impact could have been played out a bit more.

This regeneration too should be played out more. In the Doctor Who tradition, regenerations are a big deal. It's a big deal for a Time Lord to go from one male human body to another, but here a human turns into a half pony creature and sort of shrugs it off. It's like he still doesn't realize that this is permanent, that everything that's happening is real. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to have ears on top of my head, but here I'm being told that "it is how it is", and the story sort of moves on as if nothing's really changed. Everything is so fast-paced that all the golden opportunities for development fly right by, and suddenly we're in immediate danger again.

I think what's missing is meaningful development. I understand the argument that strangeness has become mundane for our hero, but instead of introducing stranger and stranger obstacles maybe it's better to turn inwards just a little. Life-changing experiences should be life-changing, and this guy has been through plenty, yet I'm still reading the dispassionate voice of the human.

4273890 Wow...thank you so much! Thank you for your feedback- I've been trying to give this story something, and increase the quality of the fic. Thank you :pinkiehappy:

4270331 Blue (no duh)I can get, but red?:rainbowhuh:

Hello again! I like how you mentioned the rooms, but shouldn't it really have a bedroom? The filly needs a name too.

4329557 More than enough room for bedrooms :pinkiehappy:

With that end in my mind,


More people need to read this, it's really good!

Cool, love the suspense. Also, could you draw or give me a description of what lotus looks like? I can't picture her. Thanks, keep up the good work.

4441261 Sorry, I don't have a pic. Lotus' appearance will change though, that's all I'm revealing.

Personally,from when the TARDIS landed in Fillydephia to u stating,

I hiked up the stairs, my hooves clopping against the wood as I went, not stopping until I reached the roof. I sat down, my back against the Tardis, as the beautiful day continued around me, the clean, blue sky and cotton-ball clouds hanging above, as the sounds of the city rose from below.

I thought it was night.It would get the mood right for the Family reunion-y stuff:derpytongue2::twilightsheepish:.

well didn't expect the tardis to talk props to you man props

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