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Fourteen years after the Terrible Trio's attack, the windigos are dying. There is not enough strife and hate to sustain them.

One windigo approaches Princess Twilight for help.

Twilight and Cadance create a plan to help them. For the plan to work, they need the support of everycreature.

Let's hope they have that support.

Helped by Dewdrops and Sleepless!

Inspired by chris the cynic!

Set in the future after Season 9.

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I was happy to help, nephew. I hope everyone likes this; it's quite a fun little tale.

This was great! I'm favoriting it for sure!

An intriguing tale. I like the comparison of windigoes drawing on fear and concern with how Chrysalis and her changelings draw on love. I could see how the melodic energy could dispel and alter how the windigoes are like, physically and perhaps even metaphysically. Much sharper writing this time, though your speed may have caused some redunancies. Great job, Sinner!



Comment posted by Ciphers deleted Dec 19th, 2021

after the vines happend im pretty sure its in the back of everyones minds that things like the stream of siolence and that disease that turns ponys into trees was discord aswell

Again, we blame Discord because of he's him. But not Order Discord because he's way worse than Starlight.

we need a Wendigo tag

Neat story. Ending felt a bit abrupt, but I love the concepts!

Makes me wonder as to what happened to them, maybe some event happened and made their bodies into a badly doodled crayon.

“With all due respect, your majesty,” Raven said hesitantly. “Discord may have been a one-time thing. For every villain you reformed, three others refused your hoof of friendship-”

Discord, Starlight, Sunset, Trixie, Gilda, Iron Will, Stygian, the entire changeling race including Pharynx, Tempest, and I feel like I'm forgetting several more.

Loved the reference to SaintChoc's Raven. Is this one aging now, albeit slowly?

Isn’t it now canon Clover is a guy?

This was a nice little heartwarmer! I agree with Eroraf that the ending felt a bit too fast (not much to see other than the windigos getting love and remembering again, something that I felt was coming for a while before this), but that'd be nitpicking now. Thanks for the tale!

Freza? Are you serious? :twilightoops:

I might expand it at some point! I've taken feedback from several people, and have made notes on what to add on to the story.

Oh, now that's a far more heartwarming setup for Windigo than I've used. Bravo.

I honestly have no idea. Where’d we see that?


It was shown in the EG movie about everyone forgetting Sunset and she went back to Equestria to figure out things which she, twilight, and Celestia went to a room in the library that had a book that said Clover is a guy with pictures of him.

I know, but then again, legends are convoluted. Who says Clover ain't a gal? <3

I'm joking. I called Clover a she because it feels more natural to me.

now the Windigo can't eat hate anymore, we can go back to racism again! Yay!
-somepony in Gen 5 probably :trollestia:

I can see how this could backfire, yes. :twilightoops:

Minor nitpick: according to the EQG special Forgotten Friendship, Clover the Clever was male.

Well, I knew that. But I kinda prefer for female because it sounds more right.

I guess it's an AU now. :rainbowwild:

It's nice to have one last fanfic that gives Raven a small role in 2021~♡

Happy New Year!

I agree with the other poster than the ending felt rushed. In fact, most of the story felt rushed. You could easily linger on the scenes going into more depth and giving them more space to develop. But you've created an interesting bit of lore here what would be fun to explore in greater detail, perhaps in a sequel.

As a footnote (which most probably already know) the FiM Windigos are based on a native American mythology about Wendigos, who are a much darker creature than what was used in the show. I had to do some research for a crossover fic I've written.

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