• Published 19th Feb 2013
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Wake up. See This. What do? (Comment driven story) - RazortheAwesome

(This story is driven entirely by user comments) Out of nowhere you suddenly wake up to find yourself in Equestria with Twilight Sparkle looking down at you with a lascivious grin. What do you do?

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It Begins

Wake up. See this. What Do you do?

by RazortheAwesome

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fanbased work of prose. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro, and the reinvention of Lauren Faust. No copyright infringement is intended, please support the official release.



Anyway let us begin

As you start to wake up several realizations come to you. First off, you aren’t in your bed anymore. You can tell this because you can you can feel what is obviously grass beneath you as opposed to your bed sheets. Also you can feel the warmth of sunlight on your face as well as the rest of your body. Given the circumstances you are forced to conclude that you are outside. Miraculously though, you still have all your clothes on. Were you even wearing clothes when you went to sleep? You have no idea.

With all of these things filling your brain you slowly open your eyes. Your vision is blurry at first due to morning drowsiness (or is it afternoon drowsiness) but you blink a few times to clear it up. What you see in front of you, you cannot explain for the life of you.

Now that your eyes are open you can indeed confirm that you are outside, as you can see the clear blue sky above you. There are few clouds in the sky, but otherwise it appears to be a beautiful day. More or less it does look like the sky. That’s not what gets your attention though.

Standing above you looking straight down at you is a lavender unicorn with a dark purple mane that has a magenta stripe running through it. Her horn is glowing with a sort of magenta... glow, and floating next to her you can see a book that is enveloped by the same magenta glow. On its cover is the image of a pot with two large hearts floating above it. Why you take the time to actually look at the book you have no idea. Also for whatever reason you don’t take the time to wonder just why the hell its floating.

She’s standing above you with her forehooves out past your shoulders, in fact they are right next to your shoulders, you can feel them touching you. That’s not important though. What is important though, is that her face is mere inches away from yours. Seriously you can feel her breath on you, which actually kind of smells minty fresh despite it being horse breath.

The look on the unicorn’s face however, is one that you never expected to see. She’s looking down right at you smiling and her eyes are half closed. The only word you can think of to describe the way she is looking at you right now is “lascivious.” Which is odd considering its a unicorn that’s looking at you and not a pretty lady.

Basically what you are seeing right now is this picture.

She’s not saying anything to you, hell you aren’t even sure if she is breathing. Or at least you wouldn’t be sure if she was breathing if you didn’t feel her breath on your face. It’s kind of weird like that. She’s just standing there.... looking at you... with those huge magenta eyes. Its just staring... staring.... staring....

And its still staring...

For whatever reason all you can do is stare up back at her. You don’t know why but you just do. If you could explain it you would but right now you can’t. So you just stare up at her. You just do... you look up at those huge magenta eyes. By Jove they remind you of anime eyes.

Neither your arms nor your legs aren’t pinned in any conceivable way so you could get up and run if you want to. Then again you aren’t entirely sure what good that will do. You don’t even know where the hell you are right now, much less why a purple horse is looking down at you. Plus, the fact that there is a unicorn on top of you kind of makes things awkward. Its about the same size as ponies are from your world, so yeah, its not small.

With enough cards thrown onto the table for them to suddenly jump up and cut somebody’s eye out lets back up.... Hours ago (At this point you aren’t entirely sure how many) you went to sleep after doing what it is you always do. Yeah you gotta admit its awesome, being you... doing stuff... not being in a situation where a purple unicorn is on top of you.

Anyway, you were doing stuff like a boss like you always do every day like a boss. Then at the end of the day you were just chillaxin in your room like a bawller (you think you can remember being on fimfiction.net before you went to sleep), when eventually you remember that even an awesome boss bawller like you needs sleep. So like the bawller boss that you are you went to sleep, and when you woke up. Well, here we are now.

You don’t really feel the need to elaborate more on how awesome the things you were doing were or exactly what you were doing. As you figure the people reading this don’t care. How the hell you even know that people are reading this is beyond you. Why yes this story did just break the fourth wall. You got a problem with that?

So basically you were just being you when you suddenly woke up to find yourself inexplicably transported outside somewhere (okay its obviously Equestria but you don’t know that yet) with a purple unicorn looking down at you with a look on her face that suggests that she wants you to ride her off into the sunset.

What do you do?

What do you do?

Author's Note:

This story is driven entirely by user comments, a la Homestuck or Problem Sleuth (see mspaintadventures). So whatever happens next is up to YOU. Choose wisely fellow bronies.

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