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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


Can the Crystal Empire survive an attack from Chrysalis' most powerful weapon?

Thanks to Speccer for some proofreading and 2ManySnacks for the idea.

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I saw this video on YouTube,
Get Stick-Bugged LOL

I...wow. There are few words that can describe the rage at reading this utterly beautiful interpretation of the meme and such. This was comedic, yet still insightful and with a depth of lore that I was not expecting by any means. I am reluctantly impressed, horrified, and infuriated at how good this was

Down the hall, past the portraits of bygone royals, was a figure as thin as sin itself. Barely more than a skeleton, its bones burned black by the smoldering coals of hatred and bound together with anger. Holes bored through its legs and body like the rotted teeth of an old fishwife, bringing to bear the same sense of nausea and unease. Its name was known—spoken of in silent whispers between frightened foals and bandied through ghost stories and nightmares nearly as frequently as Sombra. Cadance knew it all too well.

While this is a comedy, I can't help but take great inspiration and offer immense commendation to this description! Wow, and it serves to set up the intensity of the character, how serious she is, and then morph this image into one to be laughed at. Incredible, both technically and comedically!

"Behold! The dance of my people!"


Drider, You've made me laugh several times with this fic. And as someone who's also written a stick bug fic on the same day, I feel obligated to cast yours in the greater light. The turning of everything into wheels by Flurry was quirky and indeed funny. The way everything in the story read like it was cartoonish, while also grounding itself in the incredible descriptions, was nothing short of outstanding! And the end where Chryssi was sent down the borderline-infinite stairs had me cracking up hard. As a comedy story, it sticks an incredible landing with the spotlight on it, and as a regular story accomplishes the same. Seriously great stuff here!

Me reading:
Ok, very descriptive...
...lol Cadance...
....oh hey it's bugqueen...
I got f'ing stick-bugged.

Get changelinged lol

Pure memery at its finest.

"It is too late, mother. I have seen everything."

Thats two Stick Bug meme crackfics that have made their way into the feature box!

Soon, there will be nothing but Stick Bug fics! Clopfics, more crackfics, adventure fics, EVERY fic will soon be about Stick Bugs! Evil laughter

I'm a bit annoyed that this crackfic has better descriptive prose than everything I've ever written combined. Like... seriously. How?

Lmao finally someone make fic about that video...

The fact you managed to beautifully input two Chekhov’s guns into a 2k word crackfic astounds me.

Two wonderful stickbug stories in the featured at the same time.


God damn, I love this fandom.

This shitpost has no right being this well written, my god.

It's beautiful.


Salad Dinner

Oh now isn't that a nice ponified name :rainbowlaugh:


I see.

Ok. :rainbowderp:

Truly, we are witnessing the dawn of a new meme.

And it is glorious.

"Well." She weighed her words with utmost care, considering every iota of information, every scrap of strategy, and every page of emergency plans that her grand and well-educated intellect could bring to bear. "That doesn't look good."
Such was the wisdom of an alicorn.

To be fair, she is 100% correct...

Between the perfectly polished crystal floors, the hall's abandonment by the staff, and the throne's new wheels, they ate up the distance like a princess in a pie factory.

:trollestia:: "Are you trying to say something here?"

"Excellent technique," she praised as she tousled her foal's mane. "With a talent like that, you'll be cleaning up actual big-league villains in no time."

Chrysalis: "I am an actual villain, you know."
Cadance: "Well..."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Also, it seems Trixie had been proven right again about not trusting wheels...

I still hope that we will sometime have an story of this video by the samer artist:

You were able to form a story on a beautiful artwork about a glorious meme, and for that I really wanna award you about like 45 cakes right about now because of how brilliant you wrote this! Just everything, mmm PERFECT! I hope ya didn't mind, but I made a little reading on this memey story of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/bM34sIMtVQY

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

I saw the cover, watched the video then read this. Oh my, this is gold!

If this meme sticks around, it's going to wheely bug me.

Oh wow, neat! Thanks! I look forward to seeing it when it premiers.

You turned a minute and a half meme video into a masterpiece. Your description of Chrysalis made me forget this was a comedy.

And I see Sombra took inspiration from Tevye. 'There could be one long staircase just going up, and one even longer coming down, and one more going nowhere, just for show.'

That title can't fool me, this is another stickbug meme!

PRICELESS video :rainbowlaugh: Clear like :ajsmug:

This story is as amazing as the video that inspired it. Good work, and get stickbugged LOL.


Incidentally, all was apparently not good, unless some of her citizens had decided that they were so beautiful that their only recourse was to scream about it.


Mind if I do an amateur reading if this?

Yooooo, when's the part two??


(Seriously, though, I hate and love this story. Good job, I guess. Now never write anything based on a meme again. Or do. Whichever.)

Flurry Heart has been ruined. RUINED I SAY!

Stickbugging replaces the Macarena...


(REEEEEEing comes full circle...) :trollestia:

When I got to the bit where she thought that screams and beauty didn’t often pair I had to wonder just how little time Cadence has spent with Rarity.

Here you go, one amateur reading! I definitely didn't do it justice, but hopefully it gives someone a pleasant listen. XD;

Her eyes flashed a hideous green not unlike a toddler's face just before they throw up over the freshly reupholstered chariot seats.

There is definitely a story behind that.

Wheels are indeed the one and only correct way to defeat any villain.

The movie edition of the Chrysalis Stickbug thing came out some time ago. Sequel of story but with that?

Thanks, I hate it. Liked and faved.

So much for the dance of her people. Better luck next time, Chrysalis! :trollestia:

Although coughing up blood is typically seen as "very not good", my coughed up blood is merely an indicator of the mirth this story has inspired within me.

I couldn't stop laughing. I gotta read this for YouTube

she did 😊

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