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This story is a sequel to Accidental Harmony

Several months after moving to Ponyville, Vinyl and Octavia are planning their upcoming wedding. With help from friends like Lyra and Bon-Bon, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapters (7)

Twilight Sparkle is a successful mare - it's hard to do better than a pair of alicorn wings and a crown! Which leads her to wonder - why is she still single? Perhaps Rarity, connoisseur of all things romantic, will hold the answer?

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This story is a sequel to In The Closet

After a wild night out on the town, Jay decides to go back to Pony-land for a quick visit. Things don't go quite as planned though as he finds himself trapped in a dimension full of colorful ponies and friendship.

He's not very happy about it.

Reading the prequel is not required as this story is loosely related to it. To avoid confusion, this is not a Battlefield crossover. Cover art commissioned from Mix-up! Check him out if you're in need of a cover art!

Chapters (44)

I have no idea how long I've been here, this gap between the seconds. It could be minutes, days, ages, I can't tell. I can never tell.

Maybe that's for the best.

The sun never rises, but it never sets. The clock never ticks, and I never rest. I never hunger, nor thirst. I certainly never tire.

It makes it much harder to tell the time I spend here...

Yet it never feels like none at all...

Chapters (18)

Vinyl Scratch is always up for a good party! But when she partys a bit too hard, even for her standards, she wakes up in a mysterious place with no memories of how she got there, and only the soft sound of Fur Elise to greet her listening ears.

Chapters (5)

It is a little-known fact that all living beings are born with a finite amount of bucks to give. It is little-know due to the fact that most ponies will die long before all of their bucks could been given. But Twilight Sparkle seems to give a buck about everything, and she's depleting her storage far too quickly. This is what happens when Twilight Sparkle runs out of bucks.

inspired by the youtube video: "Not Giving A F**k" by JonLajoie

Chapters (9)

Princess Celestia went out for a stroll to a coffee shop. The next morning, she is single-hoofedly destroying the coffee industry.


No really, how?

Chapters (5)

A man comes to Equestria. It's nice. Rainbow Dash becomes his friend, but something's bothering her...

He seems to be hiding something. He's told her a lot of things, things he hasn't talked about to anypony else, but there's still something eating at him. So, she psyches herself up for a visit to get to the bottom of it.

Chapters (2)

For almost a year now, Trixie has been sending letters to Twilight. The only problem is, Twilight hasn't gotten a single one... until today. But now that she has, Twilight is left with more questions than she knows how to answer. Fortunately, she has a plan. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if that plan will work.

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This story is a sequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story

The story of Twilight Sparkle and her harrowing journey to Fluttershy's cottage, as narrated by the extraordinarily clever and handsome Discord.

Chapters (1)