FBI in da hood? · 3:49pm

Soooooo.... before I go to bed I surf around on youtube to listen to some brony music. While I'm doing that My internet decides to act up and I go through the whole "disconnect  then reconnect" shtick that for some reason seems to work for me, and while I'm on "The list" for all the wireless internet connections I notice a Wi-Fi internet labled "FBI VAN 294"....... I go downstairs to show my family talk a little about it come back up and decide to tell Via "blog post". Any thoughts anyone!?

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>>2214559 Np its always good to give each other support on what we enjoy right?! :twilightsheepish:

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Thank you for the Watch :twilightsmile:

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>>1973541 'Cause I got a feelin' like someone's  watchin me :trollestia: and because of the story too :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the follow may I ask why

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I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

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