Shining Armor has a broken horn. An Exquisite Corpse story.


An Exquisite Corpse by: Bicyclette, TCC56, daOtterGuy, Emotion Nexus, Fiddlescotch, The Sleepless Beholder, chris the cynic, Decaf, iAmSiNnEr, Techno Flare, Bicyclette again.

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does the comment function work

Welcome to the Shining Armor trauma story, brought to you by the League Of Stallion Enterprises (our CEO is Otter).

In light of the ending, I have a theory regarding Auburn Winds (the pony from Chapter 3.)

Auburn is Cady, but since Shining can't remember they're the same person, dream-Auburn doesn't know they're the same person, and thus dream-Auburn responds to Shining mentioning the date with Cady as if she's someone else entirely.

Since it's actually the same date, the details are the same, since they don't know it's the same date, the details being the same lead dream-Auburn to conclude that Shining completely replaced him, going do far as to having the exact same first date, with some mare that dream-Auburn has never even heard of.

Part of what has dream-Auburn so pissed off is that Shining left him for being a stallion (and appears to have overwritten him with a mare) when, some part of Shining remembers, Auburn didn't even like being male in the first place.

This story is a rollercoaster, and was so much fun to work on! Thanks again for having me.

A reminder that "Exquisite Corpse" has nothing to do with dead bodies may be wise.

i absolutely love this interpretation and would love to see someone write a more linear/conventional story exploring this bit

I do not know what an Exquisite Corpse story is. Maybe a link?

Wow, i think broke my brain reading this

Each author reads only the chapter before their own. So, for example, the when author of Chapter Three writes their part, they have read Chapter Two but do not know what happened in Chapter One.

The final chapter is written by the first author, which means that every author has read precisely one other author's chapter, and written one subsequent chapter based upon that, even though the first chapter was written without a chapter zero to base it on.

An exquisite corpse story is a particular form of exquisite corpse, with exquisite corpses in general being a significantly broader range of composition techniques. The term "exquisite corpse" itself is a calque of the French "cadavre exquis" which is in turn derived from an exquisite corpse sentence that was created when the process was first implemented by a group of surrealists. That sentence being, "Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau." (The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.)

Fascinating stuff. The final chapter really brings it all together, and is a retroactively perfect framing device for something as surreal and inconsistent as an exquisite corpse tends to be. (Honestly, I'm impressed by how Shining's broken horn stayed present throughout. I'd expected it to get lost in the shuffle by Chapter 6.)

Thanks to everyone involved for this. And hey, maybe drop me a line next time you're planning one of these? :pinkiehappy:

Shining opened his eyes just in time to see Velvet Sparkle entering the room, holding a platter in front of her in her aura.

wasn't her name twilight velvet?


At first, I thought that Shining was in a coma or dying and his life was flashing before his eyes.In a way, I'm glad I was wrong.
The Autumn character chapter was pretty interesting, and I've read the comment about who they could be.However, I tend to believe that they are SA's first love or, metaphorically speaking, the love he regrets.
It's sad that Cadance's gone, however I don't like that we don't know why.Sure, you can say that it isn't really that important, but I think the impact would've been higher if we found out that she died in battle or protecting someone she loves.
Overall, a pretty nice story that I enjoyed

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