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This story is a sequel to The Symbiote

Warning: The following description may contain spoilers for The Symbiote! If you have not yet read that and do not wish to be spoiled, please go no further.

After the events of The Symbiote, Twilight is no longer the only pony in Equestria to be host to one of the alien symbiotes captured by the Life Aura Center. Most of her friends have also agreed to host the aliens, understanding that they are unable to survive on their planet alone. This is a compilation of everyone's experiences with their respective partners! Chapters probably won't necessarily be in chronological order but I will include references to how long it's been since everyone became bonded. Most of these will take place shortly after The Symbiote and through the beginning parts of The Parasite.

Note, symbiotes will likely not have the exact same personalities and abilities as their Marvel comics counterparts! I draw largely from Sony's Venom movie along with information researched from the Marvel wiki, but otherwise my interpretations of the characters are my own. That being said I am more than happy to hear about what YOU like about each of these symbiotes and I may incorporate what I learn into future chapters. Oh and Rainbow and Pinkie's symbiotes, Slasher and Hysteria respectively, are my own OCs.

I will update with warnings and tags as I write. The rating on this may go up as well. We'll see.

Spike/Lasher - A Game of O&O contains mild fantasy violence and swearing.
Applejack/Phage - Healing and Repairs contains some swearing. No other warnings.

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Chapters (2)

Isaac is an ordinary guy from the UK, who was living a normal life, just going through his days, playing online games, and watching good old fashioned anime. One day, a mysterious package arrives for him in the mail from something called the Lobelia Organization. When Isaac opens this package, he finds a strange looking Fruit with a swirly pattern inside. Soon after opening the package, Isaac is transported to the world of Equestria, appearing within the Royal Garden. 

Meanwhile, Princess Celestia is hosting the annual Grand Galloping Gala, when suddenly, she senses the arrival of something strange and dark, little knowing that her Kingdom is about to be changed forever. 

This is the dawn of a new age. 

The Age Of Devil Fruits.

Chapters (7)

Luke has always been a One Piece fan and one day he found himself lurking around the Amazon website. To his surprise he found an amazing, crescent shaped, white mustache on sale. Luke had to have it. His Edward Newgate cosplay was finally going to be complete for the upcoming Comic-con.

It was too bad he would never actually make it...

On the plus side he is living a fan's dream right now, and getting his fill of adventure too! Now what to do with all these weird looking people telling him they are actually ponies...

Chapters (11)

Wealth, Fame, Power.
The pony who acquired all that was Gold Clover, the queen of pirates. With her last words she said:
"You want my treasure? Go and get it! I left it all in that place."
Ever since then, pirates from all over the world have been travelling to the Grand Line to look for the legendary treasure, the One Piece. This is the story of one of them, Pinkamena D. Pie, better known as "Straw Hat Pinkie".

Not just a retelling of One Piece. With all those new characters, the story won't be nearly the same as the manga. As such, knowing the manga is not required for enjoying the story.

Cover art drawn by Magello

Edit: Feature Box on 18/04/2016; this is the greatest day of my life as an author. Thank you, everyone!

Not recommended to be read on e-book, due to the loss of formatting when it's downloaded over the site.

Chapters (8)

Even the slightest changes in the past can have a significant effect on future events, case in point:
what if Spike was never raised by Twilight Sparkle? What if he was raised as a bonafide apple on Sweet Apple Acres, brother to Big Mac, Applebloom, and of course Applejack? What if his arrival as a hatchling had inadvertently prevented the deaths of Bright mac and Pear Butter?

Inspired by my dragon brother by kuairu and spike pie by silver butcher

cover by nixworld

Chapters (5)

950 years after Nightmare Moon was banished from Equestria, an incident occurred in the smokey mountains involving a cult obsessed with a being known as 'the fire starter'.

Said incident was where a dragon going by the name of Spike first appeared in Equestria, setting in motion several series of events regarding the supernatural forces that hid in the shadows of this world.

this is his story.

Chapters (2)

The world sucks, is it any surprise? No one can really argue that.

Such is the outlook of the man who shows up in Equestria, prepared to kill himself when he feels he's done with the world. But he's stopped, and he angrily decides to follow Twilight, to have her teach him a lesson he never really considered before. Perhaps there's more to the world than the world itself.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Why I stopped watching My Little Pony

"The Diabolical sometimes assumes the aspect of the Good, or even embodies itself completely in its form. If this remains concealed from me, I am of course defeated, for this Good is more tempting than the genuine Good."
-Franz Kafka

Artwork Done by the amazingly talented Maii. Follow her on fimfic to see some of her great work and her devianArt page KKrazi-DV
Co-written with the incredible MisterNick. I suggest following him as he writes fantastic stories.

Also check out the prequel story Flutterschmooze

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to MLP: Dawn of Chaos

The saga continues! Maelstrom guides their team in the ways of chaos. Spike, or Disarray as he's know now, works towards finding his true place in the world. The Master of Mayhem discover their true calling. Together, they will become the most epic trolls Equis has ever known.
Their escapades will drive the Elements of Harmony to the brink, and force the hand of Princess Celestia, revealing something her and Twilight Sparkle had kept secret. Will they all be able to handle something so world shattering? Will Harmony prevail, or will Chaos reign supreme?
This is a whole new Age of Chaos, and one thing is certain; no matter what, nothing will ever be the same again.

This story takes place in the same multiverse but is an alternate reality retelling to that in Spike: Lord of Disharmony and Chaos and it’s sequel Chaos: Age of Spike both by Kaliann25(https://www.fimfiction.net/user/148887/Kaliann25). Reading those stories aren’t required to understand this one, but it’s still highly recommended because they are awesome. They really are amazing stories, and inspired this one, so check them out.

Chapters (15)

Equestria. A world of magic and monsters. A world of love and hate. Of good and evil. The line between them should be clear. Black and white. Yet when a mysterious young colt with a strange secret appears with new warnings, will Twilight and her friends determine which side he's on, or will they discover just how blurred the line can be?

Chapters (12)