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A fellow fan and author. Newbie and looking to make friends here on this amazing site of ours

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I'm Thinking Of Doing Something New · 5:52am Last Tuesday

Hi Guys! Prince here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm finally doing it. What is it i'm doing you wonder? I'm making an Alternate Universe fic. I know i've made plenty of those before. You've read enough of them from me to know that I love them. And I do. I really love them. But i'm not talking about just any old AU here. I'm talking about AU's on par with FOE(Which is the only worthwhile AU this place has, aside from FIO, but I haven't seen many spin offs of that, so it doesn't

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I'll be able to start tomorrow. And this time, I promise I'll get them done. It's summer after all.

It's fine.
What's the progress?

HI! Oh wow. Been a while huh? Sorry about leaving you hanging like that.

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