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This story is a sequel to In The Closet

After a wild night out on the town, Jay decides to go back to Pony-land for a quick visit. Things don't go quite as planned though as he finds himself trapped in a dimension full of colorful ponies and friendship.

He's not very happy about it.

Reading the prequel is not required as this story is loosely related to it. To avoid confusion, this is not a Battlefield crossover. Cover art commissioned from Mix-up! Check him out if you're in need of a cover art!

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This is going to be one of those fics that ether does very good or very bad. Only time willl tell.

this is horribly brilliant in every connotation those two word can have together.

I um... I'm Jay, ruler of my bedroom. I raise an involuntary tent every morning.

For this line you get a like, follow, AND 5 :moustache:.

To avoid confusion, this is not a Battlefield crossover, thank God.

Can we still make references to BF:BC and BF:BC2? I'll keep it just to the campaign!:rainbowlaugh:

>To avoid confusion, this is not a Battlefield crossover, thank God.
>thank God

u wot m8?
You trying to start a fight or something?

Nope, but some people tend to be a bit stubborn when it comes to crossovers.

"I raise a tent ever morning" HAH! That was pure gold!


Well, this is off to an interesting start. It should be fun to see where it goes from here.

This so deserves a fav and watch! Is it just me or is this looking kinda like a Dan Vs. episode?

Y'know in human culture a bar-fight of this magnitude garners quite a bit of respect, as it stands I imagine only Minotaurs and Gryphons would like Jay..

He said "By the nine". A Skyrim reference? I think so!:moustache:

Would it be considered a bar fight if its fought in a bakery?:rainbowhuh: At least its nice to know Jay can through down.

Now that's THE perfect person the represent humanity if i ever saw one.

Damnit, why can't I thumb this more than once?

First thing I thought of for the fight was Family Guy with the chicken

2310521 HAHAHAHAHAHA! My sides hurt now!
Liking it so far keep it up.

When will the next update be, it's been quite a while...

I'm currently writing it, and I'm around 1.2k in. :twilightsmile:

I'm attempting to bring this story up to speed before I continue that story, so both of the stories follow the same direct timeline.

Awesome, glad to see this story isn't dead. keep up the good work.


Also, you could always end with killing off the protagonist. :moustache:

I have absolutely no idea what it is I'm doing.

Good, keep going just like that, makes funny words come out :rainbowwild:

I'm going to laugh if a million bits is the equivalent of 100 dollars.

”But I'm a sentient being! Not a cat or any other stupid animal! I can talk, think and do stuff because of my superior brain!” I exclaimed. Twilight shook her head and turned away from me.

NOPE. Sapient being. I don't care how often Star Trek and other Sci-fi shows use 'Sentient' like that, the word you are looking for is 'Sapient'. XD *whacks main character with a newspaper* Bad puppy. No biscuit.


2681742 Umm... If a bit is equal to a buck, then you can buy a lottery ticket for a little less than a bit in my country. The highest amount that you can win is a lot less, though.

Edit: Oops, didn't read the post you were responding to. My bad. Yeah, ain't that cheap here.

Sometimes, you don't have to know what your doing. You just have to LOOK like you do.

That's how politics works. XD

As long as you know your story, you won't need to know yourself.:pinkiesmile:

Never another redhead.

Was she a librarian too?

I raise an involuntary tent every morning

Well that's a new way to greet Celestia. And what she said to Twilight! Sorry, bad movies based on books!

Well...........that was way ooc for Carrot Cake now, wasn't it?

And he's now friends with Pinkie.......Celestia save us!

Trying to out-troll Trollestia? Good luck, you're going to need it. Oh, and if you don't want the ponies acting like that, make a public apology, explain what happened, and ask for another chance. Although you might have to do some time for what you did to Carrot Cake.

And to the A/N, I think you are doing well, so keep it up.

Yo Sunbutt,


No, and no. You can have ONE bit to buy a lottery ticket or something. Get a job, and while you're at it, get a haircut. You look silly.

i thought Celestia would've been more serious or more... sophisticated in her letters.

His eyes nearly tripled in size and his pupils became pinpricks. ”Dude...” He squeaked out. ”I'm not entirely sure, but if I read this right, you just won a million bits...”

Million Bits Human!

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