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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!

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This story is a sequel to The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

When Scootaloo's attempt at flying causes her to crash into Twilight's lab, it sets off a chain reaction that causes Twilight to disappear, leaves the library in shambles and Scootaloo knocked out. A wave of purple energy rips through Equestria, leaving all to wonder 'great, what now?'

When Scootaloo awakens, she learns from the Bureau of Undoing Trouble from Twilight Sparkle that this world's Twilight is gone... and in her place are dozens of Twilights from different dimensions, tearing across the land. Worse, Nightfall Eclipse, a wicked Twilight from the antimatter universe, is assembling other bad Twilights to form The League of Evil Twilights, who seek to take over Equestria.

Now gifted with the ability to track down these Twilights, thanks to the explosion, Scootaloo will seek out these visitors from other universes in the hopes of sending them home and getting the real Twilight back.

Crisis of Infinite Twilights: Truth, Dare or Drink, the official spin-off, can be found here

Tvtropes Page can be found here

A listing of all the Twilights introduced so far (warning, SPOILERS) can be found here

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As fate would have it, Twilight had to hatch a much bigger egg this time.

Chapters (33)

In Equestria's far future, one thousand and five years after the return, a dysfunctional group of argumentative ponies must quest to defeat the most dangerous enemy of Equestria to ever live; the malevolent Lord Second, one of the only known members of the race of elder gods known as the humans, and the ancient cult who worships him, the Brotherhood of Man.

An over-the-top surrealist comedy, with slight serious elements. Expect a steady decline into insanity.

Cancelled, due to reasons of severe cranial trauma

Now with audio reading and prequel story, Shades of Grey, by Draven Eclipse.

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HOW! Did the Power Ponies unite? Come again, true believers, and recall the INCREDIBLE TALE! The Masked Matter-Horn had been defeated by her archnemesis, Shadowlight, and his criminal syndicate is POISED to conquer Maretropolis once and for all! Forced into retreat, can our heroine unify a collection of other super heroes in time to stop Shadowlight's sinister plot? FIND OUT in this special FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION!

This story was written by that expert crafter of tales, Masterweaver, and inked by the amazing artist, Mystic Alpha. All characters copyrighted by the Dark Horse comic company. Do not use for profit without permission.

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