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Thanks For Your Support · 10:32am August 2nd

Hey people. I'm back. I don't usually write these, but I feel I need to. Not to ask for help or, even to tell you guys something. In fact, I honestly don't know what I'm writing this for. That being said, there is something I would like to know. What do you guys want? Is there anything in my range of stories that you guys would like to see more of? I've written comedy, drama, sad, slice of life, dark, AU, crossover, clop, and possibly some other stuff i didn't even cover here. What I want to

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Well, Technically I'm already doing something like that, but...I can get behind it. ;)

Rainbow Dash and Daring find an artifact that turns those who look at Dash into her willing sex slaves, with the side effect being that she becomes very horny. She uses this to have fun with her friends and make them her permanent "willing" slaves.

Okay. Let me see it

I do have an idea for a fic that's unrelated to the series that we've created, though this one would probably work best as a multichapter fic, if I could send it your way.

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